For ALL your Audio Listening Needs Without Tangling Bothersome Wires Welcome to the Home of MY AudioRAZR  Music List For ALL your Audio Listening Needs Without Tangling Bothersome Wires Welcome to the Home of MY AudioRAZR  Music List For ALL your Audio Listening Needs Without Tangling Bothersome Wires Welcome to the Home of MY AudioRAZR  Music List


For ALL your Audio Listening Needs
Without Tangling Bothersome Wires

My Music List

                  Windows Media Audio - Eclectic Collection 1940 - Oct 2000  
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1  ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE  VIDEO SALUTE @ BR300  31MB dbAmp64.mp4 
2  CELINE ARMED FORCES PowerPoint TRIBUTE @ BR300 3MB dbAmp64.pptx  

3  F-35B Stealth 1MB.wmv Incredible Accidental Carrier
VIDEO Take-Off  
4  BLUE ANGELS AIRSHOW @ HD 11min VIDEO  BR300 70MB dbAmp64.mp4
5  THUNDERBIRDS AIRSHOW @ HD 11min VIDEO   BR300 76MB dbAmp64.mp4
6  BLACKBIRD SR-71 @ HD 4min VIDEO BR192 113MB dbAmp64.mp4
7  B2 STEALTH BOMBER @ HD 4min VIDEO BR192 136MB dbAmp64.mp4
  WWII RE-ENACTMENT VIDEO SALUTE @ 12min BR300 46MB dbAmp64.wmv
10  STAR WARS 1-7 Series Explained YouTube VIDEO
@ BR192 79MB .wmv
THUNDER4K @ Billy Idol 5min  VIDEO  BR192 138MB dbAmp64
12  WORLD AIR SHOW MOVIE @ 2hr Classic BR192 2GB dbAmp64.MP4
13  F-35AI STEALTH JSF  @  4min VIDEO BR320 139MB dbAmp64.wmv 
14  BLUE ANGELS AIL @ Insane Performance 5min VIDEO BR4K 179MB dbAmp64.MP4
15  F-35 LIGHTNING @ 4K VIDEO Death Valley BR320 64mb (use VLC) dbAmp64.MP4 
16  RUMBLE @ Blue Angels vs Thunderbirds HD-DS 2min VIDEO 60mb dbAmp64.mp4
17  BLUES HEAT @ Glen Fry's 'Heat Is On' HD-DS 4min
VIDEO 130MB dbAmp64.mp4
VIDEO  BR192 90MB dbAmp64
19  USMC-The 19 @ Trye WWII
VIDEO Story Of The Legend Of The Lost 19 dbAmp64
XX  F-35 COMBAT @ 1st Dog Fight Kill, 1st Stealth To Stealth Kill 1min
VIDEO dbAmp64
21  T-BIRD TANGO @ Insane Chicago Air&Sea HD-DS 
VIDEO BR192 100mb dbAmp64
22  BLUE REMIX @ Zany Blues Ride Along HD-DS 4-min
VIDEO BR192 100mb dbAmp64
101 STRINGS - # Mancini's Baby Elephant Walk BR320 14MB dbAMP64.wma
101 STRINGS - Exodus (Overture) BR320 1649kb dbAMP64.wma
101 STRINGS - Exodus (Theme From Paul Newman Movie) BR320 1916kb
101 STRINGS - Hatikvah (Hope from movie Exodus) BR320 2329kb d
101 STRINGS - Hava Nagilla Lets Celebrate fr movie Exodus  BR320 2469kb
101 STRINGS - Lara's Theme (movie War & Peace) BR320 1986kb
101 STRINGS - Medley (Tzena, Hevenu) BR320 1781kb dbAMP64.wma
101 STRINGS - Mancini's Peter Gunn Theme (from movie) BR320 1135kb 
A HA - Take On Me 1810kb CD dbAMP64.wma
A TASTE OF HONEY @ Boogie Oogie Oogie BR128 1.91mb dbAmp64.wma
ABBA - Andante Andante 2229kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Angel Eyes 2053kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Arrival 1453kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Chiquitita a.s. 2552kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Dance 1537kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Dancing Queen 1839kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Does Your Mother Know 1531kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Eagle 2769kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Fernando a.s. 1989kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Gimme Gimme Gimme 2282kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Happy New Year 2103kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Honey, Honey 1408kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - I Do, I Do, I Do 1569kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - I Have A Dream 2235kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Kisses Of Fire 1561kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You 1918kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me 2086kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Mamma Mia 1693kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Money Money Money 1484kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Name Of The Game 1916kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - On And On 1754kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - One Of Us 1872kb dbAMP64.wma From World's 1st CD 1982
ABBA - Our Last Summer 2065kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Ring Ring 1464kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Rock Me 1464kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - SOS 1613kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Summer Night City 1678kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Super Trouper 1983kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Take A Chance On Me 1918kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Thank You For The Music 1848kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - The Day Before You Came 2752kb dbAMP64.wma   
ABBA - Voulez Vous 2423kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Waterloo 1332kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - When I Kissed The Teacher 1461kb dbAMP64.wma
ABBA - Winner Takes It All 2329kb dbAMP64.wma
AC-DC @ Thunderstruck Audio Track BR128 4.5mb dbAmp64.wma
ACE @ How Long Has This Been Going On BR128 1.58mb dbAmp64.wma
ACE CANNON @ Tuff BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
ACKER BILK - Stranger On The Shore BR160 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
AD LIBS @ Boy From New York City BR172 1.37mb dbAmp64.wma
ADELE @ Rolling In The Deep (Trump Theme) BR320 1.8mb dbAmp64.wmv
AIR SUPPLY - Every Woman BR128 1708kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - Here I Am BR128 1876kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - I Can Wait Forever BR128 2505kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - Lost In Love BR128 1903kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - Making Love Out Of Nothing BR128 2780kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - Now And Forever BR128 2074kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - The One That You Love BR128 2074kb dbAmp64.wma
AIR SUPPLY - Total Eclipse Of The Heart BR128 2660kb dbAmp64.wma
AL CAIOLA - Magnificent Seven 989kb dbAMP64.wma
AL HIRT - JAVA 947kb dbAMP64.wma
AL MARTINO - Daddy's Little Girl BR128 1211kb dbAMP64.wma
AL MARTINO - I Love You Because BR128 1308kb dbAMP64.wma
AL MARTINO - Spanish Eyes BR192 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
AL YANKOVICH - Osama Bin Laden Bomb Song BR256 999kb dbAMP64.wma
ALAN SHERMAN @ Hello Muddah Hello Faddah BR128 1.31mb dbAmp64.wma
ALAYNA MILES - Black Velvet 2302kb dbAMP64.wma
ALICIA BRIDGES - I Love The Nightlife BR192 1463kb dbAMP64.wma
ALICIA KEYES - Falling BR192 1510kb dbAMP64.wma
ALLAN PARSONS PROJECT - Eye In The Sky BR128 3094kb dbAmp64.wma
ALLMAN BROTHERS - Blue Sky BR320 2473kb dbAMP64.wma
ALLMAN BROTHERS - Midnight Rider BR320 1416kb dbAMP64.wma
ALLMAN BROTHERS - Rambln' Man BR320 2232kb dbAMP64.wma
ALMOST THE VENTURES & MORE - (ALBUM) BR320 96mb dbAmp64.wma
  Feetstappa 2512kb wma, Fenderbender 3316kb wma, Figelsbhut 2734kb wma,
  Gringo2 2325kb wma, Lou See Anna 2128kb wma, Ryeon Tire 2423kb wma,
Sam Nee Zee 2428kb wma, Savage 3028kb wma, SOOB 3236kb wma, Stranger
4194kb wma, Tokyo Cowboy 3246kb wma, Van Cam 1980kb wma, Wunderful 
  2117kb wma, Yellow Jacket 1170kb wma    See Also: GUYS w/ GUITARS
Apache R&F, Because W&F, Darkman R&W&F, Diamond Head R&F, 8 Days A
  Week Rich&R&F, Endless Summer R&F, Fenderbndr R&R&F, Flingle Bunt R&F,
  Hawaii 50 R&W&F,  Heartbeat R&R&W&F, I Feel Fine R&W&F, I Saw Her R&W,
  Jessica R&R&W&F, Journey R&F, Lullaby R&F, Man Fr Uncle R&W&F, Miserlu
  R&F, Mr Moto R&F, Pacifica R&F, Peace Pipe R&R&W&F, Pipeline R&F, Ghost
  Riders R&R&W&F, Savage R&R&W&F, Secret Agnt R&F, SRImp R&W, Speedy
  R&R&W, Telstar R&W&F, Ticket  R&W&F, Bee R&W, Walk R&F, Wndrfl R&W&F
  ** R = Richie, R = Roger, W = Walt, F = Forrest, J = Joey, cm = agent   :-) 
AMERICA - A Horse With No Name 1977kb dbAMP64.wma
AMERICAN BREED @ Bend Me Shape Me BR128 1.03mb dbAmp64.wma

AMRAM KATCHATURIAN - Saber Dance 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
AMY STEWART - Knock On Wood BR320 1848kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDREWS SISTERS - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 1296kb BR256 dbAMP64.wma
ANDREWS SISTERS - Old Piano Roll Blues W JOLSON 1475kb BR160 
ANDREWS SISTERS - Rhum Boogie BR132 1273kb dbAmp64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS - Canadian Sunset 1258kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS - Can't Get Used to Losing You 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS - Days Of Wine & Roses 1332kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS - In the Middle Of An Island 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS - Lonely Street 1332kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS - Moon River 1326kb dbAMP64.wma
ANDY WILLIAMS @ Village Of St. Bernadette BR128 1.56mb dbAmp64.wma
ANGIE GOLD - Eat You Up 2558kb dbAMP64.wma
ANIMOTION - Compressed WMA - Obsession BR192 1948kb dBAmp64.wma
ANIMOTION - UNCompressed MP3 - Obsession BR192 5796kb MP3
ANN MURRAY - Snow Bird 1053kb dbAMP64.wma
ANNETTE FUNICELLO @ O Dio Mio BR128 1.29mb dbAmp64.wma
ANNETTE FUNICELLO - Tall Paul 730kb dbAMP64.wma
ARCHIES - Sugar Sugar 1336kb dbAMP64.wma
ARETHA FRANKLIN - Chain Of Fools 1335kb dbAMP64.wma
ARETHA FRANKLIN - Freeway Of Love 2015kb dbAMP64.wma
ARETHA FRANKLIN @ I Say A Little Prayer BR128 1.64mb dbAmp64.wma
ARETHA FRANKLIN @ R e s p e c t BR128 1.12mb dbAmp64.wma
ART & DOTTY TODD - Chanson d'Amour BR160 1372kb dbAMP64.wma
ART MOONEY @ Honey Babe BR128 1.35mb dbAmp64.wma
ART MOONEY @ I'm Looking Over A 4 Leaf Clover BR128 1.13mb dbAmp64.wma

ARTHUR CONLEY @ Sweet Soul Music BR128 1.12mb dbAmp64.wma
ARTHUR GODFREY @ Too Fat Polka BR128 1.43mb dbAmp64.wma

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - Route 66 BR128 1358kb dbAMP64.wma
ASSOCIATION - Along Comes Mary 1376kb dbAMP64.wma
ASSOCIATION - Cherish 1666kb dbAMP64.wma
ASSOCIATION @ Never My Love BR128 1.50mb dbAmp64.wma
ASSOCIATION - Wendy 1432kb dbAMP64.wma
ASTRONAUTS - Baja 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
ASTRONAUTS - The Surf Party 1006kb dbAMP64.wma
ASTRUD GILBERTO - Girl From Ipanema BR320 2481 dbAMP64.wma
ATLANTIC STAR - Always 2294kb dbAMP64.wma
AUDREY HEPBURN - Breakfast At Tiffany's BR128 982kb dbAMP64.wma

B52's - Love Shack 2608kb dbAMP64.wma
B.J. THOMAS @ Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head  BR128 1.38mb 
BACCARA - Yes Sir I Can Boogie 1558kb dbAMP64.wma
B T O - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet BR160 1859db dbAMP64.wma
BACK STREET BOYS - As Long As You Love Me 865kb dbAMP64.wma
BAD BOYS BLUE - Blue Moon 2241kb dbAMP64.wma
BAD BOYS BLUE - Kisses & Tears 1857kb dbAMP64.wma
BAD BOYS BLUE - Pretty Young Girl 1693kb dbAMP64.wma
BAD BOYS BLUE - You're A Woman 1869kb dbAMP64.wma
BANANARAMA - Preacher Man BR128 1543kb dbAmp64.wma
BANANARAMA - Venus 1851kb dbAMP64.wma
BAND AID @ Do They Know It's Christmas  BR128 2.1mb dbAmp64.wma
BANGLES @ Eternal Flame BR128 1.85mb dbAmp64.wma
BANGLES - Manic Monday 1490kb dbAMP64.wma
BANGLES - Walk Like An Egyptian BR192 1634kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA GEORGE - I Know BR192 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - All I Ask Of You BR256 1915db dbAmp64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - Evergreen BR256 1487kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - Hatikva BR128 2379kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - Memories BR256 1880kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - No More Tears w SUMMER BR320 950kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - Tell Him w CELINE BR320 2311kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND @ The Best Gift  BR128 1.51mb dbAmp64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - We're Not Making Love BR128 2643kb dbAMP64.wma
BARBARA STREISAND - You Don't Bring W DIAMOND BR320 1636kb
BARRY MANILOW - Bandstand Boogie 1355kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Beautiful Music 2203kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Can't Smile Without You 1540kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Copacabana 2728kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Could It Be Magic 3244kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Daybreak 1810kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - I Write The Songs 1866kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - It's A Miracle 1784kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Looks Like We Made It 1701kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - Mandy 1610kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - New York City Rhythm 2247kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY MANILOW - This One's For You 1657kb dbAMP64.wma
BARRY SADLER - Green Beret's 1211kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS - Catch A Wave 1024kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS @ Fun Fun Fun  BR128 1.9mb dbAmp64.wma
BEACH BOYS - Get Around 1059kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS - Good Vibrations 1740kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS @ G T O see Ronnie & Daytonas  dbAmp64.wma
BEACH BOYS - Kokomo 1739kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS - My 409 968kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS @ Shut Down  BR128 2.1mb dbAmp64.wma
BEACH BOYS - Surfin' Safari 997kb dbAMP64.wma
BEACH BOYS - Surfin' U.S.A 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
BEATLES - A Hard Days Night BR128 1220kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Can't Buy Me Love BR128 1047kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Day Tripper BR128 1337kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Eight Days A Week BR320 1337kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Elenor Rigby BR320 1009kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Get Back 1537kb dbAMP64.wma
BEATLES - Get Back (German) 1109kb dbAMP64.wma
BEATLES - Hello, Goodbye BR320 1642kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - I Feel Fine BR320 1100kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - I Saw Her Standing There 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
BEATLES @ I Wanna Hold Your Hand BR128 1.14mb dbAmp64.wma
BEATLES - Lady Madonna BR320 1088kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Love Me Do BR320 1120kb dbAmp64
BEATLES @ Obli-di Obli-da Life Goes On  BR128 1.55mb dbAmp64.wma
BEATLES - Paper Back Writer 1115kb dbAMP64.wma
BEATLES @ Please Please Me BR128 944kb dbAmp64.wma
BEATLES - She Loves You BR128 1123kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - Ticket To Ride BR320 1510kb dbAmp64
BEATLES - VIDEO - Ballad Of John & Yoko 3m4sc 20.2MB BR320,wmv
BEATLES - We Can Work It Out 1748kb dbAMP64.wma
BEAU BRUMMELS - Bumble Bee Boogie 1077kb dbAMP64.wma
BEAU BRUMMELS @ Just A Little BR128 1.12mb dbAmp64.wma
BEAU BRUMMELS - Nut Rocker (& STINGERS) BR128 959kb dbAMP64.wma
BEE GEES @ How Deep Is Your Love BR128 2.16mb dbAmp64.wma 

BEE GEES - Jive Talk'n BR320 1835kb dbAMP64.wma
BEE GEES - Love You Inside Out 2005kb dbAMP64.wma
BEE GEES @ More Than A Woman BR172 3.57mb dbAmp64.wma
BEE GEES - Saturday Night Fever Theme BR320 3150kb dbAMP64.wma
BEE GEES - Should Be Dancing 2276kb dbAMP64.wma
BEE GEES - Staying Alive 2294kb dbAMP64.wma
BELLE STARS - Hedna (from movie RainMan) 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
BEN E KING - Spanish Harlem BR320 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
BENNY GOODMAN @ Sing Sing Sing KRUPA JAMES  BR128 2.49mb 
BENT FABRIC - Alley Cat BR128 1144kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Morgen BR128 1343kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - A Swinging Safari BR128 1478kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Elephant Walk (Movie Theme) BR128 1343kb dbAmp64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Caravan BR192 1281kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Donkey Serenade BR192 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Hava Nagila BR224 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Night Train BR320 1422kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Wonderland By Night BR320 1578kb dbAMP64.wma
BERT KAEMPFERT - Yellow Bird BR128 1387kb dbAMP64.wma
BETTE MIDLER - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy BR320 1103kb dbAMP64.wma
BETTE MIDLER - Under The Boardwalk BR320 2044kb dbAMP64.wma
BETTE MIDLER @ Wind Beneath My Wings BR120 1.35mb dbAMP64.wma
BETTY EVERETT @ The Shoop Shoop Song BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
BEYONCE - Closer I Get (w L VANDROSE) BR192 3074kb dbAMP64.wma
BEYONCE - My Boo (w ALICIA KEYES) BR192 2464kb dbAMP64.wma
BEYONCE - Naughty Girl BR320 1700kb dbAMP64.wma
BIG BOPPER - Chantilly Lace 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Ain't That A Shame BR128 1181kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Ain't That Lovin You BR224 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Be Bop A Lula BR224 1050kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Blue Tango BR320 973kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Blueberry Hill BR224 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Bo Didley BR224 1120kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Boogie Woogie Wonderland BR128 1205kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Brown Eyed Handsome Man BR320 1012kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - California Dreamin' BR160 1267kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Cherry Pink BR224 1056kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Do It Rat Now BR320 1059kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Don't Be Cruel ORIG CUT BR224 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Dry Bones re-accomplished  BR128 1073kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Forty Miles Of Bad Road BR224 1006kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Frankie And Johnny BR224 1161kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Going To Tennessee BR160 1205kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Good Rockn' Tonight W ELVIS BR128 1091kb .wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Hearts Of Stone BR320 979kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Honky Tonk BR224 1061kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Honky Train BR224 982kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - I Almost Lost My Mind BR128 1082kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - I Can't Stop Loving You BR128 1091kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Josephine BR320 1164kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Kansas City BR128 1091kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Little Queenie BR256 994kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Mack The Knife BR224 1434kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Memphis Tennessee BR320 985kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Mona Lisa BR224 1211kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Monkey Shine BR160 1047kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Movin' On BR320 976kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - My Babe BR224 1114kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - My Blue Heaven BR128 815kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Night Train BR160 1164kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da BR320 1103kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Oh Lonesome Me BR224 1105kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Ole Buttermilk Sky BR94 976kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Proud Cherokee BR224 1308kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Raunchy BR224 1015kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Red River Rock BR320 1149kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Redneck Rock (Vocal) BR160 1745kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Rudy's Rock BR128 1346kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Sentimental Journey BT128 1334kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Singing The Blues BR224 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Smokie Part One BR192 1138kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Smokie Part Two BR128 1015kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - So What BR128 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Sweet Inspiration BR192 1287kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Talk Back Tremblin Lips BR224 1214kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Tequila BR224 1176kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - The Walk BR256 1061kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Goldmine In The Sky BR224 1167kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - This Ole House BR224 1114kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Torquay BR224 968kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Twist Her BR320 991kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - What'd I Say BR224 1079kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Saints Go Marching In BR224 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - White Silver Sands BR320 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL BLACK COMBO - Your Cheatn' Heart BR320 1038kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL COSBY - Dentists BR128 3149kb dbAmp64.wma
BILL COSBY - Driving In San Francisco BR231 645kb dbAmp64.wma
BILL HALEY & COMETS - Rock Around Clock 1st R&R BR320 1064kb .wma
BILL HALEY & COMETS @ See You Later Aligator  BR128 1.4mb dbAmp64.wma
BILL HALEY & COMETS - Shake Rattle & Roll BR192 1202kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL JUSTICE - Raunchy 1138kb dbAMP64.wma
BILL PARSONS - All American Boy 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY & LILLIE - La Dee Dah BR320 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY & LILLIE - Lucky Ladybug BR128 1235kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY BLAND - Let The Little Girl Dance 1138kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY GRAMMAR - Gotta Travel On BR320 1250kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY IDOL @ Mony Mony BR256 2.33mb dbAmp64.wma
BILLY IDOL - White Wedding 1983kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY JOE ROYAL @ Down In The Boondocks  BR128 1.21mb dbAmp64.wma
BILLY JOEL - An Innocent Man 2411kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY JOEL - It's Still Rock & Roll To Me 1402kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY JOEL - Piano Man 2705kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY JOEL - We Didn't Start The Fire 2303kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY OCEAN @ Caribbean Queen  BR128 2.13mb dbAmp64.wma
BILLY OCEAN - Loverboy 1998kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY RAY CYRUS - Achy Breaky Heart 1640kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY VAUGHN @ Raunchy BR128 1.04mb dbAmp64.wma
BILLY VAUGHN - Sail Along Silvery Moon BR128 1041kb dbAMP64.wma
BILLY VAUGHN @ Swinging Safari BR256 1.07mb dbAmp64.wma
BING CROSBY - I'm Dream'n Of A White Christmas BR128 1487kb dbAmp64.wma
BING CROSBY @ Do You Hear What I Hear  BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
BLACKFOOT - Train, Train 1417kb dbAMP64.wma
BLONDIE - Heart Of Glass BR320 2077kb dbAMP64.wma
BLONDIE @ Heart of Glass
VIDEO 22mb BR320 dbAmp64.MP4
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - Spinning Wheels 1971kb dbAMP64.wma
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - When I Die 1957kb dbAMP64.wma
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - So Very Happy 2059kb dbAMP64.wma
BLUE MAGIC @ For The Love Of You BR128 1.80mb dbAmp64.wma
BLUE MAGOOS @ We Ain't Got Nothin Yet BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma

BLUE NOTES @ The Love I Lost w Harold Melvin BR128 2mb dbAmp64.wma
BO DIDLEY - Bo Didly Have You Heard BR192 1205kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB LUMAN - Let's Think About Living BR180 935kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB MOORE @ Mexico BR128 1.24mb dbAmp64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Bus Driving School BR064 2986kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Buying A House BR192 1968kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Grace L. Ferguson Airline BR128 3100 dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Man Who Looked Like Hitler BR128 2558kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - On Trains & Planes BR128 2989kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Poodles & Planes BR064 1584kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Superman & The Dry Cleaner BR064 2305kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - The Driving Instructor BR064 3887kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Kruschev Landing Rehearsal BR128 2294kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - The Seven Lost Cities BR128 3276kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - Topless Bar BR64 1337kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB NEWHART - TV Commercials BR96 1317kb dbAMP64.wma
BOB SEGER - VIDEO - Old Time R&R (fr Risky Bus) 3m7sc 17MB BR320.wmv
BOBBIE GENTRY - Ode To Billy Joe BR160 2021kb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY BARE @ 500 Miles Away From Home BR128 1.26mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY BARE - Detroit City BR256 1346kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY BLAND - Let The Little Girl Dance BR160 1088kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY BLOOM - Montego Bay BR160 1413kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY DARIN - Beyond The Sea BR128 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY DARIN - Dream Lover BR320 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY DARIN @ Queen Of The Hop BR128 1.01mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY DARIN - Splish Splash BR320 1061kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY DARIN @ You're The Reason I'm Living BR128 1.15mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY DAY - Little Bitty Pretty One BR160 1026kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY DAY - Over & Over BR128 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY DAY - Rock'n Robin BR320 1237kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY FREEMAN - Do You Wanna Dance BR128 1255kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY FULLER FOUR @ I Fought The Law BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY GOLDSBORO @ Honey  R128 1.8mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY GOLDSBORO - Little Things 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY LEWIS - One Track Mind BR192 991kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY LEWIS - Tossin' & Turnin' BR192 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY McFERRIN - Don't Worry Be Happy BR320 2252kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY RYDELL @ Swinging School BR128 1.03mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY RYDELL - Wild One BR160 1138kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY RYDELL - Wildwood Days BR160 1198kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY TROUP - Route 66 (TV Theme) BR64 1261kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY VEE - Night Has A 1000 Eyes 1264kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY VEE - Rubber Ball BR192 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY VEE - Take Good Care Of My Baby BR320 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
BOBBY VINTON @ Blue On Blue BR128 1.12mb dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY VINTON @ Roses Are Red My Love BR128 1.24 dbAmp64.wma
BOBBY VINTON @ She Wore Blue Velvet BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma

BONANZA - Original TV Theme Song 334kb dbAMP64.wma
BONANZA - Rock & Roll version Theme Song 824kb dbAMP64.wma
BONNIE GUITAR - Dark Moon BR128 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
BONNIE RAIT - Thing Called Love 1842kb dbAMP64.wma
BONNIE TYLER - It's A Heartache BR128 1695kb dbAmp64.wma
BONNIE TYLER - Total Eclipse Of The Heart BR128 3312kb dbAmp64.wma
BOOKER T & THE MG's @ Green Onions BR128 1.34mb dbAmp64.wma
BOOKER T & THE MG's - Time Is Tight 1566kb dbAMP64.wma
BOOTS RANDOLPH - Cast Your Fate BR192 1270kb dbAMP64.wma
BOOTS RANDOLPH - Just A Closer Walk BR128 1261kb dbAMP64.wma
BOOTS RANDOLPH - Sentimental Journey BR128 1381kb dbAMP64.wma
BOOTS RANDOLPH - Walk Right In BR96 1100kb dbAMP64.wma
BOOTS RANDOLPH - Yakety Sax BR128 976kb dbAMP64.wma
BOX TOPS @ Cry Like A Baby BR128 1.20mb dbAmp64.wma
BOX TOPS @ My Baby Has Wrote Me A Letter BR128 976kb dbAmp64.wma
BOX TOPS @ The Letter  BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
BOY GEORGE - Karma Cameleon BR320 1921kb dbAMP64.wma
BOY GEORGE - Do You Really BR256 2068kb dbAMP64.wma
BOYCE & HART @ I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight  BR120 1.31mb .wma
BOYD BENNETT - Click Clack BR128 1161kb dbAMP64.wma
BOZ SCAGGS @ Lido Shuffle  BR128 1500kb dbAmp64.wma 
BRENDA LEE - Dum Dum BR128 1176kb dbAMP64.wma
BRENDA LEE - I'm Sorry BR320 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
BRENDA LEE - Put Another Nickel In BR192 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
BRENDA LEE - Sweet Nothings 1165kb dbAMP64.wma
BRIAN HYLAND - Ginny Come Lately BR320 1320kb dbAMP64.wma
BRIAN HYLAND - Gypsy Woman BR320 1237kb dbAMP64.wma
BRIAN HYLAND - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini BR256 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
BRIAN HYLAND - Sealed With A Kiss BR128 1276kb dbAMP64.wma
BRIAN HYLAND - Who Wears Short Shorts BR1281261kb dbAMP64.wma
BROOK BENTON @ A Rockin' Good Way (wDW) BR128 1.14mb dbAmp64.wma
BROOK BENTON - Baby w D WASHINGTON BR256 1317kb dbAMP64.wma
BROOK BENTON - Boll Weevil Song BR128 1317kb dbAMP64.wma
BROOK BENTON - Fools Rush In 1200kb dbAMP64.wma
BROOK BENTON @ Frankie & Johnny BR256 1.12mb dbAmp64.wma
BROOK BENTON - It's Just A Matter Of Time BR320 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
BROOK BENTON @ Kiddio BR128 1.24mb dbAmp64.wma
BROOK BENTON - Shadrach Meshak & Abednego 1165kb dbAMP64.wma
BROOKS & DUNN - Boot Scoot'n Boogie 1584kb dbAMP64.wma
BROWNS - Little Boy Blue BR320 1196kb dbAMP64.wma
BROWNS - The 3 Bells 1382kb dbAMP64.wma
BROWNS - The Mocking Bird BR320 1029kb dbAMP64.wma
BROWNS - The Old Lamplighter 1159kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE CHANNEL - Hey Baby BR320 1149kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE HORNSBY - End Of The Innocence BR128 2519kb dbAmp.wma
BRUCE HORNSBY - Harbor Lights BR128 3504kb dbAmp64.wma
BRUCE HORNSBY - Mandolin Rain BR128 2531kb dbAmp64.wma
BRUCE HORNSBY - That's Just The Way It Is BR128 2361kb dbAmp64.wma
BRUCE HORNSBY - Walking In Memphis BR128 1044kb dbAmp64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Bobby Jean 1807kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Born In The U.S.A. 2218kb dbAMP64.wma First USA CD
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Cover Me 1654kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Dancing In The Dark 1942kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Darlington County 2297kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Glory Days 2045kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - I'm Go'n Down 1678kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - I'm On Fire 1279kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Devil In Blue Dress-CC Rider-Train 5533kb .wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Pink Cadillac 1719kb dbAMP64.wma
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Working On The Highway 1558kb dbAMP64.wma
BRYAN ADAMS - Everything I Do 1939kb dbAMP64.wma
BRYAN ADAMS - Run To You 1854kb dbAMP64.wma
BRYAN ADAMS @ Summer of '69 Reduex  BR128 1.71mb dbAMP64.wma
BUCHANAN & GOODMAN - Flying Saucer BR193 2076kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Every Day 1038kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Heartbeat 1038kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - I'm Gonna Love You Too 1088kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - I'm Look'n For Someone 953kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - It Doesn't Matter Anymore 997kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - It's So Easy 1056kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Listen To Me 1150kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Lovin' Will Not Fade Away 1153kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Maybe Baby 989kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Oh Boy 1047kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Peggy Sue 1206kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Rave On 886kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Reminiscing 971kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Rock Around With Ollie Vee 1074kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Tell Me How 980kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - That'll Be The Day 1106kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Think It Over 859kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - True Love Ways 1443kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Well All Right 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY HOLLY - Words Of Love 933kb dbAMP64.wma
BUDDY KNOX - Party Doll 1071kb dbAMP64.wma
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD @ For What It's Worth BR128 1.24mb dbAmp64.wma
BYRDS @ Mr. Tambourine Man BR128 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma
BYRDS - Rock 'n' Roll Star BR192 1009kb dbAMP64.wma

C W McCall - Convoy BR128 1827kb dbAMP64.wma
CADILLACS - Speedo BR128 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
CAPTAIN & TENNILLE @ Love Will Keep Us Together  BR128 1.59mb .wma
CAPTAIN & TENNILLE @ Muskrat Love  BR128 1.68mb dbAmp64.wma
CANNED HEAT - On The Road Again BR128 1636kb dbAmp64.wma
CANNED HEAT @ Going Up The Country  BR128 1.44mb dbAmp64.wma
CARL DOBKINS - My Heart Is An Open Book BR320 1029kb dbAMP64.wma
CARL DOUGLAS @ Kung Fu Fighting BR128 1.47mb dbAmp64.wma
CARL PERKINS - Blue Suede Shoes 1079kb dbAMP64.wma
CARL PERKINS - Sixteen Candles BR128 1290kb dbAMP64.wma
CARLENE CARTER - I Fell In Love 1784kb dbAMP64.wma
CARLY SIMON - Mockingbird with J TAYLOR BR128 1977kb dbAMP64.wma
CARLY SIMON - You're So Vain BR320 2065kb dbAMP64.wma
CAROLE KING - Jazzman, Chase My Blues Away BR320 1799kb dbAMP64.wma
CAROLE KING - So Far Away BR320 1883kb dbAMP64.wma
CAROLE KING - Will You Love Me Tomorrow BR192 2018kb dbAMP64.wma
CASCADES - Rhythm Of The Rain 1247kb dbAMP64.wma
CASINOS - Tell Me Goodbye BR160 1475kb dbAMP64.wma
CASTAWAYS - Liar Liar 918kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Bad Moon Rising 1112kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Commotion 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Cotton Fields 1402kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Don't Look Now 1047kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Down On The Corner 1335kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Fortunate Son 1125kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Green River 1220kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Have You Ever Seen The Rain 1267kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Hey Tonight 1291kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - It Came Out Of The Sky a.s. 1405kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Lodi 1517kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Long As I Can See The Light 1696kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Lookn' Out My Back Door 1209kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Poorboy Shuffle 1153kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Proud Mary 1499kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Run Through The Jungle 1476kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Side Of The The Road 1622kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Someday Never Comes 1913kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Susie-Q 2183kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Sweet Hitch-Hiker 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Midnight Special 2018kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Travelin' Band 1027kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Up Around The Bend 1288kb dbAMP64.wma
CCR - Who'll Stop The Rain 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
CELINE DION - I'm Alive  BR128 1.56mb dbAmp64.wma
CHAMPS - Tequila 1065kb dbAMP64.wma
CHANTAYS - Pipeline 1112kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLES & INEZ FOX - Mockingbird 1261kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLES SPIVAK @ Linda BR128 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma
CHARLIE DANIELS BAND - Devil Went Down To Ga 1742kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLIE GRACIE - Butterfly BR160 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLIE RICH - Lonely Weekends BR192 1047kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLIE RICH - Mohair Sam BR128 1017kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - Greensleeves BR128 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - Jerusalem BR128 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - O Come All Ye BR128 1598kb dbAMP.64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - O Holy Night BR192 2076kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - Holy City BR160 2349kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - Little Drummer Boy BR128 1405kb dbAMP64.wma
CHARLOTTE CHURCH - Tonight, Tonight BR128 1839kb dbAMP64.wma
CHER - I Believe 1904kb dbAMP64.wma
CHET ATKINS - Yellow Bird BR128 1569kb dbAMP64.wma
CHICAGO @ Alive Again  BR128 2.20mb dbAmp64.wma
CHICAGO @ Dialogue 1975 BR128 2.41mb dbAmp64.wma
CHIFFONS - Chapel Of Love BR320 1270kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIFFONS - He's So Fine 933kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIFFONS - One Fine Day BR256 1020kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIFFONS - Sweet Talking Guy BR320 1164kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIFFONS - Then He Kissed Me BR160 1235kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Achy Breaky with CYRUS BR128 2288kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Alvin's Harmonica BR192 1284kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Boot Scootn' Boogie BR192 1525kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Christmas Song BR128 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun BR160 1560kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - I'm Too Sexy BR160 1352kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Love Shack BR128 2499kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Macarena BR128 1854kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Purple People Eater BR128 1554kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Roasting On An Open Fire BR128 1584kb dbAMP64.wma
CHIPMUNKS - Wooly Bully BR160 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
CHORDETTES - Born To Be With You BR192 1352kb dbAMP64.wma
CHORDETTES - Lollipop BR160 1041kb dbAMP64.wma
CHORDETTES - Mr Sandman BR320 1158kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS DE BURGH - Lady In Red BR320 2100kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Didley Daddy BR320 2000kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Dream About You BR320 1692kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Forever Young BR320 1608kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Heart Shaped World BR320 1660kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - I'm Not Waiting BR320 1555kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Heat Of The Jungle BR320 3004kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Kings of the Highway BR320 2325kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS ISAAK - Wicked Game BR320 2288kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS KENNER - I Like It Like That BR160 959kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS MONTEZ - Let's Dance BR256 1172kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRIS MONTEZ @ The More I See You BR128 1.36mb dbAmp64.wma
CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Beautiful BR320 1900kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRISTMAS @ Holdman Lights VIDEO 2010 15min 205mb dbAmp64.MP4
CHRISTMAS COLLECTION - Assortment Of Popular Holiday Songs
CHRISTOPHER CROSS @ Never Be The Same BR128 2.21mb dbAmp64.wma
CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Ride Like The Wind 2180kb dbAMP64.wma
CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Sailing 2048kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUBBY CHECKER - Let's Twist Again BR320 1138kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUBBY CHECKER - Pony Time BR160 1170kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUBBY CHECKER - The Fly BR160 1117kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUBBY CHECKER - The Twist BR320 1284kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Almost Grown 1120kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Beautiful Delilah 1013kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Brown Eyed Handsome Man 1091kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Carol 1337kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Johnny B. Goode 1273kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Maybellene 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - No Particular Place To Go 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Oh Baby Doll 1255kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Reelin' And Rockin' 1554kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Rock & Roll Music 1211kb dbAmp64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Roll Over Beethoven 1149kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - School Days 1293kb dbAmp64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - Sweet Little Sixteen 1446kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK BERRY @ You Can Never Tell (Pulp Fiction) BR128 1.5mb dbAmp64.wma
CHUCK BERRY - You Can't Catch Me 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK MANGIONE - Bellavia BR320 3020kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK MANGIONE - Chase The Clouds BR128 2300kb dbAMP64.wma
CHUCK MANGIONE - Feel So Good BR320 4722kb dbAMP64.wma
CINDY LAUPER - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun BR128 1812kb dbAMP64..wma
CINDY LAUPER - Time After Time BR320 1930kb dbAMP64.wma
CLARANCE CARTER - Strok'n 3057kb dbAMP64.wma
CLASH - I Fought The Law 1121kb dbAMP64.wma
CLAUDE KING - Wolverton Mountain BR192 1416kb dbAMP64.wma
CLINT HOLMES - Playgrounds In My Mind BR132 1387kb dbAmp64.wma
CLYDE McPHATTER - Lover's Question 1153kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Alley Oop BR128 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Along Came Jones BR320 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Charlie Brown 1170kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Little Egypt BR320 1331kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Love Potion #9 BR256 997kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Poison Ivy BR320 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Search'n BR128 1255kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - ShaBoom BR128 1167kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Yakety Yak 912kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Young Blood BR160 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
COASTERS - Zing, Went The Strings BR256 1337kb dbAMP64.wma
COMMANDER CODY - Hot Rod Lincoln BR320 1422kb dbAMP64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS @ Baby's First Christmas BR128 1.15mb dbAmp64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS @ Breakin In A Broken Heart BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS - I Will Follow Him BR320 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS - Lipstick On Your Collar BR320 2447kb dbAMP64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS @ My Heart Has A Mind BR128 1.18mb dbAmp64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS - Somebody's Fool BR320 1252kb dbAMP64.wma
CONNIE FRANCIS - Where The Boys Are BR320 1267kb dbAMP64.wma
CONTOURS - Do You Love Me BR256 1375kb dbAMP64.wma
CONWAY TWITTY - It's Only Make Believe 1085kb dbAMP64.wma
CONWAY TWITTY - Slow Hand BR128 1396kb dbAmp64.wma
COOKIES - Chains BR128 2624kb dbAMP64.wma
COOKIES - Don't Say Nothin' Bad BR160 1325kb dbAMP64.wma
CORSAIRS @ Smokey Places BR128 1.42mb dbAmp64.wma
COUNT FIVE - Psychotic Reaction BR256 1475kb dbAMP64.wma
COWSILLS @ Rain, Park, & Other Things BR128 1.39mb dbAmp64.wma
COZY COLE - Topsy Part 2 1722kb dbAMP64.wma
CRANBERRIES - Dreams 2009kb dbAMP64.wma
CRAZY ELEPHANT @ Gimme Gimme Good Lovin BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
CRESTS - Sixteen Candles BR160 1422kb dbAMP64.wma
CRESTS - Step By Step BR320 1167kb dbAMP64.wma
CREW CUTS @ Shh Boom BR128 1.29mb dbAmp64.wma
C S N @ Teach Your Children Well BR128 1.35mb dbAmp64.wma
C S N & Y - Marrakesh Express BR160 1246kb dbAMP64.wma
CRYSTAL GAIL - Brown Eyes Blue BR128 1296kb dbAmp64.wma
CRYSTALS - Da Doo Ron Ron BR320 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
CRYSTALS - Then He Kissed Me BR192 1232kb dbAMP64.wma
CURTIS LEE - Pretty Little Angel Eyes BR192 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
CYRCLE - Red Rubber Ball BR256 1126kb dbAMP64.wma

DADO - X Files TV Theme 1687kb dbAMP64.wma
DALE & GRACE @ I'm Leaving It Up To You BR128 1.01mb dbAmp64.wma
DAN SEAL - Bop 1778kb dbAMP64.wma
DANDELIERS @ Chop Chop Boom BR128 1.05mb dbAmp64.wma
DANNY & THE JUNIORS - At The Hop 1235kb dbAMP64.wma
DANNY WILLIAMS @ White On White BR128 1.07mb dbAmp64.wma
DARYLE SINGLETARY - Too Much Fun BR128 1323kb dbAmp64.wma
DAVE 'BABY' CORTEZ - Happy Organ 1015kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 - Bits & Pieces 971kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 - Can't You See That She Is Mine 1153kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 @ Catch Us If You Can BR128 930kb dbAmp64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 @ Do You Love Me BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 - Glad All Over 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 - I Like It Like That 795kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE CLARK 5 - Over & Over 980kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE DUDLEY - Six Days On The Road BR256 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE DUDLEY - There Ain't No Easy Run BR192 1287kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE DUDLEY - Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun BR128 1029kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVE DUDLEY - Truck Driving Man BR192 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVID BOWIE - China Girl 2602kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVID ROSE @ The Stripper BR128 942kb dbAmp64.wma
DAVID RUFFIN @ What Becomes Of Broken Heart BR128 1.4mb dbAmp64.wma
DAVID SEVILLE - Witch Doctor BR320 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
DAVID SHIRE - Night On Disco Mountain BR192 2475kb dbAMP64.wma
DEAN MARTIN - Memories Are Made Of This BR320 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
DEAN MARTIN - Return To Me 1170kb dbAMP64.wma
DEAN MARTIN - Things (w N SINATRA) BR160 1290kb dbAMP64.wma
DEAN MARTIN - Volare 1452kb dbAMP64.wma
DEAN MARTIN - You're Nobody 'Til Somebody 1082kb dbAMP64.wma
DEE CLARK - Hey Little Girl In The H S Sweater BR128 979kb dbAMP64..wma
DEE CLARK - Hey Little Girl So In Love BR160 1193kb dbAMP64.wma
DEE CLARK - It Must Be Raindrops BR160 1446kb dbAMP64.wma
DEE DEE SHARP @ Mashed Potato Time BR128 1.25mb dbAmp64.wma
DEL REEVES - Girl On The Bill Board 1285kb dBAmp64.wma
DEL REEVES - There Ain't No Easy Runs BR256 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
DEL SHANNON - Hats Off To Larry BR320 982kb dbAMP64.wma
DEL SHANNON @ Little Town Flirt BR128 1.32mb dbAmp64.wma
DEL SHANNON - Run Away 1135kb dbAMP64.wma
DEL VIKINGS - Come Go With Me 1294kb dbAMP64.wma
DELLS - Oh What A Night BR320 1927kb dbAMP64.wma
DEPECHE MODE - A Photograph Of You 1470kb dbAMP64.wma
DEPECHE MODE - Behind The Wheel 2533kb dbAMP64.wma
DEPECHE MODE - Leave In Silence 2312kb dbAMP64.wma
DEPECHE MODE - Master And Servant 2004kb dbAMP64.wma
DEPECHE MODE - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 3754kb dbAMP64.wma
DEPECHE MODE - People Are People 1820kb dbAMP64.wma
DER KOMMISSAR - After The Fire 1960kb dbAMP64.wma
DESMOND DECKER - Israelites 1528kb dbAMP64.wma
DEXY's MIDNIGHT RUNNERS - Eileen BR320 2027kb dbAMP64.wma
DIAMONDS - Little Darlin BR192 1020kb dbAMP64.wma
DIAMONDS - Silhouettes BR128 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
DIAMONDS - The Stroll BR160 1193kb dbAMP64.wma
DIAMONDS - Why Do Fools Fall In Love BR256 1152kb dbAMP64.wma
DIANA ROSS - Reflections (China Beach Theme) 1376kb dbAMP64.wma
DIANA ROSS - Back In My Arms Again 1417kb dbAMP64.wma
DIANA ROSS - Love Child BR320 1396kb dbAMP64.wma
DIANA ROSS - Some Day We'll Be Together 1666kb dbAMP64.wma
DIANE RAY - Don't Talk To The Lifeguard BR128 841kb dbAMP64.wma
DICK & DEE DEE - The Mountain's High BR128 1056kb dbAMP64.wma
DICK DALE - Miserlou 1065kb dbAMP64.wma
DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS - Click Clack BR128 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
DION - I Wonder Why BR320 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
DION - Queen Of The Hop BR192 1017kb dbAMP64.wma
DION @ Ruby Ruby Baby BR256 1.25mb dbAmp64.wma
DION @ Runaround Sue BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
DION - Wanderer BR192 1340kb dbAMP64.wma
DIONNE WARWICK @ The Way To San Jose BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
DIRE STRAITS - Money For Nothing 1977kb dbAMP64.wma
DIRE STRAITS - Sultans Of Swing 2772kb dbAMP64.wma
DIRE STRAITS - Walk Of Life 2001kb dbAMP64.wma
DISNEY - Lion King - Circle Of Life BR128 2311kb dbAMP64.wma
DISNEY - LION KING Opening BR128 572kb dbAMP64.wma
DIXIE BELLES @ Down At Papa Joes BR128 1.20mb dbAmp64.wma
DIXIE CUPS - Going To The Chapel 1332kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Batucada (Brazillian Marching song) 2024db dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Maurico Manieri (Brazillian) 1860kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Milk Shake (Brazillian) 1596kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Road & Cones (Brazillian) 2828kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Samba Adagio (Brazillian) 3227kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Trance (Brazillian) 1816kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Verano (Brazillian) 1696kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - Warp Brothers (Brazillian) 2816kb dbAMP64.wma
DJKC - You Seen The Light  BR128 1816kb dbAMP64.wma
DODIE STEVENS - Tan Shoes BR160 1176kb dbAMP64.wma
DOMENICO MODUGNO - Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu BR320 2mb dbAmp64.wma
DON CHERRY - Band Of Gold BR320 1255kb dbAMP64.wma
DON CHERRY - Thinking Of You 1434kb dbAMP64.wma
DON COSTA @ Never On A Sunday Dr Zhivago  BR128 1.32mb dbAmp64.wma
DON GIBSON @ I Can't Stop Loving You  BR192 1.15mb dbAmp64.wma
DON GIBSON - Oh Lonesome Me 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
DON GIBSON - Sea Of Heart Break 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
DON HENLY - All She Wants To Do Is Dance 2156kb dbAMP64.wma
DON McLEAN - The Day The Music Died 4069kb dbAMP64.wma
DON WILLIAMS - I Believe In Love BR128 1956kb dbAmp.64
DON ROBERTSON - Happy Whistler BR80 1158kb dbAMP64..wma
DONNA SUMMER - Autumn Changes 2623kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Bad Girls 1476kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Hot Stuff 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - I Feel Love 1599kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - I Feel Love (Long V) a.s. 3919kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Last Dance 2353kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Love's Unkind 2083kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - On The Radio 2784kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Our Love 1781kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Hard For The Money 2183kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Spring Affair 4054kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Spring Affair Reprised 1839kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Summer Fever 3811kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNA SUMMER - Winter Melody 3118kb dbAMP64.wma
DONNIE BROOKS - Mission Bell BR256 1147kb dbAMP64.wma
DOOBIE BROTHERS - Listen To The Music 1833kb dbAMP64.wma
DOOBIE BROTHERS - What A Fool Believes 1769kb dbAMP64.wma
DOORS @ Hello, I Love You BR`128 1.05mb dbAmp64.wma
DORIS DAY - A Guy Is A Guy BR160 1284kb dbAMP64.wma
DORIS DAY - Everybody Loves A Lover BR256 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
DORIS DAY @ Love Somebody (wBuddy Clark) BR128 1.41mb dbAmp64.wma
DORIS DAY - Que Sara Sara 1027kb dbAMP64.wma
DORIS DAY - Secret Love BR320 1780kb dbAMP64.wma
DORSEY BURNETTE - Let's Fall In Love BR128 1064kb dbAMP64.wma
DORSEY BURNETTE - A Tall Oak Tree BR128 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
DOVELLS @ Bristol Stomp BR128 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma
DRIFTERS - Saturday Night At The Movies BR192 1196kb dbAMP64.wma
DRIFTERS - Save The Last Dance For Me 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
DRIFTERS - Sweets For My Sweet BR160 1264kb dbAMP64.wma
DRIFTERS - Under The Boardwalk BR320 1314kb dbAMP64.wma
DRIFTERS - Up On The Roof BR320 1264kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - 40 Miles Of Bad Road 1030kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - Because They Are Young Theme 983kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - Boss Guitar 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - Dance To The Guitar Man 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - Paladin TV Theme Song 942kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - Peter Gun (w Art Of Noise) 1904kb dbAMP64.wma
DUANE EDDY - Rebel Rouser 971kb dbAMP64.wma
DURAN DURAN - Hungry Like The Wolf BR256 2898kb dbAMP64.wma

EAGLES - All She Wants To Do Is Dance BR192 2543kb dbAMP64.wma
EAGLES - Hotel California BR320 3449kb dbAMP64.wma
EAGLES - I Cant Tell You Why BR320 2475kb dbAMP64.wma
EAGLES - Life In The Fast Lane BR320 2863kb dbAMP54.wma
EAGLES - Lyin' Eyes BR128 3021kb dbAmp64.wma
EAGLES - One Of These Nights 2312kb dbAMP64.wma
EAGLES - Take It Easy BR320 1675kb dbAMP64.wma
EAGLES - Tequila Sunrise BR320 1660kb dbAMP64.wma
EARTH WIND & FIRE @ September BR128 1.66mb dbAmp64.wma
EDDIE COCHRAN - C'mon Everybody BR160 912kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE COCHRAN - She's Something Else BR160 1017kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE COCHRAN - Summertime Blues 968kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE FISHER - Cindy, Oh Cindy BR192 1446kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE FISHER @ Dungaree Doll BR128 962kb dbAmp64.wma
EDDIE FISHER @ I Need You Now BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
EDDIE FISHER @ Oh! My Pa Pa BR128 1.46mb dbAmp64.wma

EDDIE GRANT - Electric Avenue 1819kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE HODGES - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door BR160 1mb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Another Somebody Done BR160 1622kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Drivin' My Life Away BR320 1545kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Hearts On Fire BR320 1249kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - I Love A Rainy Night BR320 1531kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - I'm An American Boy BR128 1551kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - On Second Thought BR320 1736kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Rocky Mountain Music BR320 1713kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Runnin' With The Wind BR320 1944kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - She's Comin' Back BR160 1496kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Lose A Heart Tonight BR256 1660kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Step By Step BR320 1689kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - The Wanderer BR320 1598kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDIE RABBITT - Two $ In The Jukebox BR320 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDY ARNOLD - Cattle Call BR160 1320kb dbAMP64.wma
EDDY ARNOLD @ Make The World Go Away  BR192 1.24mb dbAmp64.wma
EDDY ARNOLD - Mutual Admiration Society BR320 976kb dbAmp64.wma
EIFFEL65 - Blue BR128 1669kb dbAmp64.wma
ELDORADOS - At My Front Door BR96 1232kb dbAMP64.wma
ELDORADOS - Bim Bam Boom BR160 1387kb dbAMP64.wma
ELEGANTS - Little Star BR128 1276kb dbAMP64.wma
ELO - Hold On Tight (Honda TV Ad) BR192 1496kb dbAmp64.wma
ELTON JOHN - Don't Go Break'n My Heart 2162kb dbAMP64.wma
ELTON JOHN - Island Girl BR320 1774kb dbAMP64.wma
ELTON JOHN @ Rocketman  BR128 2.21mb dbAMP64.wma 
ELTON JOHN - Sad Song 2309kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - A Big Hunk O' Love 1088kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - A Fool Such As I 1284kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - A Little Less Conversation (Remix) 1692kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - All Shook Up 953kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Are You Lonesome Tonight 1498kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Are You L T (Laugh Track) BR160 1232kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Are You L T W BEATLES BR128 1349kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS @ Blue Christmas  BR128 1.86mb dbAmp64.wma
ELVIS - Burning Love 1492kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Can't Help Falling in Love 1434kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Crying In The Chapel 1159kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Devil In Disguise 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS @ Doncha' Think It's Time BR128 924kb dbAmp64.wma
ELVIS - Don't 1361kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Don't Be Cruel 989kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Drums Of The Islands 1244kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Good Luck Charm 1170kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Hard Headed Woman 929kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Heartbreak Hotel 1032kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Hound Dog 1077kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS @ I Beg Of You BR128 898kb dbAmp64.wma
ELVIS - In The Ghetto 1467kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - It's Now Or Never 1569kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Jailhouse Rock 1247kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS @ Little Sister BR128 1.16mb dbAmp64.wma
ELVIS - Love Me Tender 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS @ Marie, His Latest Flame BR128 994kb dbAmp64.wma
ELVIS - Money Honey (Early Performance 3/24/56) 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Mystery Train 1170kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - One Night 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Polk Salad Annie 1496kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Return To Sender 1044kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - She's Not You 1050kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Frankie & Johnny BR128 1094kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Stuck On You 1120kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Surrender 918kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Suspicious Minds 2147kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Teddy Bear 868kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - The Wonder Of You 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Too Much 1240kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - Way Down 1261kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS @ Wear My Ring On Your Neck BR128 1.04mb dbAmp64.wma
ELVIS - Wooden Heart 988kb dbAMP64.wma
ELVIS - American Trilogy: Dixie/Trials/Hymn BR128 2147kb dbAmp64.wma
EMERSON LAKE PALMER @ Fanfare For Common Man  BR256 5.79mb .wma
EMILLO PERICOLI - Al Di La BR192 997kb dbAMP64.wma
ENDLESS SUMMER - VIDEO - Compilation with Surfing dbAmp64.wmv
ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK @ Please Release Me  BR128 2.37mb .wma
ENOCH LIGHT - Blue Tango STEREO TEST 1443kb dbAMP64.wma
ENOCH LIGHT - Boogie Woogie 1429kb dbAMP64.wma
ENOCH LIGHT - Caravan 1382kb dbAMP64.wma
ENOCH LIGHT - Hernando's Hideaway 1st STEREO BETA 1509kb dbAMP64.wma
ENOCH LIGHT - In A Persian Market 1388kb dbAMP64.wma
ENOCH LIGHT - Japanese Sandman 1150kb dbAMP64.wma
ENOCH LIGHT - Tuxedo Junction 1672kb dbAMP64.wma
ENYA - Orinoco Flow 2109kb dbAMP64.wma
ENYA - Sail Away 1778kb dbAMP64.wma
ENYA - Storms Off Africa BR360 2009kb dbAMP64.wma
ENYA - Storms Off Africa II BR360 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
ERIC CARMEN - Hungry Eyes (fr Dirty Danc'n) BR128 1968kb dbAmp64.wma
ERIC CLAPTON - Lay Down Sally BR320 1836kb dbAMP64.wma
ERIC CLAPTON - Layla BR320 3385kb dbAMP84.wma
ERIC CLAPTON @ Sunshine Of Your Love BR128 1.94mb dbAmp64.wma
ERNIE FIELDS - In The Mood 1241kb dbAMP64.wma
ERNIE K DOE - Mother In Law 1195kb dbAMP64.wma
ERNIE MARESCA - @ Shout Shout BR128 1.05mb dbAmp64.wma
ESSEX - Easier Said Than Done  BR128 1030kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS - ALBUM Peace Tour  BR128 39.0mb dbAmp64.wma
I Want It All, Missionary Man, Thorn In My Side, When Tomorrow Comes,
  It's All Right, I Saved The World, Who's That Girl?, Ball & Chain, Would I
  Lie To You?, Sisters Are Doin' It, 17 Again, You Have Placed A Chill, Love
  Is A Stranger, I Need A Man, Walk'n On Broken Glass, There Must Be An
  Angel, Here Comes The Rain, Why?, Miricle Of Love, Peace, Sweet Dreams
EURYTHMICS - Don't Ask Me Why  BR128 2018kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Here Comes The Rain fr PT  BR128 2.4mb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS @ I Need A Man fr PT Concert  BR128 1.99mb dbAmp64.wma
EURYTHMICS @ King & Queen Of America  BR128 2.05mb dbAmp64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Love Is A Stranger fr PT  BR128 1788kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Missionary Man fr PT  BR128 1804kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS @ Seventeen Again fr PT  BR128 2.0mb dbAmp64.wma 
EURYTHMICS @ Sisters Are Doing It fr PT  BR128 2.32mb dbAmp64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Sweet Dreams fr PT  BR128 2329kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS @ There Must Be An Angel fr PT  BR128 2.66mb dbAmp64.wma
EURYTHMICS @ Thorn In My Side fr PT  BR128 2.32mb dbAmp64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Walking On Broken Glass fr PT  BR128 2121kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS - When Tomorrow Comes fr PT  BR128 2136kb dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Who's That Girl fr PT  BR128 1812db dbAMP64.wma
EURYTHMICS - Would I Lie To You fr PT  BR128 2112kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERY MOTHERS SON - @ Come On Down  BR128 1.2mb dbAmp64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - All I Have To Do Is Dream BR320 1.1mb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS @ Be-Bop-A-Lula BR172 1.10mb dbAmp64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - Bird Dog 1056kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - Bye Bye Love BR320 1149kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - Claudette BR192 1070kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS @ Gone Gone Gone  BR128 1.0mb dbAmp64.wma 
EVERLY BROTHERS - Lucille BR160 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS @ Muskrat BR256 1.05mb dbAmp64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS @ Peter Gunn (wD Eddy) BR256 2.47mb dbAmp64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS @ Temptation BR320 1.04mb dbAmp64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - Problems BR128 956kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - Walk Right Back 1106kb dbAMP64.wma
EVERLY BROTHERS - When Will I Be Loved BR192 1868kb dbAMP64.wma
EXCITERS - Tell Him 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
EXILE - Kiss You All Over BR192 1666kb dbAMP64.wma
EYDIE GORME - Blame It On The Bosa Nova BR192 824kb dbAMP64.wma

FABIAN @ Tiger  BR192 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS - Tuff Enough 1628kb dbAMP64.wma
FALCONS - You're So Fine BR128 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
FAST FOOD ROCKERS @ The Fast Food Song BR128 1.31mb dbAmp64.wma 
FATS DOMINO - Ain't That A Shame BR320 1287kb dbAMP64.wma
FATS DOMINO - Blueberry Hill BR128 1114kb dbAMP64.wma
FATS DOMINO - Don't Mess With My Toot Toot BR160 1551kb dbAMP64.wma
FATS DOMINO - I'm Ready BR128 1.18mb dbAmp64.wma
FATS DOMINO - I'm Walkin'  BR128 1056kb dbAMP64.wma
FATS DOMINO - Let The Four Winds Blow BR320 1088kb dbAMP64.wma
FATS DOMINO - My Blue Heaven BR128 999kb dbAMP64.wma
FENDERMEN - Mule Skinner Blues (reverb) 1153kb dbAMP64.wma
FERGIE - G l a m o r o u s (clean) BR128 1942kb dbAmp64.wma
FERLIN HUSKY @ Wings Of A Dove BR128 1.1mb dbAmp64.wma
FERRANTE & TEISCHER - Exodus Theme 1411kb dbAMP64.wma
FIESTAS - So Fine BR224 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
FIFTH DIMENSION @ Up, Up And Away BR128 1.25mb dbAmp64.wma
FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS @ Good Thing  BR128 1.75mb dbAmp64.wma  

FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS - You Drive Me Crazy 1748kb dbAMP64.wma
FIVE AMERICANS @ Western Union BR128 1.14mb dbAmp64.wma
FIVE KEYS @ Ling Ting Tong BR128 990kb dbAmp64.wma
FIVE THOUSAND VOLTS @ I'm On Fire BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
FLARES - Foot Stomping BR200 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC @ The Dance (ALBUM)  BR192 29.1mb dbAmp64.wma
The Chain, Dreams, Everywhere, Gold Dust Woman, I'm So Afraid, Temporary
  One, Gypsy, Landslide, Say You Love Me, You Make Lovn' Fun, My Lil Deamon,
  Silver Springs, Over My Head, Rhiannon, Sweet Girl, Go Your Own Way, Tusk,
  Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, Songbird with Christine McVie
FLEETWOOD MAC - As Long As You Follow fr Tango  1983kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Don't Stop fr Dance  BR192 1520kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Dreams fr Dance Album  BR192 2015kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Edge Of 17 fr Tango Album  BR192 2509kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Everywhere fr Dance  BR192 1760kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Go Your Own Way fr Dance  BR192 1.7mb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Gold Dust Woman fr Dance  BR192 2.4mb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Gypsy fr The Dance  BR192 2097kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Hold Me fr Tango  BR128 1786kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC @ I Don't Wanna Know fr Rumors  BR192 1.54mb .wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Landslide fr Dance Album  BR192 1575kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Leather & Lace fr Tango  BR128 1828kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Little Lies fr Tango  BR192 1725kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - NASCAR Racing 'Chain' fr Rumors  BR192 3mb .wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Never Going Back Again fr Rumors  BR192 1mb .wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - No Questions Asked fr Tango  BR192 2.2mb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Over My Head fr Dance  BR192 1698kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Rhiannon fr Dance  BR192 1992kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC @ Rumors (Album)  BR192 22.3mb dbAmp64.wma
Second Hand News, Dreams, Never Going Back Again, Don't Stop,
 Go Your Own Way, Songbird, The Chain, You Make Loving Fun,
 I Don't Want to Know, Oh Daddy and Gold Dust Woman
FLEETWOOD MAC - Sands Of Time fr Tango  BR192 3526kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Sarah fr Tango In The Night  BR192 3042kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Say You Love Me fr Dance  BR192 1980kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Second Hand News fr Rumors  BR192 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC @ Silver Springs fr Dance  BR192 2.58mb dbAmp64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - Songbird fr Rumors  BR192 1643kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC @ Sweet Girl fr Dance  BR192 1.55mb dbAmp64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC @ Temporary One fr Dance  BR192 1.68mb dbAmp64.wma 
FLEETWOOD MAC - Tusk fr The Dance Album  BR192 1663kb dbAMP64.wma
FLEETWOOD MAC - You Make Loving Fun fr Rumors  BR192 1.7mb .wma
FLEETWOODS @ Come Softly To Me  BR192 1.07mb dbAmp64.wma
FLOYD CRAMER - Last Date 1185kb dbAMP64.wma
FLOYD CRAMER @ On The Rebound BR128 990kb dbAmp64.wma
FONTELLA BASS - Rescue Me 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
FOREIGNER - Double Vision BR128 1792kb dbAmp64.wma
FOREIGNER - I Want To Know What Love Is 2420kb dbAmp64.wma
FOREIGNER - Jukebox Hero BR128 2062kb dbAmp64.wma
FOREIGNER - Wait'n For A Girl Like You BR128 2062kb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR ACES @ Love Is A Many Splendered Thing BR128 1.40mb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR ACES @ Three Coins In The Fountain BR128 1.43mb dbAmp64.wma

FOUR PREPS @ Down By The Station BR128 1.19mb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR LADS - Istanbul Not Constantinople BR128 799kb dbAMP64.wma
FOUR LADS - Put A Light In The Window BR128 1161kb dbAMP64.wma
FOUR LADS - Mocking Bird BR192 LaserDisk 1116kb dbAMP64.wma
FOUR PREPS - 26 Miles To Santa Catalina BR256 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
FOUR SEASONS @ Candy Girl BR128 1.21mb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR SEASONS @ Rag Doll BR128 1.38mb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR SEASONS @ Sherry BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR SEASONS @ Walk Like A Man BR128 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma

FOUR TOPS @ I Can't Help Myself BR128 1.25mb dbAmp64.wma
FOUR TOPS @ It's The Same Old Song BR128 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
FRANK MILLS - Music Box Dancer 1572kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANK SINATRA - New York, N.Y. BR128 1539kb dbAmp64.wma
FRANK WEIR @ The Happy Wanderer BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
FRANKIE AVALON - Venus BR320 1114kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE AVALON - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini BR128 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE FORD - Sea Cruise BR128 1290kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD @ Relax BR128 2.10mb dbAmp64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE  @  Cry Of The Wild Goose BR128 1405kb dbAmp64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE - Jezabel 1540kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE - Moonlight Gambler 1458kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE - Mule Train w Whips 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE - Rawhide 983kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE  @ Tell Me A Story CLASSIC BR128 999kb dbAmp64.wma
FRANKIE LAINE  @  Your Cheating Heart  BR128 1.16mb dbAmp64.wma
FRANKIE LYMAN - Why Do Fools Fall In Love BR128 1117kb dbAmp64.wma
FRANKIE SMITH - Double Dutch Bus 2012kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE VALLI - Candy Girl BR224 1240kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE VALLI - Can't Take BR320 1774kb dbAMP64.wma
FRANKIE VALLI - Walk Like A Man BR320 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
FREDA PAYNE - Band Of Gold BR256 1378kb dbAMP64.wma
FREDDY CANNON - Palisades Park BR192 899kb dbAMP64.wma
FREDDY CANNON - Tallahassee Lassie BR128 1198kb dbAMP64.wma
FREDDY CANNON - Transistor Sister BR128 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
FREDDY CANNON - Way Down Yonder 1206kb dbAMP64.wma
FREDDY FENDER - Before The Next Teardrop Falls BR128 1211kb dbAmp64.wma
FRUITGUM FACTORY 1910 @ 1 2 3 Red Light BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
Frogman CLARENCE HENRY - Ain't Got No Home BR160 1132kb dbAMP64.wma

GAIL STORM - Dark Moon BR128 1185kb dbAMP64.wma
GAIL STORM - I Hear You Knocking BR128 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
GALE GARNETT - We'll Sing In The Sunshine BR128 1.39mb dbAmp64.wma
GAP BAND @ You Dropped The Bomb On Me  BR128 1.89mb dbAmp64.wma
GARTH BROOKS - Friends In Low Places 2053 dbAMP64.wma
GARTH BROOKS - Thunder Rolls 1238kb dbAMP64.wma
GARY PUCKETT - Young Girl BR128 1551kb dbAMP64.wma
GARY US BONDS - Dance To Quarter A Three BR192 1196kb dbAMP64.wma
GARY US BONDS - New Orleans BR128 1369kb dbAMP64.wma
GARY US BONDS @ School Is Out BR128 1.19mb dbAmp64.wma
GEE CLEFS - Ka Ding Dong BR102 959kb dbAMP64.wma
GENE AUTRY - Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer BR128 1516kb dbAmp64.wma
GENE McDANIELS @ Hundred Pounds Of Clay  BR192 1.06mb dbAmp64.wma
GENE McDANIELS - Tower Of Strength BR192 1088kb dbAMP64.wma
GENE PITNEY - It Hurts To Be In Love BR256 1214kb dbAMP64.wma
GENE VINCENT - Be Bop A Lula 1238kb dbAMP64.wma
GENE VINCENT - Wanna Lotta Lovin' BR160 1056kb dbAMP64.wma
GENTRYS - Keep On Dancing 1041kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGE BAKER - LaPoloma Blanca 1660kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGE HAMILTON IV - Abilene BR128 1061kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGE HAMILTON IV @ Rose & A Baby Ruth BR128 948kb dbAmp64.wma
GEORGE JONES - White Lightning BR160 1331kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGE McCRAE @ Rock Your Baby BR128 2.17mb dbAmp64.wma
GEORGE MICHAEL - Faith 1555kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGE THURGOOD - Bad To The Bone BR128 2361kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGE THURGOOD - Who Do You Love BR128 2069kb dbAMP64.wma
GEORGIA GIBBS - Dance With Me Henry BR128 1114kb dbAMP64.wma
GERRY RAFFERTY - Baker Street 3095kb dbAMP64.wma
GERRY RAFFERTY - Stuck In The Middle 1640kb dbAMP64.wma
GILBERT O'SULLIVAN @ Get Down BR128 1.26mb dbAmp64.wma
GLEN CAMPBELL - By The Time BR192 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
GLEN CAMPBELL - Galveston BR320 1290kb dbAMP64.wma
GLEN CAMPBELL - Gentle On My Mind BR192 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
GLEN CAMPBELL - Rhinestone Cowboy BR320 1563kb dbAMP64.wma
GLEN CAMPBELL - Wichita Lineman BR320 1487kb dbAMP64.wma
GLENN FREY - Heat Is On (fr TV Miami Vice) 1795kb dbAMP64.wma
GLENN FREY - Smuggler's Blues (fr TV Miami Vice) 2056kb dbAMP64.wma
GLENN FREY - You Belong To The City BR128 2786kb dbAmp64.wma
GLENN YARBROUGH @ Baby The Rain Must Fall BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
GO GO's - Our Lips Are Sealed BR320 1320kb dbAMP64.wma
GO GO's - Vacation BR192 1443kb dbAMP64.wma
GO GO's - We Got The Beat BR320 1214kb dbAMP64.wma
GOGI GRANT - The Wayward Wind 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Sundown BR320 1716kb dbAMP64.wma
GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Wreck Of The E F BR128 2995kb dbAMP64.wma
GRASS ROOTS @ Midnight Confessions BR128 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
GUESS WHO - American Woman BR320 2440kb dbAMP64.wma
GUY MITCHELL - Heartaches By The Number BR192 1281kb dbAMP64
GUY MITCHELL - My Truly, Truly Fair BR128 1349kb dbAMP64.wma
GUY MITCHELL - Singing The Blues BR256 1179kb dbAMP64.wma
GUYS WITH GUITARS - Album  BR256 26087kb dbAmp64.wma
00711, Banana Man, Because, Can't Buy Me Love, Fall'n In Love, Foot
Tapper, Geronimo, Going Home, Instanbul, James Bond Theme, Jokers
Wild, Karelia, La Cumparsa, Man From Uncle, Piece Pipe, Rambunksus,
Rayon Tire, Return To The Alamo, Riders In The Sky, Round & Round,
Saturday Westerns, Savage, Shindig, The Storm, Ticket To Ride, Van
Camp, Young Ones, Zambezi

HAIR - Age Of Aquarius & Sunshine BR128 2294kb dbAMP64.wma
HALL & OATS - You Make My Dreams BR128 1515kb dbAmp64.wma
HANK BALLARD - Finger Poppin' Time BR192 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK BALLARD - Let's Go, Let's Go BR128 1158kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK MANCINI - Pink Panther Theme 1610kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Jr - Monday Night Football Theme 1379kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Jr - All My Rowdy Friends BR320 1868kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Jr - My Name Is Bocephus BR256 1862kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Sr - Hey Good Lookin' BR256 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Sr - Jambalaya BR320 1387kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Sr - Kawliga BR128 1249kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Sr - Ramblin' Man BR256 1460kb dbAMP64.wma
HANK WILLIAMS Sr - Your Cheat'n Heart BR320 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
HAROLD DORMAN - Mountain Of Love BR160 1186kb dbAMP64.wma
HARRY BELAFONTE - Banana Boat (TECHNO) BR192 1645kb dbAMP64.wma
HARRY BELAFONTE - Day-O BR192 1467kb dbAMP64.wma
HARRY CONNICK JR - It Had To Be You BR128 1258kb dbAmp64.wma
HARRY NILSON - Everybody Is Talking At Me BR128 1320kb dbAMP64.wma
HARRY SIMEONE CHORALE - Little Drummer Boy BR200 1613kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls A Intro WEBLEY EDWARDS 716kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls B Hi'ilawe JAMES KAOPUIKI 628kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls C Tradewind Islands HAUNANI 1558kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls D War Chant H.C. SINGERS 546kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls E Beautiful Kahana NENA KEALI 1408kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls F Ho'omanawanui PUA ALMEIDA 971kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls G Wedding Song APAKA & HAUNANI 2168kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls H Theme Song WEBLEY EDWARDS 610kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls I Ohine Mutu HAWAII CALLS SINGERS 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls J Do The Hula PUA ALMEIDA 1411kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls K Hale Ani Ani HAWAII CALLS SINGERS 375kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls L Lei Aloha APAKA & HAUNANI 2229kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls M Honoholo Ka'a SONNY NICHOLAS 980kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls N Didn't Mean Goodbye ALFRED APAKA 1716kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - Calls O Aloha Oe H.C. SINGERS 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAII - (ALBUM) - Island Paradise Webley Edwards 1959  dbAMP64.wma

  Boat Day Na Lei O Hawaii with Royal Hawaiian Band, Hawaii Pono by Kamehameha Glee Club,
  Alfred Apaka sings Lehuanani (Flaming Flower), Alfred Apaka sings Keep Your Eyes On The
  Hands, ISLAND of KAUAI: 1st Welcome, St. Catherine's Choir and Pua Carnation, WAIKIKI:
  Outrigger Canoe Ride, Sim Sim by Arthur Lyman, Hawaii Calls Radio Show: Aloha Welcome
  Chant and My Little Grass Shack by Al Kealoha Perry, Sweet Leilani by Haunani Kahalewei,
  Heeia by Mahi Beamer, Farewell For Just A While by Haunani, Hawaiian War Chant by Royal
  Monarch Band, Hawaiian Paradise by Ray Kinney, Auwe Slap Dance by Tafili Galeai, Hawaiian
  Wedding Song with Danny Kaleikini and Iwaani Kamahele, Big Island HAWAII: Welcome,
  Hilo-Maui-Oahu-Kauai-Molokai by Haili Choir, Willows Luau: Conch Shell and Nose Flute by
  Kapena Wong, Hamau e Ka Leo by Waikiki Girls, Papio by James Kaopuiki, Alaska (Alika) by
  Singing Surfriders, Kona Au by Alvin Isaacs, MAUI: Welcome, Kaneohe-Nani Koolau-Hiilawe:
  Maui Children's Bamboo Organ, Taps Arizona Memorial, Hawaiian Lord's Prayer by Kamehameha
  Combined School Choir, Boat Day DEPARTURE: Aloha Oe by Royal Hawaiian Band & Singers

HAWAIIAN - Auld Ang Syne  BR128 1370kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - BROTHERS CAZEMERO - Kawika (David) BR256 2039kb .wma
HAWAIIAN - BROTHERS CAZEMERO - Home In The Is. BR256 1.5mb .wma
HAWAIIAN - Christmas Chopsticks  BR128 1264kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - Christmas Luau BR192 1270kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - A World Away BR128 2047kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Allure Of The Islands BR128 1692kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Aloha Oe BR128 1481kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Another Day Another Life BR128 1845kb .wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Beyond Blue BR128 891kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Dreams Of Eternity BR128 1522kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Hawaii Aloha BR128 1724kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Hawaii Pono'i BR128 1038kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Kanaka Wai Wai BR128 1399kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Kumu Mele Simple Sunrise BR128 1898kb .wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Lahaina Luna BR128 2508kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Lia (Slack Key Guitar) BR128 2059kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Lia Guitar Reprised BR128 2446kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Maui Dawn BR128 2009kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Napili Meditation BR128 1378kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Pearly Shells BR128 1325kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Plantation Waltz BR128 1584kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Sacred Journey BR128 2153kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Slack Tides BR128 1766kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - So Far, So Good BR128 1309kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - The Voyage Home BR128 1587kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Variation BR128 880kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DANIEL HO - Whee Ha Swing BR128 1481kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - HAWAII SINGERS - Deck The Halls 1144kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DON HO - Grass Shack Medley 1279kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - DON HO - Tiny Bubbles & Pearly Shells 1772kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - FRANK DeLIMA - Little Green Guavas 1816kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - A Hawaiian Like Me by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole BR256 1886kb
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Ama Ama by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole BR256 1625 dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - E Ku U Morning Dew BR256 2379kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Henehene Kou Aka BR256 1105kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Ka Huila Wai BR256 1281kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Kale Ohano BR256 1425kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Kawana O'Kay Havaii Hawaii Whispers BR256 1.9mb .wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Ke Alo O Iesu BR256 1777kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - My Hawaii Cry's BR256 2505kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Opae E  BR256 2109kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Over The Rainbow  BR256 2473kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Shirohama White Sandy Beach BR256 1713kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star BR256 1519kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - Ulili E by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole  BR256 1249kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - IZ - What A Wonderful My World BR256 2455kb dbAmp64.wma
HAWAIIAN - JOHN ROWLES - Cheryl Moana Marie 1467kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - KANA KALOKA Mele Kalikimaka 742kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - KAPENA - Sea Of Heart Break 1763kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - The Little Drummer Boy 1484kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - Mele Kalikimaka 906kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - Mele Kalikimaka Ia Oe 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - ROBERT KEKAULA - Fish Auction Man 2356kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - ROB & TIERA KEKAULA - Nursery Rhymes 1370kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - Silent Night 1678kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - We Wish You A Merry Kakakou 1027kb dbAMP64.wma
HAWAIIAN - Weeha E Kakou 1511kb dbAMP64.wma
HERB ALPERT - Lonely Bull 1370kb dbAMP64.wma
HERB ALPERT - Love Potion Number Nine 1467kb dbAMP64.wma
HERB ALPERT - Spanish Flea 1244kb dbAMP64.wma
HERMANs HERMITS @ Can't You Hear BR128 1.07mb dbAmp64.wma
HERMANs HERMITS @ I'm Henry the 8th, I Am BR128 898kb dbAmp64.wma
HERMANs HERMITS @ Silhouettes BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
HIGHWAYMEN - Michael Rowed The Boat A Shore BR192 1320kb dbAmp64.wma
HILLSIDE SINGERS - I'd Like To Teach The World BR128 1132kb dbAMP64.wma @ Christmas Lights Complete Show  BR128 6.77mb .wma
HOLLIES @ Bus Stop BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
HOLLIES - Carrie Anne BR320 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
HOLLIES - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress BR320 1584kb dbAMP64.wma
HOLLIES @ Mr Tambourine Man BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES - Alley Oop BR128 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
HONDELLS @ Little Honda BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
HORST JANKOWSKI - Walk In The Black Forest BR128 1369kb dbAMP64.wma
HORST JANKOWSKI - Cast Your Fate To The Wind BR 1555kb dbAMP64.wma
HOT BUTTER - Popcorn BR256 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
HOT CHOCOLATE - You Sexy Thing BR320 2000kb dbAMP64.wma
HUEY LEWIS - Heart Of Rock & Roll 2426kb dbAMP64.wma
HUEY LEWIS - Power Of Love 1895kb dbAMP64.wma
HUEY 'Piano' SMITH - Don't You Just Know It BR256 1214kb dbAMP64.wma
HUEY 'Piano' SMITH - Boogie Woogie Flu BR128 1076kb dbAMP64.wma
HUGH MASEKELA - Grazin' In The Grass BR128 1.24mb dbAmp64.wma
HUGO MONTENEGRO - Fist Full Of Dollars 1027kb dbAMP64.wma
HUGO MONTENEGRO - For A Few Dollars More 1317kb dbAMP64.wma
HUGO MONTENEGRO @ Good, Bad & Ugly BR256 1.25mb dbAmp64.wma
HUGO WINTERHALTER - Canadian Sunset BR320 1414kb dbAMP64.wma
HUMAN BEINZ - Nobody But Me 1121kb dbAMP64.wma
HUMAN LEAGUE - Life Of Your Own 1943kb dbAMP64.wma

I'M ALIVE - CELINE DION - PWRPT Visual Stereo Video Slide Sho.pps
IMPALAS - I Ran All The Way Home BR192 1235kb dbAmp64.wma
IMPRESSIONS @ It's All Right BR128 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
INXS - Devil Inside BR132 2514kb dbAmp64.wma
INXS - Disappear BR132 1980kb dbAmp64.wma
IRENE CARA - Flash Dance 1892kb dbAmp64.wma
IRISH ROVERS @ The Unicorn CLASSIC BR128 1.53mb dbAmp64.wma
ISAAC HAYS - Shaft (Movie Theme) 2183kb dbAmp64.wma
ISLEY BROTHERS - Shout BR256 2224kb dbAmp64.wma
IVO ROBIC - Morgen BR192 1246kb dbAMP64.wma

J FRANK WILSON - Last Kiss BR128 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
JACK JOHNSON - Cookie Jar BR128 1622kb dbAmp64.wma
JACK JOHNSON - Flake BR128 1457kb dbAmp64.wma
JACK JOHNSON - Free BR128 1208kb dbAmp64.wma
JACK JOHNSON - Walk Alone BR128 1188kb dbAmp64.wma
JACK JONES @ Shadow & What Now My Love  BR128 2.37mb dbAmp64.wma
JACK JONES @ The Race Is On BR128 1.02mb dbAmp64.wma
JACK SCOTT - Leroy BR160 1017kb dbAMP64.wma
JACKIE WILSON - Lonely Tear Drops BR128 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
JAN & DEAN - Baby Talk BR256 1179kb dbAMP64.wma
JAN & DEAN @ Dead Man's Curve BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
JAN & DEAN @ Drag City  BR128 1.02mb dbAmp64.wma 
JAN & DEAN - Little GTO BR320 1179kb dbAMP64.wma
JAN & DEAN @ Little Old Lady From Pasadena BR127 1.29mb dbAmp64.wma
JAN & ARNIE @ My Jennie Lee BR128 974kb dbAmp64.wma
JAN & DEAN - Ride The Wild Surf 1103kb dbAMP64.wma
JAN & DEAN - Surf City 1185kb dbAMP64.wma
JAN BRADLEY @ Mama Didn't Lie BR128 986kb dbAmp64.wma
JAN HAMMER - Crockett's Theme 1690kb dbAMP64.wma
JAN HAMMER - Miami Vice Theme BR128 1161kb dbAmp64.wma
JAY & AMERICANS - Cara Mia BR192 1217kb dbAMP64.wma
JAY & AMERICANS - Come A Little Bit Closer BR320 1337kb dbAMP64.wma
JAY & AMERICANS @ She Cried BR128 1.34mb dbAmp64.wma
JAY & THE MOMENTS @ This Magic Moment BR128 1.41mb.wma
JAYNETTS @ Sally Go 'Round The Roses BR128 1.44mb dbAmp64.wma
JEANIE C RILEY - Harper Valley PTA BR192 1566kb dbAMP64.wma
JEANNE BLACK @ He'll Have To Stay BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Sarah (STARSHIP) BR128 2323kb dbAmp64.wma
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Someone To Love 1408kb dbAMP64.wma
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - We Built This City BR128 2367kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY KELLER - Here Comes Summer BR192 1.25mb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY LEE LEWIS - Breathless 1308kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY LEE LEWIS - Great Balls Of Fire 901kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY LEE LEWIS - Whole Lot Of Shakin' BR3201396kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY REED - Amos Moses BR160 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY REED - Eastbound & Down BR256 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY REED - Elvis Has Left The Building BR160 1372kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY REED - She Got The Goldmine BR128 1540kb dbAMP64.wma
JERRY REED - When You're Hot, You're Hot BR320 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
JESSICA SIMPSON - In This Skin BR192 2056kb dbAMP64.wma
JESSICA SIMPSON - Irresistible BR320 1525kb dbAMP64.wma
JESSICA SIMPSON - Where You Are BR320 2147kb dbAMP64.wma
JEWEL AKENS @ The Birds And The Bees BR128 1.01mb dbAmp64.wma
JIM CROCE - Bad Bad Lee Roy Brown 1467kb dbAMP64.wma
JIM CROCE - Photographs & Memories 1003kb dbAMP64.wma
JIM CROCE - Time In A Bottle 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
JIM LOWE - Green Door 1082kb dbAMP64.wma
JIM REEVES @ He'll Have To Go BR128 1.10mb dbAmp64.wma
JIM REEVES @ He'll Have To Go  BR192 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma
JIM REEVES - I Can't Stop Loving You BR160 1352kb dbAmp64.wma
JIM REEVES - Is It Really Over BR320 1082kb dbAmp64.wma
JIM REEVES - Put Your Sweet Lips Closer BR160 1120kb dbAmp64.wma
JIMMY CLANTON - Go Jimmy Go BR192 1032kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY CLANTON @ Venus In Blue Jeans  BR192 1.07mb dbAmp.wma
JIMMY GILMORE - Sugar Shack 997kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY JONES - Good Time'n BR192 1053kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY JONES - Handy Man BR320 979kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY RODGERS - Big Bad John BR320 1422kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY RODGERS - Bimbombey BR160 1094kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY RODGERS - Honeycomb 1109kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY RODGERS - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 1118kb dbAMP64.wma
JIMMY RODGERS - Uh Oh, I'm Fall'n Love 1074kb dbAMP64.wma
JO STAFFORD @ Make Love To Me BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
JOAN JETT - Crimson & Clover BR128 1566kb dbAmp64.wma
JOANIE SUMMERS - Johnny Get Angry 1220kb dbAMP64.wma
JODY REYNOLDS @ Endless Sleep BR128 1.11mb dbAmp64.wma
JOE BENNETT - Black Slacks (Original) BR128 994kb dbAMP64.wma
JOE BENNETT - Cotton' Pickin' Rocker BR128 899kb dbAMP64.wma
JOE BENNETT - Penny Loafers & Bobby Socks BR128 899kb dbAMP64.wma
JOE DOWELL @ Wooden Heart BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
JOE HENDERSON - Snap Your Fingers BR128 1419kb dbAMP64.wma
JOE JACKSON - Stepping Out BR320 2000kb dbAMP64.wma
JOE JONES @ You Talk Too Much BR128 1.22mb dbAmp64.wma
JOE SOUTH @ Games People Play BR128 1.67mb dbAmp64.wma
JOE VALINO - Garden Of Eden BR128 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
JOEY DEE & THE STARLITES - Peppermint Twist BR128 999kb dbAMP64.wma
JOEY DEE & THE STARLITES @ Shout BR128 1.10mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHN & YOKO LENNON @ Beatles VIDEO Ballad  3mn04sec 20.2mb .wmv 
JOHN BARRY - James Bond Theme 848kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN COUGAR MELENCAMP - Paper In Fire 1836kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN DENVER - Back Home Again 2291kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN DENVER - Calypso 1807kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN DENVER - Country Roads Take Me Home 1502kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN DENVER - I'm Leav'n On A Jet Plane 1951kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN DENVER - Little Saint Nick w Muppets 1144kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN FRED - VIDEO - Judy In Disguise With Glasses 2m56sc 16.9MB BR320.wmv
JOHN LENNON - Imagine 1476kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN PARR - Man In Motion (fr St. Elmo's Fire) BR192 dbAmp64.wma
JOHN WILLIAMS @ 2001 Space Odyssey Movie Theme  BR192 1.0mb .wma
JOHN WILLIAMS - Raiders Of The Lost Ark Theme BR128 2654kb dbAmp64.wma
JOHN WILLIAMS - Star Wars Theme BR128 2543kb dbAmp64.wma
JOHN WILLIAMS - Superman Movie Theme 2121kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHN WILLIAMS - Jaws Motion Picture Theme  BR128 1405kb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNIE RAY @  Cry  BR128 1.43mb dbAmp64.wma 
JOHNNIE RAY @  Just A Walking In The Rain  BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNIE RAY @  Little Cloud That Cried CLASSIC  BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES - Red River Rock 1062kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY BURNETTE @ Dreamin BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY BURNETTE - Little Boy Blue BR160 999kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY BURNETTE - You're Sixteen BR192 932kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - A Boy Named Sue BR160 1899kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Ain't Me Babe 1473kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - ALBUM - Man In Black BR192 28,857kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - ALBUM - Ride This Train BR256 31,585kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen BR128 1331kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Ballad Of Ira Hayes BR256 1980kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Boy Name Sue 1872kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Folsom Prison Blues BR128 1417kb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - General Lee 1379kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Get Rhythm 1217kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Guess Things Happen BR128 841kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Hey Porter BR192 1070kb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - I Got Stripes 962kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - I Walk The Line BR320 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - It Ain't Me Babe (Live) 1839kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - I've Been Everywhere Man BR320 1560kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Jackson (w June Carter) 1540kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Johnny Yuma The Rebel BR192 899kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Last Gunfighter BR320 1331kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Legend Of John Henry BR320 3900kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - One On The Right Is BR128 1349kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - One Piece At A Time BR320 1922kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Orange Blossom Special BR320 1499kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - O B Sp (w Carter Family) BR128 1490kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Remember The Alamo BR256 1358kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Ring Of Fire BR320 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Rock Island Line 1053kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - Six White Horses BR160 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CASH - There Ain't No Easy Run BR128 2248kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY CYMBAL - Mr Baseman 1294kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY HORTON - North To Alaska BR320 1369kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY HORTON - Please Mister Custer BR160 1460kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY HORTON - Running Bear BR128 1269kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY HORTON - Sink The Bismark BR320 1619kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY HORTON - Battle Of New Orleans BR320 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY MATHIS - Chances Are BR320 1455kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY MATHIS - Twelfth Of Never BR256 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY NASH - I Can See Clearly Now 1367kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY OTIS - Willie And The Hand Jive BR128 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY RIVERS - Memphis Tennessee 1220kb dbAMP64.wma
JOHNNY RIVERS @ Seventh Son BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY STANDLY @ It's In The Book CLASSIC BR18 2.81mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY TILLOTSON @ Poetry In Motion BR128 1.14mb dbAmp64.wma
JOHNNY WESTERN - Paladin (orig Theme RARE) 1059kb dbAMP64.wma
JONATHAN EDWARDS @ Sunshine  BR192 1.02mb dbAmp64.wma
JONI MITCHELL - Both Sides Now BR192 2159kb dbAMP64.wma
JOURNEY - Just A Small Town Girl BR128 1977kb dbAmp64.wma
JOURNEY - Open Arms 1584kb dbAMP64.wma
JOURNEY - Who's Crying Now 2391kb dbAMP64.wma
JOY - Touch By Touch 1757kb dbAMP64.wma
JR WALKER @ Shotgun (Theme Song SNL) BR128 1.42mb dbAmp64.wma
JUDDS - Born To Be Blue 2309kb dbAMP64.wma
JUDDS - One Hundred & Two 1872kb dbAMP64.wma
JUDDS - Why Not Me BR320 1700kb dbAMP64.wma
JUICE NEWTON - Queen Of Hearts 1652kb dbAMP64.wma
JULIAN LENNON - Too Late For Goodbyes 2848kb dbAMP64.wma

KAI WINDING - More (Theme Mondo Cane) BR224 971kb dbAMP64.wma
KALIN TWINS @ When  BR192 1.14mb dbAmp64.wma
KATHY MATTEA - 18 Wheels & Roses BR320 1560kb dbAMP64.wma
KATHY MATTEA - Romeo BR320 1968kb dbAMP64.wma
KATRINA - Walking On Sunshine BR320 1909kb dbAMP64.wma
KEN LASZIO - Hey Hey Guy 1877kb dbAMP64.wma
KENDALLS - Heaven's Just A Sin Away BR160 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
KENDALLS - It Don't Feel Like BR160 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
KENDALLS - Pick Me Up On Your Way BR160 1325kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY G - Home 2499kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY G - I've Been Missin' You 2048kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY G - Midnight Motion 3984kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY G - Tribeca 3209kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY G - Don't Make Me Wait (M Bolton) 3429kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY LOGGINS - Footloose 1833kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY ROGERS - Islands In The Stream BR320 1997kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY ROGERS - Lady BR192 1851kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY ROGERS - Ruby BR320 1431kb dbAMP64.wma
KENNY ROGERS - The Gambler BR320 1699kb dbAMP64.wma
KIM CARNES - Betty Davis Eyes BR320 1821kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSMEN @ The Jolly Green Giant BR128 968kb dbAmp64.wma
KINGSMEN @ Louie Louie BR128 1.24mb dbAmp64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - Everglades BR128 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - Greenback Dollar BR192 1364kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - Greensleeves BR128 2252kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - Guantanamera BR192 2223kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - MTA BR128 1581kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - The Reverend Mr Black BR128 1428kb dbAMP64..wma
KINGSTON TRIO - Tijuana Jail BR192 1346kb dbAMP64.wma
KINGSTON TRIO - Tom Dooley BR192 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
KINKS - Picture Book (HP Commercial) BR192 1200kb dbAMP64.wma
KIRBY STONE 4 - Baubles, Bangles & Beads BR160 1053kb dbAMP64.wma
KITTY KALLEN @ Little Things Mean A Lot BR128 1.41mb dbAmp64.wma
KOKOMO - Asia Minor BR128 953kb dbAMP64.wma
KOOL & THE GANG - Joanna BR160 2106kb dbAMP64.wma
KT TUNSTALL @ Black Horse & Cherry Tree  BR128 1.9mb dbAmp64.wma
KYU SAKAMOTO - Sukiyaki BR192 1487kb dbAMP64.wma

LA LA - Johnny Johnny 1886kb dbAMP64.wma
LABELLE - Lady Marmalade 1895kb dbAMP64.wma
LALO SHIFRIN - Mission Impossible Theme 1654kb dbAMP64.wma
LARRY WILLIAMS - Bony Morony BR320 1446kb dbAMP64.wma
LAST CHRISTMAS @ JeW VIDEO Images 4min 10mb dbAmp64.MP4
LAURA BRANIGAN - Gloria 2359kb dbAMP64.wma
LAURA BRANIGAN - Self Control BR128 1936kb dbAmp64.wma
LAURA BRANIGAN - Total Eclipse BR128 2599kb dbAmp64.wma
LAURIE LONDON - He's Got BR128 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
LaVERN BAKER - Jim Daddy 1079kb dbAMP64.wma
LaVERN BAKER - Tweedlee Dee BR128 1513kb dbAMP64.wma
LAWRENCE WELK - Calcutta BR160 1073kb dbAMP64.wma
LEE ALLEN - Walk'n With Mr Lee 1185kb dbAMP64.wma
LEE GREENWOOD - God Bless The USA set BR320 2484kb dbAmp64
LED ZEPPLIN - Immigrant Song BR128 1245kb dbAmp64.wma
LED ZEPPLIN - Immigrant Song Live BR160 1638kb dbAmp64.wma
LEFT BANKE - Just Walk Away Renee BR256 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
LEIF GARRET - I Was Made For Dancing 1534kb dbAMP64.wma
LEMON PIPERS @ Green Tambourine BR128 1.14mb dbAmp64.wma
LEN BARRY @ One Two Three 1965 BR128 1.20mb dbAmp64.wma
LEO SAYER - I Love You More Than I Can Say 1784kb dbAMP64.wma
LEO SAYER - You Make Me Feel BR224 1800kb dbAMP64.wma
LEONARD BERNSTEIN @ Shostakovich 5th  BR128 4.5mb dbAmp64.wma
LeROY VAN DYKE @ Just Walk On By  BR192 1.14mb dbAMP64.wma
LES PAUL - Mockingbird Hill 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
LES PAUL @ Vaya Con Dios BR128 1.37mb dbAmp64 dbAmp64.wma
LINDA JO RIZZO - You`re My First 1710kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA RONSTADT - Blue Bayou 1863kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA RONSTADT - Don't Know Much (Neville) 1701kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA RONSTADT - I Need You (W A Neville) 1373kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA RONSTADT - When Will I Be Loved 1053kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA SCOTT - Dam Da Dam BR192 1493kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA SCOTT - I've Told Every Little Star BR320 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA SCOTT - Little Star BR160 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA SCOTT - Never In A Million Years BR160 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA SCOTT - Starlight Star Bright BR320 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
LINDA SCOTT - Yessiree BR160 1200kb dbAMP64.wma
LINK WRAY - Rawhide 1027kb dbAMP64.wma
LINK WRAY - Rumble 1179kb dbAMP64.wma
LIONEL RITCHIE & DIANA ROSS - Endless Love 2139kb dbAMP64.wma
LIPPS INCORPORATED - Funkytown 2895kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE ANTHONY - Shimmy Shimmy BR160 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE ANTHONY - Tears On My Pillow BR192 1085kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE EVA - Do The Locomotion BR192 1193kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE EVA - Don't Say Nothin' Bout My Baby BR192 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE PEGGY MARCH - I Will Follow Him BR128 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE RICHARD - Keep A Knock'n 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
LITTLE RICHARD - Long Tall Sally 1044kb dbAMP64.wma
LLOYD PRICE - I'm Gonna Get Married BR160 1135kb dbAMP64.wma
LLOYD PRICE - Personality BR192 1237kb dbAMP64.wma
LLOYD PRICE - Stagger Lee 1235kb dbAMP64.wma
LLOYD PRICE - You Got What It Takes BR128 1279 dbAMP64.wma
LOGGINS & MESSINA - Your Mama Don't BR160 1337kb dbAMP64.wma
LONNIE MACK - Memphis 1187kb dbAMP64.wma
LOOKING GLASS - Brandy BR320 1493kb dbAMP64.wma
LOS BRAVOS - Black Is Black 1429kb dbAMP64.wma
LOS BRAVOS - Black Is Black REMIX BR128 2684kb dbAmp64.wma
LOS DEL RIO - Macarena (Female Singer) 1866kb dbAMP64.wma
LOS DEL RIO - Macarena (Reverb) 2441kb dbAMP64 .wma
LOU CHRISTIE - Lightning Strikes Twice 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
LOU CHRISTIE - Two Faces Have I BR256 1334kb dbAMP64.wma
LOUIS PRIMA & KEELY SMITH - Old Black Magic 1426kb dbAMP64.wma
LOVIN SPOONFUL @ Daydream BR128 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma
LOVIN SPOONFUL - Summer In The City BR320 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
LYNN ANDERSON - Rose Garden BR320 1399kb dbAMP64.wma

MADONNA - Beautiful Stranger BR360 2076kb dbAmp64.wma
MADONNA - Borderline 1901kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Cherish 1842kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Crazy For You 1786kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Express Yourself 1933kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - La Isla Bonita 1922kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Like A Prayer 2781kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Like A Virgin 1541kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Material Girl 1848kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Papa Don't Preach 1974kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Rescue Me 2623kb dbAMP64.wma
MADONNA - Vogue 2523kb dbAMP64.wma
MAJOR LANCE @ Um, Um, Um BR128 1.08mb dbAmp64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - California Dreamin' 1288kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - Creeque Alley 1830kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - Dancing In The Street 1822kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - Dedicated To The One I Love 1434kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - Dream A Little Dream Of Me 1540kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - Go Where You Wanna Go 1194kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - I Saw Her Again 1549kb dbAMP64.wma
MAMA'S & PAPA'S - Monday Monday 1657kb dbAMP64.wma
MANFRED MANN - Do Wah Didy BR320 1152kb dbAMP64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - Away In A Manger BR360 1613kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - Carol Of The Bells BR360 1862kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - Deck The Halls BR360 1775kb dbAMP64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - Do You Hear What I Hear BR360 1953kb .wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - Little Drummer Boy BR128 2006kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - O Holy Night BR192 2561kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - Silver Bells BR128 1856kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - The First Noel BR128 1663kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - We Three Kings BR128 1789kb dbAmp64.wma
MANHEIM STEAMROLLER - What Child Is This BR160 1660kb dbAmp64.wma
MAR KEYS - Last Night BR192 1270kb dbAMP64.wma
MARCELS - Blue Moon BR192 1073kb dbAMP64.wma
MARGIE RAYBURN - I'm Available BR128 899kb dbAMP64.wma
MARIANNE FAITHFUL - As Tears Go By BR320 1783kb dbAMP64.wma
MARIANNE FAITHFUL - What Have They Done BR160 1317kb dbAMP64.wma
MARK DINNING @ Teen Angel 1960  BR192 1.22mb dbAmp64.wma 
MARKETTS @ Out Of Limits BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
MAROON5 - Sunday Morning BR320 1950kb dbAMP64.wma
MAROON5 - This Love BR320 2115kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Bali Hai BR128 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Beyond The Reef BR192 1325kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - China Nights BR192 988kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Enchanted Sea BR192 959kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Exotic Percussion BR224 1109kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Hawaiian 48 Wedding Song BR128 1340kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Hawaiian Wedding Song BR128 1325kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Hypnotique BR320 1287kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Incense & Peppermints BR128 2596kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Jungle Drums BR128 1348kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - La Mer Beyond The Sea BR256 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Mondo Exotica Jungle Madness BR128 1528kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - My Little Grass Shack BR192 929kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Pagan Love Song BR128 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Paradise Found BR192 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Port au Prince BR128 1012kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Quiet Village BR320 1751kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Sayonara BR128 1599kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Singing Bamboo BR160 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Stranger In Paradise BR192 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Sukiyaki BR160 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Swamp Fire BR128 1220kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Tahitian Sunset BR160 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Tiki Sampler Chant BR128 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Voodoo Love BR160 2959kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTIN DENNY - Yellow Bird BR128 997kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - El Paso 2241kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - A White Sport Coat BR320 1208kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Ballad Of The Alamo BR128 1774kb dbAmp64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Big Iron BR128 1862kb dbAmp64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Cattle Call BR128 1314kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Devil Woman 1396kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Don't Worry About Me BR128 1587kb dbAmp64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Hanging Tree 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Have Gun, Will Travel BR128 1587kb dbAmp64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS @ Lovesick & Singing The 'Blues'  BR192 2.14mb dbAmp.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Ribbon Of Darkness 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
MARTY ROBBINS - Ruby Anne BR128 971kb dbAmp64.wma
MARV JOHNSON @ You Got What It Takes BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
MARVIN GAYE @ I Heard It Through Grapevine BR128 1.52mb dbAmp64.wma
MARVIN HAMLISCH - Entertainer BR320 1217kb dbAMP64.wma
MARVIN HAMLISCH - The Entertainer (Theme) BR128 1493kb dbAMP64.wma
MARVIN RAINWATER - Gonna Find A Bluebird BR128 1217kb dbAMP64.wma
MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Twist & Shout 1608kb dbAMP64.wma
MARY McGREGOR - Torn Between Two Lovers 1825kb dbAMP64.wma
MARY WELLS - My Guy BR192 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
MAURICE JARRE - Lawrence Of Arabia 2059kb dbAMP64.wma
MAURICE WILLIAMS - Stay BR320 800kb dbAMP64.wma
MAXINE NIGHTENGALE - Right Back Where We Started 1581kb dbAMP64.wma
McGUIRE SISTERS - Sugartime BR160 1249kb dbAMP64.wma
MEL McDANIEL - Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
MEN AT WORK - Land Down Under BR128 1801kb dbAmp64.wma
MEN AT WORK - Who Can It Be Now 1602kb dbAMP64.wma
MEN WITHOUT HATS - Safety Dance 1338kb dbAMP64.wma
MERKAVA IV - VIDEO - IDF MBT Golan Demo Feb 2002 4m31sc BR320.wmv
METALLICA - Star Wars Imperial March 1326kb dbAMP64.wma
MICHAEL BUBLE - What A Wonderful World BR128 2030kb dbAmp64.wma
MICHAEL BUFFER - Let's Get Ready 1848kb dbAMP64.wma
MICHAEL BUFFER - Ready To Rumble (HQ) 229kb dbAMP64.wma
MICHAEL JACKSON - Beat It 2065kb dbAMP64.wma
MICHAEL JACKSON - Billy Jean 2344kb dbAMP64.wma
MICHAEL JACKSON - The Way You Make Me Feel 2370kb dbAMP64.wma
MICHAEL JACKSON - Thriller BR128 2897kb dbAmp64.wma
MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Maniac BR128 1930kb dbAmp64.wma
MICK JAGGER - Just Another Night 2520kb dbAMP64.wma
MICKEY & SYLVIA - Love Is Strange 1426kb dbAMP64.wma
MIKE DOUGLAS - Men In My Little Girl's Life 1473kb dbAMP64.wma
MILLIE SMALL - My Boy Lollipop BR256 950kb dbAMP64.wma
MIRACLES @ Shop Around BR128 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
MITCH MILLER @ Colonel Bogey March BR128 1.12mb dbAmp64.wma
MITCH RYDER - Devil With A Blue Dress On 1473kb dbAMP64.wma
MODERN TALKING - Atlantis Is Calling 1816kb dbAMP64.wma
MODERN TALKING - Brother Louie 1751kb dbAMP64.wma
MODERN TALKING - You Can Win If 1795kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Hank Williams You Wrote My Life BR160 1525kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Hey Joe Hey Moe BR128 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Hittn'´ Close To Home BR128 1510kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Left Holding The Bag BR160 1223kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Roll On Big Mama BR160 1237kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - She's Everybody's Woman BR128 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - She's Not Really Cheatin' BR128 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Too Old To Die Young BR192 1566kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - Up To Now I've Wanted Everything BR192 1358kb dbAMP64.wma
MOE BANDY - We Be Lost But We're Making Good Time 1220kb dbAMP64.wma
MONKEYS - I'm A Believer  1338kb dbAMP64.wma
MONKEYS - I'm Not Your Steppn' Stone  1126kb dbAMP64.wma
MONKEYS @ Little Bit You, Little Bit Me  BR128 1.32mb dbAmp64.wma
MONKEYS - Take The Last Train To Clarksville 1341kb dbAMP64.wma
MONOTONES - The Book Of Love  BR256 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR @ Battle Hymn Republic BR172 2.18mb .wma
MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR @ Patriotic Collection  BR172 4.52mb .wma
America The Beautiful, My Country Tis Of Thee, Star Spangle Banner
MONTE KRISTO - Girl Of Lucifer 2024kb dbAMP64.wma
MR MISTER - Broken Wings  BR128 2742kb dbAmp64.wma
MUFFIN MAN SINGERS @ Do You Know The Muffin Man  BR128 4mb .wma
MUPPETS - It's Not Easy Being Green  BR256 1120kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Kermit, Who Let The Frogs Out  BR192 486kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Kermit's Rubber Ducky  BR128 1147kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Ma-na-ma-na BR128 1088kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Papa Oom Mow Mow BR192 1466kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Show Theme BR320 994kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Swedish Chef Song BR128 369kb dbAMP64.wma
MUPPETS - Who Put Da Lime in Da Coconut BR128 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
MUSIC EXPLOSION @ Little Bit O'Soul BR128 1.10mb dbAmp64.wma
MYSTICS - Hushabye 1220kb dbAMP64.wma

NAKED EYES - There Is Always Something There 1766kb dbAMP64.wma
NANCY SINATRA - These Boots Are Made For Walk'n 1297kb dbAMP64.wma
NANCY & FRANK SINATRA @ Somethin' Stupid BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
NASHVILLE TEENS - Tobacco Road 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
NAT KING COLE - Ballad Of Cat Ballou BR128 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
NAT KING COLE - Ramblin' Rose BR192 1352kb dbAMP64.wma
NAT KING COLE - Red Sails In The Sunset BR160 1584kb dbAMP64.wma
NAT KING COLE @ The Christmas Song  BR128 1.63mb dbAmp64.wma
NAT KING COLE @ Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days BR128 1.36mb dbAmp64.wma
NAT KING COLE - Unforgettable (w Natalie Cole) BR320 1669kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - America 1869kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Back In L.A. 1167kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Beautiful Noise 1637kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Brother's Traveling Salvation 1247kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Canta Libre 2593kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Cherry Cherry 1555kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Cherry Cherry (HAN Concert) 2252kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Cracklin' Rose 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Crunchy Granola Suite 1910kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Crunchy Granola Suite (HAN Concert) 2118kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Desiree 1596kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Dialogue (HAN Concert) 677kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Done Too Soon (HAN Concert) 1607kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Forever In Blue Jeans 1657kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon (HAN Concert) 1.3mb .wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Grass Won't Pay You No Mind (HAN Concert) 2.2mb .wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Heading For The Future 1989kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Heart Light 1942kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Hello Again 1693kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Holly Holy 3071kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Holly Holy (Reverb) 2197kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Hot August Night 1 Concert (ALBUM) BR320 22,mb.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Hot August Night 1 (Fanfare) 1514kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - I Am I Said 2942kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - I Dreamed A Dream 2183kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - If You Know What I Mean 1760kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Longfellow's Serenade 1839kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Love On The Rocks 1531kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Morningside 2661kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Play Me 2268kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Porcupine Pie (HAN Concert) 944kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Prologue Live At The Greek 1972 1507kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Red Red Wine (HAN Concert) 1886kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - September Morn 1907kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Shilo 1637kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Shilo (Hot August Night Concert) 1713kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Soggy Pretzels (HAN Concert) 1616kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Solitary Man 1250kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Solitary Man (HAN Concert) 1545kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Song Of The Whales (Fanfare) 945kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Song Sung Blue 2306kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Soolaimon (Concert Full) 4565kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Sweet Caroline 1822kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Sweet Carolina (HAN Concert) 2021kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Thank The Lord 1634kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND @ Thanks For The Night Time BR128 1.41mb dbAmp64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Trilogy Soolaiman (HAN Concert) 4565kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - Yesterday Songs 1352kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL DIAMOND - You Don't Bring Me Flowers 2253kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL SEDAKA @ Breaking Up Is Hard To Do BR128 1.04mb dbAmp64.wma
NEIL SEDAKA - Let's Go Steady Again BR256 1237kb dbAMP64.wma
NEIL SEDAKA @ Oh, Carol  BR192 1.06mb dbAmp64.wma
NERVOUS NORVUS - Transfusion BR128 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
NEWBEATS @ Bread And Butter BR128 944kb dbAmp64.wma
NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS - Green Green BR192 1032kb dbAMP64.wma
NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS - This Land Is Your Land BR192 1079kb .wma
NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND - Winchester Cathedral BR320 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS - Deep Purple BR128 1290kb dbAMP64.wma
NORAH JONES - Come Away With Me BR256 1572kb dbAMP64.wma
NORAH JONES - Don't Know Why BR320 1490kb dbAMP64.wma
NORMAN GREENBAUM - Spirit In The Sky BR320 1936kb dbAMP64.wma
NURSERY RHYME @ Do You Know The Muffin Man BR128 1500kb dbAmp64.wma

OAKRIDGE BOYS - American Made 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
OAKRIDGE BOYS - Barbie Sue 1393kb dbAMP64.wma
OAKRIDGE BOYS - Elvira 1681kb dbAMP64.wma
OCEAN - Put Your Hand In The Hand BR192 1413kb dbAMP64.wma
OF MONTREAL - Outback Steakhouse Commercial BR224 852kb .wma
OF MONTREAL - Wraith Pinned To The Mist BR360 2032kb dbAmp64.wma
OHIO EXPRESS @ Yummy Yummy Yummy BR128 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma
O'KAYSIONS @ Girl Watcher BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
OLIVER @ Good Morning Starshine BR128 1.69mb dbAmp64.wma
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN @ Have You Been Mellow BR128 1.66mb.wma
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN @ You're The One w Travolta BR172 1.31mb.wma
ORLONS @ South Street BR128 1.04mb dbAmp64.wma
OTIS REDDING @ Sittin On The Dock of The Bay BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
OUTSIDERS @ Time Won't Let Me BR128 1.34mb dbAmp64.wma

PABLO CRUISE - A Place In The Sun BR160 2197kb dbAMP64.wma
PABLO CRUISE - Whatcha Gonna Do BR224 2074kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BENATAR - Heartbreaker BR128 1657kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BENATAR - Love Is A Battlefield BR128 1986kb dbAmp64.wma
PAT BENATAR - Shadows Of The Night BR128 1768kb dbAmp64.wma
PAT BOONE - April Love 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - Don't Forbid Me 1121kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - Exodus (Movie Theme) 1517kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - I Almost Lost My Mind BR160 1243kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - Moody River 1250kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - Oh Bernadine 1065kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - Speedy Gonzales BR128 1211kb dbAMP64.wma
PAT BOONE - Why Baby Why 974kb dbAMP64.wma
PATIENCE & PRUDENCE - Gonna Get Along BR128 918kb dbAMP64.wma
PATIENCE & PRUDENCE - Tonight BR128 891kb dbAMP64.wma
PATRICK HERNANDEZ - Born To Be Alive 1646kb dbAMP64.wma
PATSY CLINE @ Crazy  BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
PATSY CLINE @ Walkn' After Midnight  BR192 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
PATTIE PAGE - Tennessee Waltz BR192 1446kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL ANKA - Diana BR320 1117kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL ANKA - Lonely Boy 1238kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL ANKA @ Put Your Head On My Shoulder BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
PAUL ANKA @ You Are My Destiny BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
PAUL EVANS @ Happy Go Lucky Me BR128 922kb dbAmp64.wma
PAUL EVANS - Seven Little Girls Sitting BR128 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL McCARTNY - Band On The Run 2499kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL McCARTNY - Listen To What The Man Says 1877kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL McCARTNY - Say Say Say 1833kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL McCARTNY - Silly Love Song 2834kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL MURIAT - Love Is Blue 1250kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS @ Just Like Me BR128 1.08mb.wma
PAUL SIMON - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover 1760kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON - Graceland 2317kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON - Kodachrome 1684kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON - Loves Me Like A Rock BR128 1748kb dbAmp64.wma
PAUL SIMON - You Can Call Me Al BR192 2220kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Bridge Over 2315kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Cecilia MAXED360 1375kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Condor Pasa 1487kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Homeward Bound 1300kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - I Am A Rock 1364kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Mrs Robinson 1833kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Scarborough Fair 1499kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - The Boxer 2449kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Sounds Of Silence 1473kb dbAMP64.wma
PAUL SIMON & GUNFUNKEL - 59th St Bridge Song 888kb dbAMP64.wma
PAULA ABDOUL - Forever Your Girl 2394kb dbAMP64.wma
PAULA ABDOUL - Opposites Attract 3242kb dbAMP64.wma
PEABO BRYSON & ROBERTA FLACK - Tonight 1696kb dbAMP64.wma
PEGGY LEE @ Man'yana BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
PERCY FAITH - A Summer Place (Theme) BR320 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
PERCY SLEDGE @ When A Man Loves A Woman BR128 1.36mb dbAmp64.wma
PERRY COMO - Catch A Falling Star BR320 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
PERRY COMO - Don't Let The Stars BR320 1287kb dbAMP64.wma
PERRY COMO - Papa Loves Mambo BR256 1299kb dbAMP64.wma
PERRY COMO - Round And Round BR128 1240kb dbAMP64.wma
PERRY COMO - What Will Delaware Wear BR320 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
PETE FOUNTAIN - Basin St Blues (w HIRT) BR128 2423kb dbAMP64.wma
PETE FOUNTAIN - Just A Closer Walk BR128 1642kb dbAMP64.wma
PETE FOUNTAIN - Louisiana Hay Ride (w HIRT) BR128 1249kb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY - Blowin' In the Wind BR128 1449kb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY - If I Had A Hammer BR128 1062kb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY - Leaving On A Jet Plane BR128 1699kb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY - Lemon Tree BR128 1434kb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY - Puff The Magic Dragon BR128 1678kb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY @ Rock & Roll Music BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
PETER PAUL & MARY - Where Have All The Flowers BR128 1909kb .wma
PETER GABRIEL - Sledgehammer 2359kb dbAMP64.wma
PETULA CLARK @ Downtown BR128 1.43mb dbAmp64.wma
PETULA CLARK @ My Love BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
PHIL COLLINS - I Can't Dance BR320 1889kb dbAMP64.wma
PHIL COLLINS @ In The Air Tonight BR128 2.27mb dbAmp64.wma
PHIL COLLINS - Land Of Confusion 2282kb dbAMP64.wma
PHIL HARRIS - The Thing BR128 1094kb dbAMP64.wma
PHIL PHILLIPS - Sea Of Love 1141kb dbAMP64.wma
PLANET BASS - Axel F BR128 1449kb dbAmp64.wma
PLAYMATES - Beep Beep BR128 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
POINTER SISTERS @ Fire BR128 1.64mb dbAmp64.wma
POINTER SISTERS - Jump 1936kb dbAMP64.wma
POINTER SISTERS - Neutron Dance 2681kb dbAMP64.wma
POLICE - DeDoDoDo DeDaDaDa BR128 1959kb dbAmp64.wma
POLICE - Every Breath You Take 2033kb dbAMP64.wma
PONYTAILS - Born Too Late BR128 1111kb dbAMP64.wma
POWER POINT VIEWER - Download Viewer
PRESTON EBBS - Bongo Rock 1038kb dbAMP64.wma
PRETENDERS - Angel Of The Morning BR128 1959kb dbAmp64.wma
PRETENDERS - Back On The Chain Gang BR128 1848kb dbAmp64.wma
PRETENDERS - Brass In Pocket BR128 1481kb dbAmp64.wma
PREZ PRADO - Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White 1393kb dbAMP64,wma
PREZ PRADO - Patricia 1150kb dbAMP64.wma
PRINCE - Kiss BR320 1795kb dbAMP64.wma
PROCLAIMERS - I Would Walk 500 Miles 1728kb dbAMP64.wma
PYRAMIDS - Penetration 953kb dbAMP64.wma

QUARTERFLASH - Harden My Heart BR128 1818db dbAmp64.wma
QUEEN - Crazy Thing Called Love 1314kb dbAMP64,wma
? MARK & THE MYSTERIANS - 96 Tears BR160 4379kb dbAMP64.wma

R B GREAVES @ Take A Letter Maria BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
RADIORAMA - Yetti 1716kb dbAMP64.wma
RALPH MARTENE @ Skokiaan BR128 1.32mb dbAmp64.wma
RAM JAM - Black Betty 1748kb dbAMP64.wma
RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO - The In Crowd BR128 1543kb dbAmp.wma
RANDY & THE RAINBOWS @ Denise  BR192 1.0mb dbAmp64.wma 
RASCALS @ Groovin' BR28 1.16mb dbAmp64.wma
RASCALS @ People Got To Be Free BR128 1.62mb dbAmp64.wma 
RAY ANTHONY @ Dragnet (TV Theme) BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
RAY CHARLES - America The Beautiful BR320 2552kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY CHARLES @ Busted BR128 1.02mb dbAmp64.wma
RAY CHARLES - God Bless USA (w Lee Greenwood) BR320 2484kb.wma
RAY CHARLES - Georgia On My Mind BR320 1766kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY CHARLES - Go Down Moses BR160 1751kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY CHARLES - Hit The Road Jack BR320 973kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY CHARLES - I Can't Stop Loving You BR320 2041kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY CHARLES - What'd I Say BR320 2437kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY CONNIFF @ Somewhere My Love  BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
RAY PARKER @ Ghost Busters movie theme  BR128 1.8mb dbAmp64.wma
RAY PETERSON - Corina Corina BR160 1287kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY PETERSON @ Tell Laura I Love Her  BR192 1.36mb dbAmp64.wma
RAY PRICE - Heartaches By The Number BR256 1431kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY PRICE - Put Your Sweet Lips Closer BR128 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY SHARPE - Linda Lu BR128 1023kb dbAMP64.wma
RAY STEVENS @ Gitarzan BR128 1.49mb dbAmp64.wma
REBBA MCINTIRE - Fancy 2370kb dbAMP64.wma
RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS - Higher Ground a.s. 1602kb dbAMP64.wma
REGENTS - Barbara Ann BR224 1152kb dbAMP64.wma
RICHARD MARX - Now And Forever 1687kb dbAMP64.wma
RICK DEES - Disco Duck BR192 1554kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY MARTIN - Living Lavida Loca 1942kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY MARTIN - She Bangs 1927kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Be Bop Baby BR320 997kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Believe What You Say BR320 999kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Garden Party BR320 1898kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Gypsy Woman BR320 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Hello Mary Lou BR320 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - I'm Walkin' BR320 815kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - It's Late 965kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Listen To The Rhythm BR320 1217kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Poor Little Fool BR320 1199kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Stood Up BR320 899kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Traveling Man BR320 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
RICKY NELSON @ Waitin' In School BR128 982kb dbAmp64.wma
RICKY NELSON - Where Can My Baby Be BR128 1158kb dbAMP64.wma
RICOCHET - I Can't Dance BR128 1563kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHT SAID FRED - Too Sexy 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - American Rock & Roll 1798kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Ebb Tide BR160 1369kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Justine BR256 1073kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Little Latin Lupe Lu BR320 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Loving Feeling BR320 1786kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - My Babe 1514kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Soul & Inspiration 1637kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Time Of My Life (w J Warnes) 2315kb dbAMP64.wma
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Unchained Melody BR320 1754kb dbAMP64.wma
RITCHIE VALENS - C'mon Let's Go 994kb dbAMP64.wma
RITCHIE VALENS - La Bamba 1003kb dbAMP64.wma
RIVIERAS - California Sun BR192 1144kb dbAMP64.wma
ROBERT PALMER - Addicted To Love 1957kb dbAMP64.wma
ROBERT PALMER - Bad Case Of Lovn' You 1528kb dbAMP64.wma
ROBERT PALMER - Simply Irresistible 2024kb dbAMP64.wma
ROBERT PARKER @ Barefootin' BR128 1.19mb dbAmp64.wma
ROBERTA FLACK - Killing Me Softly 2291kb dbAMP64.wma
ROCK A TEENS - Woo Hoo 1009kb dbAMP64.wma
ROCK'N REBELS - Wild Weekend BR192 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
ROD STEWART - Baby Jane 2256kb dbAMP64.wma
ROD STEWART - Do You Think I'm Sexy 2608kb dbAMP64.wma
ROD STEWART - Forever Young 1936kb dbAMP64.wma
ROD STEWART @ Hot Legs  BR128 1.96mb dbAmp64.wma
ROGER MILLER @ Chug-A-Lug BR128 970kb dbAmp64.wma
ROGER MILLER - Dang Me BR320 888kb dbAMP64.wma
ROGER MILLER - King Of The Road BR320 1167kb dbAMP64.wma
ROGER WILLIAMS @ Autumn Leaves  BR128 1.38mb dbAmp64.wma
ROGER WILLIAMS @ Born Free  BR128 1.20mb dbAmp64.wma
ROGER MILLER - Running Bear BR320 1258kb dbAMP64.wma
ROGER WHITTAKER - Last Farewell 1760kb dbAMP64.wma
ROLLING STONES - Gloria 1267kb dbAMP64.wma
ROLLING STONES @ Jumpin' Jack Flash BR128 1.71mb dbAmp64.wma
ROLLING STONES @ Paint It, Black BR128 1.56mb dbAmp64.wma
ROLLING STONES - Satisfaction 1822db dbAMP64.wma
ROLLING STONES - The Last Time 1757kb dbAMP64.wma
ROLLS ROYCE - Car Wash (Theme) 1593kb dbAMP64.wma
ROMANTICS - What I Like About You 1432kb dbAMP64.wma
RONNIE HAWKINS - Forty Days BR128 1722kb dbAMP64.wma
RONNY & DAYTONAS - Little GTO BR128 1211kb dbAMP64.wma
ROOFTOP SINGERS - I've Got A Cat BR128 999kb dbAMP64.wma
ROOFTOP SINGERS - Walk Right In BR128 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
ROSIE CLOONEY - Come On A My House BR320 973kb dbAMP64.wma
ROSIE CLOONEY - This Ole House (1982) BR192 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
ROSIE CLOONEY - This Ole House (1954) BR060 45rpm 1155kb dbAMP64.wma
ROUTERS - Let's Go BR128 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
ROXETTE - It Must Have Been Love BR128 2074kb dbAmp64.wma
ROY HAMILTON - Don't Let Go BR256 1179kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY HAMILTON - You Can Have Her BR128 1276kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY HEAD @ Treat Her Right BR128 992mb dbAmp64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Blue Angel 1370kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Blue Bayou 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Candy Man 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Crying 1332kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Dream Baby 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Falling 1150kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - I'm Hurtin' 1340kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - In Dreams 1355kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - It's Over 1346kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Leah 1285kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Mean Woman Blues 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Oh Pretty Woman 1411kb Cassette dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Only The Lonely 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Pretty Paper 1332kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Running Scared 1071kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Shadaroba 1291kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Sweet Dreams 1836kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - The Crowd 1150kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Uptown 1024kb dbAMP64.wma
ROY ORBISON - Working For The Man 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
ROYAL GUARDSMEN - Snoopy Vs Red Baron (1) 1320kb dbAMP64.wma
ROYAL GUARDSMEN - Snoopy's Christmas (3) 1505kb dbAMP64.wma
ROYAL GUARDSMEN - Return Of Red Baron (2) 1373kb dbAMP64.wma
ROYAL TEENS - Drivin' Guitars BR128 1050kb dbAMP64.wma
ROYAL TEENS - Short Shorts BR192 1246kb dbAMP64.wma
ROYALTONES - Poor Boy 1123kb dbAMP64.wma
RUBY & THE ROMANTICS @ Our Day Will Come BR128 1.19mb dbAmp64.wma
RUSS HAMILTON - Rainbow BR128 1311kb dbAMP64.wma
RUSTY DRAPER - Freight Train BR192 1094kb dbAMP64.wma
RUSTY DRAPER - Middle Of The House BR128 953kb dbAMP64.wma

SADE - Smooth Operator 2373kb dbAMP64.wma
SAILOR @ Girls Girls Girls BR128 1.41mb dbAmp64.wma
SAM COOKE - Cupid BR256 2558kb dbAMP64.wma
SAM COOKE - What A Wonderful World BR320 999kb dbAMP64.wma
SAM COOKE - Working On The Chain Gang BR320 1229kb dbAMP64.wma
SAM THE SHAM @ Wooly Bully BR128 1144kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDALS  @  Theme fr movie Endless Summer  BR128 db2mb.wma 
SANDY NELSON - Drumm'n Up A Storm 810kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Drums A Go Go 1197kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Drums Are My Beat 1003kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Let There Be Drums 1385kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Let There Be Drums II 1085kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Lonesome Drums 854kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Quite A Beat 851kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Teen Beat 1258kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - The Stripper 994kb dbAMP64.wma
SANDY NELSON - Willie & The Hand Jive 1041kb dbAMP64.wma
SANTANA - Black Magic Woman BR320 2558kb dbAMP64.wma
SANTO & JOHNNY - Sleep Walk 1153db dbAMP64.wma
SARAH VAUGHN - Broken Hearted Melody 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
SCOTT McKENZIE - Going To San Francisco 1449kb dbAMP64.wma
SEARCHERS - Don't Throw Your Love BR192 1082kb dbAMP64.wma
SEARCHERS - Love Potion Number Nine BR320 997kb dbAMP64.wma
SEARCHERS - Needles & Pins BR320 1064kb dbAMP64.wma
SEARCHERS - Some Other Guy BR128 1017kb dbAMP64.wma
SEARCHERS - Sweets For My Sweet BR128 1182kb dbAMP64.wma
SECRETS - The Boy Next Door BR128 971kb dbAMP64.wma
SEEKERS @ Georgy Girl BR128 1.07mb dbAmp64.wma
SEEKERS @ I'll Never Find Another You BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
SENSATIONS - Born To Love You BR192 1560kb dbAMP64.wma
SENSATIONS - I'll Never Fall In Love BR320 1097kb dbAMP64.wma
SENSATIONS - Let Me In BR192 1475kb dbAMP64.wma
SERENDIPITY SINGERS - Don't Let The Rain 1335kb dbAMP64.wma
SERGIO MENDES & BRAZIL '66 - Bossa Nova BR160 1536kb dbAMP64.wma
SERGIO MENDES & BRAZIL '66 - Fool On The Hill BR160 1460kb dbAMP64.wma
SERGIO MENDES & BRAZIL '66 - Look Of Love BR256 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
SERGIO MENDES & BRAZIL '66 - Mas Que Nada BR320 1273kb dbAMP64.wma
SERGIO MENDES & BRAZIL '66 - Sambinha BR160 1519kb dbAMP64.wma
SHA NA NA @ Born to Hand Jive BR128 2.16mb dbAmp64.wma
SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT @ Gloria BR128 1.20mb dbAmp64.wma
SHALIMAR - Dancing In The Streets 1939kb dbAMP64.wma
SHEB WOOLEY - Harper Valley PTA Later BR128 1543kb dbAMP64.wma
SHEB WOOLEY - Purple People Eater BR256 1073kb dbAMP64.wma
SHEB WOOLEY - Shakey Breaky Car BR64 1416kb dbAMP64.wma
SHEB WOOLEY - Witch Doctor BR128 1099kb dbAMP64.wma
SHEP & THE LIMELIGHTS @ Daddy's Home BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
SHELLEY FABARES - Johnny Angel BR192 1158kb dbAMP64.wma
SHIRELLES @ Dedicated To The One I Love BR128 980kb dbAmp64.wma
SHIRELLES @ One Fine Day BR128 1.01mb dbAmp64.wma
SHIRELLES - Soldier Boy 1270kb dbAMP64.wma
SHIRELLES @ Will You Love Me Tomorrow BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
SHIRLEY BASSEY @ Goldfinger BR128 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
SHIRLEY ELLIS @ Clapping Song  BR128 1.4mb dbAmp64.wma
SHIRLEY ELLIS - The Name Game BR320 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
SHOCKING BLUE - Venus 1502kb dAMP64.wma
SHOWADDYWADDY - Pretty Little Angel BR320 1317kb dbAMP64.wma
SILHOUETTES - Get A Job 1323kb dbAMP64.wma
SILVER CONVENTION - Fly, Robin Fly BR128 3643kb dbAMP64.wma
SILVER CONVENTION - Get Up & Boogie BR128 1890kb dbAMP64.wma
SINGING NUN - Dominique BR128 1422kb dbAMP64.wma
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET @ Mendocino BR128 1.25mb dbAmp64.wma
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - She's About A Mover BR128 1147kb dbAmp64.wma
SKEETER DAVIS @ The End Of The World BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
SLIM HARPO @ Baby Scratch My Back BR128 1.34mb dbAmp64.wma
SLY & FAMILY STONE - Dance To The Music 1440kb dbAMP64.wma
SLY & FAMILY STONE - Everyday People BR256 1138kb dbAMP64.wma
SNAP - I Got The Power BR320 2728kb dbAMP64.wma
SOFT CELL - Tainted Love BR320 1287kb dbAMP6.wma
SONNY & CHER @ Baby Don't Go BR128 1.48mb dbAmp64.wma
SONNY & CHER @ I Got You Babe BR128 1.49mb dbAmp64.wma
SONNY JAMES - Apache BR128 1314kb dbAMP64.wma
SONNY JAMES - Born To Be With You BR160 1240kb dbAMP64.wma
SONNY JAMES - Little Band Of Gold BR128 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
SONNY JAMES - Young Love BR320 1220kb dbAMP64.wma
SPAGNA - Easy Lady 1502kb dbAMP64.wma
SPAGNA - Under My Skin 1690kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - BeSaMe 2.16 min BR360 2177kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Caravan 7.59 min BR360 7540kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Dimond Head 4.45 BR360 4506kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Do You 2.05 min BR360 2720kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Intro 4.58 min BR360 4716kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Mister Moto 2.39 min 2125kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Jumba Laya 2.14 min 2813kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - 9th Wave 2.13 min 2381kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - My Bonnie 2.23 min 2154kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Nutty 2.30 min 2393kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - No Trespassing 2.13 min 2288kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Secret Agent Man 3.04 min 2924kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Rap City 2.29 min 2125kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - The McCoy 2.18 min 2201kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Walk Don't Run '64 3.21 min 3187kb dbAMP64.wma
Special VENTURES Concert - Yosirai No Hoshi 2.09 min 2066kb dbAMP64.wma
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - So Glad We Made It 1443kb dbAMP64.wma
SPINNERS - Rubber Band Man 1725kb dbAMP64.wma
STAN GETZ & CHARLIE BYRD @ One Note Samba  BR128 2.88mb dbAmp64.wma
STANDELLS @ Dirty Water BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
STAMPEDERS - Sweet City Woman 1669kb dbAMP64.wma
STAR TREK - Lost Gay Episode? 1211kb dbAMP64.wma
STATLER BROTHERS - Flowers On The Wall 1153kb dbAMP64.wma
STEAM - Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye 1962kb dbAMP64.wma
STEPPENWOLF @ Magic Carpet Ride BR128 2.07mb dbAmp64.wma
STEVE LAWRENCE @ Footsteps BR128 1.02mb dbAmp64.wma
STEVE MILLER BAND - Abracadabra BR320 2440kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVE MILLER BAND - Fly Like An Eagle BR320 2250kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVE MILLER BAND - Jet Airliner BR320 1713kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVE MILLER BAND - Keep On Rocking Me BR320 1499kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVE MILLER BAND - Magic Carpet Ride BR160 2065kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVE MILLER BAND - The Joker BR320 2094kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVIE NICKS - Edge Of Seventeen BR128 2602kb dbAmp64.wma
STEVIE NICKS - Stand Back 2367kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVE PERRY @ Oh Sherrie BR128 1.17mb dbAmp64.wma
STEVIE WONDER - Ebony & Ivory (w McCARTNEY) BR320 1771kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVIE WONDER - I Just Called To Say I Love You BR320 2085kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVIE WONDER - Isn't She Lovely BR320 3136kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVIE WONDER - Part Time Lover 2004kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVIE WONDER - Superstition BR320 1898kb dbAMP64.wma
STEVIE WONDER - You And I BR320 2214kb dbAMP64.wma
STONEWALL JACKSON - Waterloo BR160 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
STRAWBERRY ALARM @ Incense & Peppermints BR128 1.30mb dbAmp64.wma
STRAY CATS - I Fought The Law 1361kb dbAMP64.wma
STRAY CATS - Rock This Town 1663kb dbAMP64.wma
STRAY CATS - Stray Cat Strut 1581kb dbAMP64.wma
STRAY CATS - Ubangi Stomp 1552kb dbAMP64.wma
STRING A LONGS - Never On Sunday BR160 1147kb dbAMP64.wma
STRING A LONGS - Wheels BR256 950kb dbAMP64.wma
STYX - Mister Roboto (clear) BR360 26071kb dbAmp64.wma
SUE THOMPSON - James Hold The Ladder BR128 1032kb dbAMP64.wma
SUE THOMPSON - Norman BR256 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
SUE THOMPSON - Paper Tiger BR320 1191kb dbAMP64.wma
SUE THOMPSON @ Sad Movies BR320 1.75mb dbAMP64.wma
SUE THOMPSON - Two Of A Kind BR320 1361kb dbAMP64.wma
SUGARLOAF - Green Eyed Lady 1760kb dbAMP64.wma
SUPER JUMBO - Itty Bitty Twister BR192 4280kb dbAMP64.wma
SUPREMES @ Stop In The Name Of Love BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
SUPREMES @ You Can't Hurry Love BR128 1.31mb dbAmp64.wma
SURFARIS - Wipe Out 1261kb dbAMP64.wma
SURFARIS - Image Of A Girl BR128 1240kb dbAMP64.wma
SURVIVOR - Eye Of The Tiger 1962kb dbAMP64.wma
SUZI QUANTRO @ Cant The Can BR128 1.66mb dbAmp64.wma
SWEET @ Co-Co BR128 1.49mb dbAmp64.wma
SYLVESTER - Disco Heat 1980kb dbAMP64.wma
SYLVESTER - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real 1786kb dbAMP64.wma

T BONES - No Matter What Shape (TV Ad) 1132kb dbAMP64.wma
T REX - Get It On BR360 DT-TV 2186kb dbAmp64.wma
TAB HUNTER @ Young Love BR128 1.07mb dbAmp64.wma
TALKING HEADS @ Life During Wartime  BR128 6.25mb dbAmp64.wma
TALKING HEADS @ This Must Be The Place  BR128 2.34mb dbAmp64.wma
TALKING HEADS @ What A Day That Was  BR128 dbAmp64.wma
TAMMY WYNETTE @ D.I.V.O.R.C.E.  BR192 1.40mb dbAmp64.wma 
TEARS FOR FEARS - Everybody Wants To Rule 1987kb dbAMP64.wma
TEARS FOR FEARS - Shout BR320 3112kb dbAMP64.wma
TEMPTATIONS @ My Girl BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
TEMPTATIONS - What A Night 1716kb dbAMP64.wma
TENNESSEE ERNIE @ Ballad Of Davey Crockett BR128 1.33mb dbAmp64.wma
TENNESSEE ERNIE - Sixteen Tons BR256 1276kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Old Fashioned Girl BR192 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - By The Light BR192 1281kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Dark Moon BR160 1320kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Ma, He's Making Eyes BR192 1017kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Mocking Bird Hill BR128 1170kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Music Music Music BR160 1390kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Ricochet Romance BR128 1293kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Stupid Cupid BR128 1085kb dbAMP64.wma
TERESA BREWER - Hawaiian Wedding Song BR192 1340kb dbAMP64.wma
TERRY GILKYSON - Marianne BR160 1149kb dbAMP64.wma
TERRY STAFFORD - Suspicion 1217kb dbAMP64.wma
TEX BENEKE  @  Hey BaBa ReBop BR128 1.41mb dbAmp64.wma
THELMA HOUSTON - Don't Leave Me This Way 1728kb dbAMP64.wma
Boogie Woogie - VIDEO BR340 dbAmp64.wmv
THIS IS DANCING  @  Lets Dance - VIDEO BR128 28mb dbAmp64.wmv

THOMPSON TWINS - Hold Me Now 2253kb dbAMP64.wma
THOMPSON TWINS - King For A Day BR128 2549kb dbAmp64.wma
THREE DOG NIGHT - Joy To The World 1713kb dbAMP64.wma
THREE DOG NIGHT - Sin A Man 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
THURSTON HARRIS - Little Bitty Pretty One BR160 1152kb dbAMP64.wma
TIFFANY - I Think We're Alone Now 1807kb dbAMP64.wma
TIMI YURO @ Hurt BR128 1.15mb dbAmp64.wma
TINA TURNER - Better Be Good To Me BR320 1754kb dbAMP64.wma
TINA TURNER - Disco Inferno BR200 1942kb dbAMP64.wma
TINA TURNER - Hot Legs (w T Jones) BR128 1279kb dbAMP64.wma
TINA TURNER - It's Only Rock & Roll (w Jagger) BR128 2499kb dbAMP64.wma
TINA TURNER - Proud Mary BR320 2338kb dbAMP64.wma
TINA TURNER - River Deep & Mt High BR320 1727kb dbAMP64.wma
TINA TURNER - What's Love Got to Do With It BR320 1824kb dbAMP64.wma
TODD RUNDGREN - Bang The Drum All The Day 1728kb dbAMP64.wma
TOKENS @ The Lion Sleeps Tonight BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
TOM JONES - Delilah BR320 1601kb dbAMP64.wma
TOM JONES - Green Grass Of Home 1481kb dbAMP64.wma
TOM T HALL - Dolly Parton's Things BR128 927kb dbAMP64.wma
TOM T HALL - Faster Horses BR192 1352kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY BOYCE @ What She's Doing Tonight BR128 1.27mb dbAmp64.wma
TOMMY CASH - Silver Haired Daddy BR160 1355kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY CASH - Six White Horses BR192 1325kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY EDWARDS @ It's All In The Game BR128 1.23mb dbAmp64.wma
TOMMY JAMES & SHONDELLS - Dragg'n The Line 1329kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY JAMES & SHONDELLS - Hanky Panky 1405kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY JAMES & SHONDELLS @ Mony Mony BR128 1.34mb dbAmp64.wma
TOMMY JAMES & SHONDELLS @ We're Alone Now BR128 1.12mb .wma
TOMMY ROE - Everybody 877kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY ROE - Seasons In The Sun BR192 1675kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY ROE - Shelia 994kb dbAMP64.wma
TOMMY ROE - Sweet Pea BR192 1059kb dbAMP64.wma
TONY BENNETT - Fly Me To The Moon 1907kb dbAMP64.wma
TONY BENNETT - I Left My Heart BR320 1378kb dbAMP64.wma
TONY BENNETT - In The Middle Of An Island BR192 1026kb dbAMP64.wma
TONY JOE WHITE @ Polk Salad Annie BR128 1.72mb dbAmp64.wma
TONY ORLANDO & DAWN - Candida 1502kb dbAMP64.wma
TONY ORLANDO & DAWN - Knock 3 Times 1426kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - BERLIN - Take My Breath Away 2001kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - CHEAP TRICK - Mighty Wings 1828kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - Destination Unknown 1795kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - Heaven In Your Eyes 1930kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - Danger Zone 1701kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - Hot Summer Nights 1728kb dbAMP64.wma
TOP GUN MOVIE - Opening Sequence 1983kb dbAMP64.wma
TOTO - Roseanna BR128 2634kb dbAmp64.wma
TOYS - A Lover's Question 1305kb dbAMP64.wma
TRAMPS - Disco Inferno 2147kb dbAMP64.wma
TRAVIS & BOB - Tell Him No BR128 1035kb dbAMP64.wma
TRAVIS TRITT - T.R.O.U.B.L.E. BR320 1437kb dbAMP64.wma
TRIUMPH - Little Boy Blues B256 1719kb dbAMP64.wma
TROGGS - Wild Thing 1264kb dbAMP64.wma
TURTLES @ Happy Together BR128 1.35mb dbAmp64.wma
TV - PRATT & McCLAIN - Happy Days (Theme) BR128 1255kb dbAMP64.wma
TV - JOEY SCARBURY - Greatest American Hero BR192 1551kb dbAMP64.wma

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 2206kb dbAMP64.wma
U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday BR320 2247kb dbAMP64.wma
U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name 2681kb dbAMP64.wma
U2 - With Or Without You BR320 2320kb dbAMP64.wma
UNKNOWN SINGER - Hot Rod Lincoln BR128 1296kb dbAMP64.wma

VAN HALEN @ Jump 1984  BR128 1.87mb dbAmp64.wma
VANGELIS - Blade Runner Movie Sequence 1775kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - Chariots Of Fire 1678kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - Chariots Of Fire (Air Show) 1839kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - Chung Kuo 2625kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - End Titles (Blade Runner Theme) 2367kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - Hymn 1329kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - L'Enfant 2394kb dbAMP64.wma
VANGELIS - Antarctica (Theme) 1860kb dbAMP64.wma
VANITY FARE - Hitch'n A Ride 1399kb dbAMP64.wma
VAUGHN MONROE - Ghost Riders In The Sky 1420kb dBAmp64.wma
VAUGHN MONROE @ Sound Off CLASSIC BR128 1.28mb dbAmp64.wma
VAUGHN MONROE - They Call The Wind Mariah 1373kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Apache 1543kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Black Is Black BR320 1372kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Casino Royale BR128 1240kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - CCR Medley BR128 1281kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White BR160 1173kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Diamond Head 999kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Ghost Riders In The Sky BR256 1188kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Green Onions BR320 1061kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES @ Guitar Boogie Shuffle BR128 1.19mb dbAmp64.wma
VENTURES - Hawaii Five Oh BR320 912kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - House Of The Rising Sun BR320 1566kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Linda Lu (w B Vee) BR320 1296kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Penetration 1041kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Percolator BR160 1061kib dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Pipeline BR320 1126kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Secret Agent Man BR192 1059kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Spanish Armada (w D Eddy) BR160 1249kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Telstar BR128 2460kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Time Is Tight BR160 1774kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES @ Wailn (2012 performance)  BR128 1.0mb dbAmp64.wma
VENTURES - Walk, Don't Run 997kb dbAMP64.wma
VENTURES - Wipeout 48 BR128 1292kb dbAMP64.wma
VILLAGE PEOPLE - Can't Stop The Music BR192 1722kb dbAMP64.wma
VILLAGE PEOPLE - Navy, YMCA, Macho Man BR128 3391kb dbAMP64.wma
VILLAGE PEOPLE - Macho Man BR320 2493kb dbAMP64.wma
VILLAGE PEOPLE - YMCA BR320 2373kb dbAMP64.wma
VILLAGE STOMPERS - Washington Square BR128 1314kb dbAMP64.wma
VINCE GILL - Little Liza Jane BR128 1384kb dbAMP64.wma
VIRTUES - Guitar Boogie Shuffle 1267kb dbAMP64.wma
VISCOUNTS - Harlem Nocturne 1129kb dbAMP64.wma
VOGUES - Five O'clock World BR192 1017kb dbAMP64.wma

WALTER MURPHY - A Fifth Of Beethoven BR160 1472kb dbAMP64.wma
WANDA JACKSON - Let's Have A Party BR256 1026kb dbAMP64.wma
WANDA JACKSON - There's A Party Goin' On BR192 982kb dbAMP64.wma
WANG CHUNG - Everybody Have Fun 2291 dbAMP64.wma
WAR @ Low Rider  BR128 1.73mb dbAmp64.wma
WAY OUT WEST @ I Love My Car  BR172 1.5mb dbAmp64.wma 
WAY OUT WEST @ My 1st Chevy (commercial)  BR128 1mb dbAmp64.wma
WAY OUT WEST @ The Way Out West Song (Remix)  BR172 1.5mb .wma
WAYLON JENNINGS @ Only Daddy Walk The Line  BR192 1.09mb dbAmp64.wma 
WAYNE NEWTON @ Danke Schoen  BR128 1.20mb dbAmp64.wma
WE FIVE - You Were On My Mind 1273kb dbAMP64.wma
WEAVERS @ On Top Of Old Smokey BR128 1.26mb dbAmp64.wma
WEBB PIERCE @ I Ain't Never  BR192 1.0mb dbAmp64.wma
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - Star Wars Saga BR160 2610kb dbAMP64.wma
WHAM - Jitterbug BR128 1777kb dbAmp64.wma
WHAM @ Last Christmas  BR128 2.16mb dbAmp64.wma 
WHITNEY HOUSTON @ I Wanna Dance With Somebody  BR128 2.31mb .wma
WHITNEY HOUSTON @ I Will Always Love You fr Movie  BR128 2.12mb .wma
WHITNEY HOUSTON @ Nation Anthem Super Bowl 25  BR128 1.4mb .wma 
WHO @ I Can See For Miles BR128 1.90mb dbAmp64.wma
WILBUR HARRISON - Kansas City 1206kb dbAMP64.wma
WILLIE NELSON @ Frosty The Snowman  BR128 1.77mb dbAmp64.wma
WILLIE NELSON - On The Road Again BR320 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
WILLIE NELSON - Seven Spanish Angels BR320 1868kb dbAMP64.wma
WILLIE NELSON - Mamas Don't Let Your BR320 1226kb dbAMP64.wma
WILSON PICKETT - Land Of 1000 Dances BR128 1193kb dbAMP64.wma

No "X's" Yet

YAZ - Goodbye 70's 1258kb dbAMP64.wma
YAZ - Move Out 2760kb dbAMP64.wma
YELLO - Oh Yeah (Ferris Bueller Theme) 360BR 1425kb dbAMP64.wma
YES - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 2133kb dbAMP64.wma
YOUNGBLOODS @ Get Together BR128 2.16mb dbAmp64.wma
YVONNE ELLIMAN - If I Can't Have You BR162 1402kb dbAMP64.wma

ZAGER & EVANS - In The Year 2525 1616kb dbAMP64.wma
ZOMBIES @ Time Of The Season BR128 1.66mb dbAmp64.wma
ZZ This Position Will Play Non Stop All Tunes Randomly (Optional Selection)
ZZ TOP - Gimme All Your Lovin' 1898kb dbAMP64.wma
ZZ TOP - Legs 2156kb dbAMP64.wma
ZZ TOP - Sleeping Bag 1927kb dbAMP64.wma

                            !! CELINE @ Armed Forces Tribute Slide Show:
A Twenty (20)        
                         second video clip of a USMC prototype Stealth F35B vertical
                         take off fighter. There existed only 2 at the time, the other can be
                         seen on the aircraft carrier deck background. You see, computers
                         have absolutely NO FEAR what-so-ever and this great American
                         produced plane when faced with certain pilot death & destruction
                         when the rear lift engine stayed on & flips the F-35 over only 45 ft.
                         in the air, so it then begins to crash downward. AND what does this
                         fearless on board flight computer cleverly do?  It then fires up the
                                                           POWERFUL AFTER  BURNER
                         full throttle & with only inches away from certain demise & damage 
                         is able to pull the aircraft back into the horizontal which allows it to
                                  then safely exit the flight deck!    Amazing.    BACK TO TOP

 This Is My Current Alphabetical Music Library Listing.
  You may print this ALPHA listing for your reference.
 Just transfer this entire page to your USB Jump Drive
 without the need to convert
PDF to word (-1mb).
 Here's a Tip, Take this page to your
Copy Store & for
 per page or
5˘ double sided; Most will print entire 40+
 page listing for about (
$3.00) in B & W!  You say you
 can't find
discount copy store?

 e-mail Tell them I sent you.
 Oh, they'll give you Full Color
.25˘ a page! Shipping 4th
 class mail. You can get B&W & color copies at UPS store.

   A Brief History...
 It must have all started back in 1953 when I was growing up
 in Greenville S.C. A lot of the music came from car radios in
 the dashboard in the form of pop radio stations as well as in
 my case my Laurel Creek school girl friend
Linda Galloway.
 We shared the same love of a new genre of music called
 RocknRoll led by Bill Haley and Chuck Berry. I just loved it all.
 Later when I was living in Springfield Mass and attending Van
 Sickle Jr. High, going to sock hops with
Linda Lansing, dating
 and buying the popular 45rpm records I would find myself
 building my first music collection. Later early in the 1960's at
 near-by Chicopee High School, I jumped from a few dozen
 to over a hundred of those very clumsy, awkward & getting
 expensive 45rpm records. I was dating two more girls
 Kay Hersey and Linda Larson who shared my music interest. 
 I soon would realized that there was a lot more to all of this
 'Love of Music.'  It was really a musical memory of our times.
 My next door neighbor at near-by Westover AFB was high
 school cheerleader
Patricia Newton who would introduce
 me to the world of classical music with Amram Katchiturian,
 Leonard Bernstein (Shostakovich 5th), movie themes with
 John Williams & Vangelis, all found in the above collection. 

 Galloway       Lansing         Larson          Newton 
 I wanted also my music to GO WITH ME. I had a small pile of
 45 vinyl records.  My parents and their friends back then all
 had their  33  1/3 rpm  LP (long playing) vinyl record albums. 
 Our grand parents in those days all had the original 78 rpm
 records... from the 30's and 40's. Soon I would be getting my
 first car, but unfortunately it would not be 'deluxe.' so it would
 NOT have a radio... but, not to worry.  I could go down to my
 local Western Auto store and pick up one. But just then they
 came out with a 'Pull & Play' radio that worked off the car for
 power and antennae and as a 'portable' it would just pull out
 from under the dash board and you could tote it along. It had
 its own power with flash light batteries and a pull out antennae.
 Mine even came in a fancy 7 band version to listen to the whole
 world and all that music as well.     Problem was it only played
 music that 'Others' would select, not what you would necessarily
 would like to hear at any given time.      hmmm,    what to do?

 That got me to thinking. I would then go around to all my school
 friends and ask them what they liked to listen to, my parents and
 and anybody listening to music. I took LOTS of notes. I even can
 remember the summer of 1955 driving with my folks down to
 our home town of Atlantic City N.J. and visiting all my relatives.
 Then asking what all their 'favorite' music was over the years.

 That is how all this began. How I started this list that would
 grow to over 50 giga bytes and 35 thousand tunes. I would
 continue to do this through high school, travels, University 
 of Nebraska days & working at Nebraska Furniture Mart, my
 tours in the Air Force to San Antonio Texas, Mt. Home AFB
 in Idaho, Offutt AFB, Westover AFB and 6 consecutive over
 seas tours to Asia: Na Trang AB RSVN, Don Muong AB in
 Bangkok Thailand, Bein Hua AB RSVN, Tachikawa AB Japan,
 Suwon AB Korea and Hickam AFB Hawaii where I was now
 married and had 2 boys; David & Michael who also gave me
 a source for a ton of 60's, 70's & 80's music. I would get even
 more play lists when I went TDY to Cairo East AB for Bright Star,
 then Ramat David AB Israel in 1973 Yom Kippur War, Hurlburt
 Field at Eglin AFB Florida (DomRep Conflict) and two tours at
 Dover AFB Delaware on ALCE deployment teams. Even my
 neighbors like
Allan and Jack in Dover shared their music.
 Friends like
Ira, Marty (Florida), Rodger (Baltimore), John, Rich
Walt in Chicago-Land, can all be found in this life collection. 

Jack above in Dover, there was this unique opportunity
 which I had a BETA or test model of a Sony digital system called
 a Mini Disk which the first model was metal, thick and quite a bit
 heavy for it's size... MZ-1 Mini Disk Portable Recorder that was
 over priced at $800 and apparently no buyers. Jack would later
 get a new Lexus that did have CD's and I was able to get a whole
 collection of popular 50's songs '
JODY REYNOLDS  -  Endless Sleep' 
 and today you can hear just how great the fidelity was in 1980's.

 One caveat to all this was my good Hawaiian friend who goes by
 the initials
UFO that did an outstanding job of searching, finding
 and providing a wealth of data, titles and music for years for me.

 So, the above list is the 1st of this massive collection which are
 all broken down into categories of about 3 & 4 GB compressed
 segments in size so as to fit on a single DVD each. In actuality
 they are well over 200GB in UNcompressed form FYI.  The first DVD
 was this one called the 'Eclectic Collection' which dates from 2000 
 Napster days. Done with a T3 connection before the Supreme Court
 ruled against all 85 Million of us Americans on the question of legal
 down loading on Sept. 2000. So this music runs from August 1, 1940
 through September 30, 2000 and has a little bit here for everyone to
 enjoy as well as for all your older relatives, coworkers and friends.

 This music is from my personal library of open reel tapes, television 
 shows, radio programs, 8 track cartridges, records, cassettes,
 laser disks, CD's, DVD's & even live performances as well as part
 of my Napster collection. My parents, grand parents and older
 relatives 1940's and 50's LP, 78 & 45rpm record collections.

 To experience any differences between a compressed and an
 UNcompressed selection check out the 2 Obsessions by Animotion.

 If you would like to hear the difference; then go to the Hawaiian 
 ‘Island Paradise’ LP stereo record album. Very clean & NO needle
 noise or scratches are left to hear thanks to Sony 'Sound Forge.'
 For DVD quality try the 101 Strings ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ and for CD
 quality listen to A-HA ‘Take On Me.’  For studio reference quality &
 the THEN new Stereophonic separation, listen to 1960 Enoch Light
 rendition of ‘Blue Tango.’ For a Laser Disk example, Four Lads and the
 ‘Mocking Bird,’  Cassette is Roy Orbison’s ‘Pretty Woman,’ an example
 of 45rpm record is Rosie Clooney 1954 original ‘This Ole House’ and a
 Digital Tape taken from TV is T-Rex ‘Get It On.’ A demo selection for
 testing your Sub-Woofer's would be Of Montreal's 'Wraith.' An excellent
 child's song would be Hawaiian-English 'Nursery Rhymes HaOnoLa.' by
 Robert Kaleimomi Kekaula with his 7 year old daughter Tiera Kawaiola.
 There are over
200 Children's songs throughout this Eclectic collection!

 Some of you have asked about 'social conflict' songs from folklore. I
 have several but the three from the 1800's seem to be the most popular.
 Brook Benton's 'Frankie & Johnnie,' Lloyd Price's 'Stagger Lee' & Johnny
 Cash's railroad folksong 'The Legend of John Henry's Hammer.'  I've also 
 been asked about 4 tunes that have a series of names. Dave Dudley's
 'There Ain't No Easy Run,' Johnny Cash's ALBUM 'Ride This Train' opening
 of Indian Tribe names and USA cities in 'I Have Been Everywhere Man.'
 Lastly, a list of famous people making up the song by Neil Diamond's
 'Done Too Soon' from his famous HAN (Hot August Night) 1970's concert.

 If any of you enjoy dancing, just take a look at BOTH 'This Is Dancing.'
 Need a ring tone that is sure to put a smile on everyone's face in the
 same place you are when your phone rings: try YELLOW's  'Oh Yeah.'
 Some have asked what is it that I have LISTED and why?   Let's look...

   EVERLY BROTHERS @ Muskrat BR256 1.05mb dbAmp64.wma
        The "@" symbol is New Or Change

 I first wanted to alphabetize the library so I could easily find the music.
 Then I set it out so that it appears in a distinct orderly arrangement of
 ALL caps for Artist, spaced, the first letter cap for Tune Title, any additional
 info about that selection, then
BR for Bit Rate, then size in MB or KBites and
db Amplifier process at 64 rate and in Windows Media Audio format.


 HAWAII ALBUM - Island Paradise Edwards 1959 BR080 22,002kb dbAMP64.wma

 There are 35 parts to this album which is by Subject Title rather than
 artist, and is in all CAPS, spaces with dashes, Name of the tune or in this
 case Album Title with only first letters in caps, Info as to Album, themes
 or other artist. Followed by dates, Bit Rate (BR) i.e. CD quality is BR128
 for example or an LP is 80BR, 360 is perfect HQ & etc.  Next we have the 
 reduced size 22,002kb (kilo bytes) instead of what the MP3 = 501,584kb.
 Then we have the format it's IN my library, which is always Windows
 Media Audio or WMA.  For those of you that have Apple; iPODS/iTunes:

Thanks chuckmeister for the DVD:
 It was very easy with the Mac system.  I used your DVD on a MAC Mini.
 After you insert the DVD disk & CLICK on the disk, all songs come right
 up on the QuickTime program.  The songs are clearly labeled and artist
 are all in alphabetical order for easy navigation.  Mahalo for your  
 Life Music Library.          Sincerely Mike H.     Kauai,  Hawaii   2007

 The compression rate, which is 64 db (decibels), by way of a free down
 load: conversion amplifier feature. It makes MP3 music
 a lot more compact & functional.  The case above a 1959 record album, 
 dbAMP cleaned up all the scratches, cracks and needle hiss plus it did
 reduced the size by
(times) all in Ultra Hi-Fidelity quality. Amazing !

 It should be noted here that this 4GB limit was selected because it would
 fit almost all cell phone external data storage chips and could last you for
 months at a time without hearing a repeat when in Shuffle/Random mode.

 For those of you counting, YES a 4.7 GB DVD is about 4.36 GB after your
 computer blocks it for menus & formatting. This DVD works out to really be
280+ GB you have and if you break out all the tunes from albums
 and collections listed you have more than double that number. That's why 
 it takes months @ 24/7 just to play through all this music without any repeats.

 For the Story behind the Album music just click....

 Gift Time:
FREE Color Stereo Light Screen Display at
 Then watch all your music in Living / Dancing Colors!

 Note: This Is Now An 8gb USB3.0 Solid State Memory
 Device. So, If There Are Any Playback
Audio OR Video
 Issues, Try Playing Back On A Different Computer.
 Once playing on computer, it is a simple step to move
 entire drive (of about 5.25gb) to most smartphones with
 plenty of room to spare since storage is 16gb to 128gb ! 


       Exhausting  Exhilarating  Exciting  Exemplanary  Excellent  and  Patriotic
List Of Performances On #12 above...
     AirShow Program Notes    
 1.  OPENING: Thunderbirds American Indian Legend
Thunderbirds Prologue - Lets Get Ready
 Project Warrior Flash, PRESENTS: 
 4.   US Navy Blue Angels Prologue 
Nellis AFB 50th Anniversary Fly By 
 Stealth Fighter YF-22 RAPTOR 
Japanese Blue Impulse Team w/Taicho drums 
Hacones Chilean AF Aerobatic Team 
Brazilian Air Force Smoke Demo Team
USAF Thunderbirds Main Show
11.   F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter (retired)
F-22 Raptor 4th Generation Stealth
F-14B US Navy Tomcat (retired)
USMC AV-8B Harrier VTOL Jet (retired)
IAF Lavie TD (Technology Demonstrator)
RCAF Snowbirds of Canada
RAF Red Arrows of England
Russian Blue Knights Mig-29 Team
Blue Angels C-130 Fat Albert T/O

USN Blue Angels Main Show
USAF C-5B Galaxy Transport
SAC SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane (retired)  
Marine Corps Iwo Jima Hero Ira Hays
Aircraft Nose Art Through the Ages
Re-Enactment of Pearl Harbor
USAF Stealth B-2 Spirit Bomber        

Product of Over 200 air shows from all over USA

Cover for AirShow Golden Anniversary Tour 
 BGen Smith, Ariz;           Darn Longest hour of airplane videos I have seen anywhere.
Sandra, Louisville;         My kids have been watching this religiously every day for year now.
Mayor in Calif;                 I have these airshows playing on a big 70" LED flat screen TV for
                                           when my guests come over, But then... they don't want to leave!
Pat, Boston;                     I spent who knows how much on Disney & all they wanna watch is this!
Molly, NYC;                      I do my housework with this on all the time and never tire of any of it
                                           as it REALLY does takes months to listen to it all the music.  I just love it.
Jake, Portland;                Big Game got blacked out locally with my gang so I put on these
                                           military clips & boy did it saved the day, Unaminous Standing Ovations.
Bill, Springfield;              Better than any store bought commercially made video I've ever gotten.
Kim, Texas;                     This sure beats all the wind, heat, dust, rain & standing in back of crowds
                                            & Now I don't worry about airshow cancellations or mechanical issues!
Poppy, Denver;               Talk about having something around the apartment to entertain the
                                            grand kids when they all come over to visit grand ma and me!
Susan, Chicago;             My sons and their friends are so quiet and for so long, it's like magic. 
Sarah, Atlanta;                My 5 yr old daughter now wants to be a Blue Angel, Splain that to both of
                                            my parents. My teen daughters tell me that they wanna be pilots. Help!
Clevon, Wash. DC;          Great baby sitter from infant to teens. Hoo Rah & Semper Fi
David, Honolulu;              Now I'm not so sure which I like better. Thunderbirds or Blue Angels!
Dr Linda, Miami;              The greatest gift, I was told, that I ever gave my favorite dad, Thanks
Call Sign Viper;                All my team mates have been thanking me for these as holiday gifts!
BOSS, Las Vegas;           Music & Images tells the story & brings me back great Tbird memories
Blue BOSS, Tampa;        You really make everyone feel they're in the cockpit. Tango Yankee
 Got it as one of the nicest Fathers Day gifts ever. Thank You Sir


There are thousands of selections here on this Jump Drive. Most are tunes from the years
1940 - 2000; the're various clips of music videos, avi segments, Power Point presentation,
 MP4 movies & several wmv (Windows Media Videos). Also for a spectacular color light
 show on your screen that can be quickly and easily downloaded (for FREE) which will keep
 the audio in time with the light show being played, found @...


  Mr Rodger Bucy (Baltimore), Warren Kolback (Chicago), Jeff Bearden (Hot Springs) & I had
  all discussed this project on a conference call back in 1998 while I was a part of the annual
  Armed Forces Air Show at Andrews AFB in Washington D.C. Each contributed ideas that
  would be incorporated in a Patriotic Salute for members that serve in our 5 Armed Services
  be it Active, Reserve, Guard or our Veterans. I would also use the graphic ideas & marketing
  talents of Apple's Steve Jobs. The first project would be a slide show of amazing aviation
  images from my website while the 2nd three years later was a 9-11
  video salute. The hardest, PowerPoint Slide Show, with a most unique song sung by the
  national treasure of Canada "Celine Armed Forces Tribute" got accomplished first in 2000,
  then it was posted to YouTube and went viral. Requests came in for another which was
  “Army Navy AF Video Salute” dedicated to all those who participated. Sadly all four of the
  above team have since passed away since it got finished ominously at 11pm on 11/11/11
  Veterans Day in 2011. They would would have been very proud indeed and some did get
  to see parts of the fruits of our labor. RIP guys.

  I was always being encouraged, especially when it came to 1 particular clip that just had to
  be included. The U.S. Marines never seem to get their own front line planes first. They were
  always hand-me-downs from the Navy and other services. But this would be the World's 1st
  and Only vertical take off & landing Stealth fighter. There were 2 prototypes, both of which
  can be seen in the clip, which had been hoisted onto the carrier by a shore crane and had n
  ever been flown before. These prototypes were worth over $270 million dollars each and that
  is a Billion dollar nuclear aircraft carrier. All of this would be put at risk when on an early
  Sunday morning routine, aircraft checkout without any warning the F-35B Stealth VTOL 
  aircraft accidentally began lifting off. But Thanks to Yankee ingenuity, American tax payers,
  one very smart Flight Computer that Knows No Fear and just when all seems, lost, certain
  pilot death, many more sleeping just beneath the deck & untold amounts of destruction; 1 of
  the 2 lift engine deflectors sticks flipping the F-35B so it is now pointing straight downward
  about 60' from certain catastrophe. Does What? Turns  ON Full Afterburners! Which amazingly
  over corrects the aircraft rotating 270 degrees, regains level position and fly's off into the sun
  rise. The pilot said he never had any means of control as everything was automated & under
  computer direction and he was in stark terror of certain impending doom!
 That would be the 3rd item from the top on the ALPHA listing and worth watching again. I have
  since been asked to assemble a fast pace video with lots of action, close ups, a complimenting
  sound track containing many angles that put the viewer in the pilot's seat of both the USAF
  Thunderbirds and the Marine, Coast Guard, U.S, Navy flight demonstration team the Blue Angels. 
  I went through hundreds of hours of air shows from all around our ountry, some going back 50
  years to the founding. Interesting each clip came in, after editing, at only 11 minutes, but their
  non stop action will leave you breathless so I’ve been told. I have tried to tell the story, the history,
  the pilots, the different maneuvers and most importantly I tried to make the viewer feel like they're
  actually flying the blue & white team aircraft high overhead. I have captured the jets flying
  gracefully in formations, crossing in front of one another, precision acrobatic moves and flying in
  very tight situations only inches from each other. Tiny 'lipstick' HD cameras are mounted facing
  forward behind the canopy, backward underneath the lead aircraft & even inside the cockpit for
  realistic vantage points. For example an early scene in the BA clip, you will see the planes acting
  out to the music when the singer says, "I had to chase the wind" & "the days of vanity went on
" The angle could only have been taken from another Blue Angel in parallel flight. Music has
  been purposely fitted with scenes that're being performed.  The music tune in the second segment
  by T-Rex, ‘Get It On’ where the term guys use for their Boats, Cars and here a plane; is affection-
  ately referred to Her as 'My Dirty Sweet.' You'll have  No crowd noises,  No talking, No blocked
  views, No deafening engine whines, No sun glare or any garbled announcer. echo’s, heat, cold,
  rain, wind are all been eliminated. Yes, these videos are never getting weather cancellations, traffic
  jams or incur any parking fees. You'll always have a front row center VIP seat where all these per-
  formances will just unfold before your very eyes & ears. 
                 So, Please Enjoy & Semper Fi.  Thank You, God Bless the USA.

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