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Subjects On This Page
1. Mounting Any cell phone to Any Tripod
2. Two Dozen Live Concerts 4K Captured
3. 4K U-HD TV's from $174 to $444
4. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Complete
5. TV Studio-In-A-SuitCase Update
Trying to marry any cell phone let alone a
new smart phone to almost any existing
tripod is a daunting experience to say the
least. But hope, the internet & Google
springs most eternal.   This is a universal
attachment that   physically   expands to
accept your cell phone and with a built in
1/4" standard bolt that fits most tripods
ever made.  And it won't cost you an arm
& a leg.  We found set of four with mini
desk-top tripods included & shipping all
under 10 dollars. Hit Links below to see a
5 camera live production shoot,  further
down this page. I'll demonstrate with the
accompaning videos, the picture quality, 
digital audio quality including wind block-
ing settings as well as steadyshot & wide
screen 16X9,  720p tv HD quality image,
1080p full HD & now the latest 4K U-HD.
Samsung Note 4 Edge series uses a new
integrated wallet cover that has to be put
L position & lean right, so it makes
phone's cover act as shade against any
sunlight, car head lights, room lamps,
glare, moonlight or shiny reflections.  
Image left is without a wallet but shows
the front and back. Right two images are
Samsung Galaxy Note series with wallet.
Clamp is 1 ounce, sturdy, rock steady,
packs compactly & tripods can be 6' ft
Bogens or Panasonic expandables 1' to
5' or ultra mini 6"  which, ships FREE
with clamp!    I will post below location
shots of Galaxy's  with wallet, its clamp
& in action on different types of tripods. 

Go Here for My demo LINKS
  Hear / See Bongo Straits  Band   
  McHenry Car Show   17 Tracks  
  Skokie Car Show         8 Tracks  

Below adjustable Clamp, Galaxy Note 
& integrated Samsung Wallet attached   
as sun glare shield in the "L" position.


Above 4 cams on 4 different type tripods
Above front & back 6' Tripod, Clamp & Note
Below Front & Back view on WalMart tripod


Deskpod, Minipod, Clamp-pod and 6' tripod
4 Different Cell Cams on 4 Different mounts

Oh, yes I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 8
I like the improved sealed battery, the 5G,
WiGig, 256gb, 256gb external chip BT 5.0
2160 X 3840 4K camera & screen, USB-C

How About Bluetooth Remotes
for any Smart Phone
  $2.25 ?

These Key Chain tiny remotes  work with any
Bluetooth cell phone Make & Model to operate
Photo & Video
Stop, Start and Pause modes
without camera shake/touching. Magic bracket

fits any smart cell phone and / Or Tripod

  Check Out Above Music Gigs  @  LINKS
  I  have Always Been Asked About Where
What & How Much My 4K U-HD TV's

4K 40" 120hz  $174  &   Toshiba 43" 4K $299

I found this incredible offer three days before
New Years 2014 where I discovered: 1. I had
to buy it off the store  shelf, 2. The Advertised
price of $339 was before a number of rebates
(all  which I DID receive)   3. Immediately saw
posted price was now $329.     4. $40 in store
rebate  5. $50 Visa card manufacturer mail in
rebate, 6 $50 Energy Star cash mail in rebate
7. A $15 Holiday sales tax credit. Finally 8 No
shipping, handling, restocking fees since item
is picked up at store locations;   Not Shipped.  
       Final Landed Price  $174.00 !
Very thin in overall depth. Covered all over the
back with every conceivable socket for   DVR,
4K Blue Ray Up Scale player, surround sound,
sub woofer & whole house audio system. USB
4K = Netflix, Cell Phone videos , pictures, web
downloads via UpScaler BD disk players. Then  
you can see  4K 3D  major movie classics like.
Star Wars, Titanic, Avtar and etc. Great 120hz
Refresh rate.   Only $9 a year for your 365 day
electric bill. Even TV broadcast HD 720p is just
amazing!      Out standing digital audio from on
board speakers.  Lots of OSD menus for easy
setup, tweaking & your preferences. You must
get New 4K U-HD HDMI Cables. Tiny 1" bezel.
4K disk players works perfectly with 4k cables.

One of the Best Bangs for the  Buck as it makes
an awesome Computer screen, Kitchen TV, Bed
Room TV & now a rare 4K editing video monitor.
With 4K now out in many smart phone models
& brands you can make that leap to producing
your own 4K Event, Business, Commercial and
Wedding / professional hi definition Videos for

'GOOGLE' Above 4K set makes & models  
find stores or similar dollar deals locally. 

NEW For The Holidays
4K U-HD TV's 50"- 55" to hit $300 to $400 !
SONY & SAMSUNG 4K U-HD for under $499
Look For Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sharp & JVC

You can find specials and  extended month long
deep discount web events with no waiting in any
lines on the net. 2016 60 & 65" for same prices.

CLICK Images Above for latest 4K LED

Here you go... 60" 4K
for only $399.00

Well,  it's an INCH & a quarter off from 60",
 but pretty darn close ! Wanna a name brand?
50" 4K Panasonic LED with WiFi for only $399

Gee, a $1299 name brand for $399 January
Ya think big guys are starting to feel the Burn?
50" 4K LED HDTV  Ultra   2 " Thin Phillips  

Now the Above is Even Cheaper btw
WOW: Now Buy 4K UHTV $10 an Inch

See Walmart, Costco & BJ for 70" for $700 & 75" for $799

Here is my new Surface Pro 4 with
Specialized Accessories to enhance
it's capabilities exponentially.
On board:
12.4" HD 8GB RAM,  512GB SSD,  2 lbs, " thin
Storage = 512GB SSD, 200GB microSD, 256GB
Pocket Jump Drive and 2TB SSD BackUp Drive
and now NSP Magnetic Clasping BT ear buds.

 AAFES / Walmart $599 w/ Keybd + Office 365
Accessories (Not all Shown Above)
1.   Size of pack of cigarettes 2TB SSD Passport,
2.   Ultra thin & light weight BD, DVD, CD    R/W
3.   Ultra fast USB 3.0 Four port hub w/ LED light
4.   Mini Display port to DVI, VGA, 4K HDMI
5.   Plantronics Back Beats Go2
5a. NSP Bluetooth Extended Bass Ear Buds                      
6.   Monster Beats Dr Dre Ultra Wired Ear Buds
7.   Ultra compact bluetooth Dynamic Spkr w/LED
8.   Full size thin Keyboard with back lit keys
9.   Deluxe Leather Surface Pro 4 protective Folio
10. Hartman Custom Surface Pro4 Tote Bag
11. Amazing 200GB mIcroSD card for sd slot
12. PNY Pocket Jump Drive SSD 256GB
Links 2016 Prices, FS-Free Shpg, NT-No Tax

1. Western Digital MY PASSPORT 2TB SSD
    $49   FS  NT

2. USB 3.0 BD, DVD, CD   R/W
     $39   FS  NT
(Note: Down load 3rd party Free drivers)

3. Aluminum mini USB 3.0 Hub with LED
    $9   FS  NT

4. Mini Display Port: DVI, VGA, 4K HDMI
    $11  FS  NT

5. BackBeat Go2 Bluetooth Ear Buds
    $35 FS NT   Replaced by NSP

5a. WOW! NSP Bluetooth Ear Buds
      $9  FS NT seen below center

Above L to R Monster Nick Canon n-Ergy
wired, Bluetooth NSP w/chgr and Dr Dre
Beats wired, seen also down below.    SO:
Ditch The Wires And Get With   Bluetooth!
Great Bass,  Ear Fit   & Magnetic tethering
Sorry Nick&Doc  Only $9 Bucks but sound
better than the Other Two! @ FYE for $15

5a. WOW! Sony Bluetooth Stereo
Ear Phones 
$45  FS NT Amazon

The Amazon 950N for $45 & 950B fot $35 with
phenomenal sound clarity & Studio Reference
qualities are incredible at these amazing prices

6. Monster Beats White/Red Ear Buds
   $20 FS NT FR 20-22kbs Sens 118db
   Replaced by NSP wireless

7. Pitbull mini RockDoc Bluetooth Spkr
    $17   FS  NT

8. Surface Pro 4 Back Lit Keyboard
    $0 Now Free with Surface Pro

9. Deluxe Surface Pro 4 Leather Folio
    $40   FS  NT

Look Carefully Below, Now Fits Easy On Lap 

9a Surface Pro 4 No Kickstand Folio
     $26  FS  NT Executive Black

10. Hartmann Tweed Leather Surface Pro4
  Shoulder Computer Luggage $489  FS NT
(Note, it's a custom SurfacePro  order TOTE)

11. MicroSD XC 1 Class10 200GB SSD
      $53  FS  NT  

12. PNY 256GB USB 3.0 SSD Jump Drive
      $39  FS  NT

  "TV Studio In A Suit Case"  LINKS

What you see above in the shoulder tote
bag is your whole complete Control Room
that once was over a 100 lb steamer trunk
and then was a 20 lb roll-aboard with all
kinds of assorted electronic equipment.
Now you have 4K Digital Audio bluetooth
smartphones (2 - 6) that each now can be
placed in a cigarette package & weigh just
mere ounces & not pounds! My Samsung

      Galaxy S8+             Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy's 8, 8+ and Note above with wallet
cover mounted  below  on various portable
tripods/clamp pods etc. 4K on-the-fly type
productions & Yes editing is now all quite 
possible & for far less money. Now I even
show up and better still, travel with 4 new
smartphones all inside empty Marlboro
packs so to conceal them from any prying
eyes.  I even mark my shoulder tote bag
                  "Soiled Diapers!'  
That works to keep sticky fingers away

Black Wallet Galaxy Note 8 

PS:  Get Galaxy Note 8  & so you can
keep  waterproof  LiON 3000 mAmp
Battery & GByte micro SD flash mem 

P.S. Series 8 are BOTH Samsung
and Apple series smartphones.

Below see White Note Eight minus wallet
being used in the field with Clamp Tripod

So... in closing;
The Future Is What You Make of It, 
Now Good Luck &..May God Bless