American Flag

that will not get Entangled
picture below in Hurricane Colin W

Made in USA by
Valley Forge Flag Company

some Close Up's
5' X 3' deluxe heavy duty flag, with no rust
grommets, cast aluminum bracket & 6' pole 

This quality flag has strips of red cloth and
white cloth and the large square blue cloth
all stiched together,   Even  white stars are
all stiched &  go's thru both sides blue field

Shout Out  To My World's Best Foot Care
Specialist, #1 Friend & Flag Installer Steve

Or Buy

@ Any COSTCO store

and for Only $29.95 !


        We Solict Your Ideas To Decorate Smileys
        Above With Cap & Waving American Flag
        You Can Submit Camo & Patriotic Base Ball
        Caps.  And holding USA flag,  Armed Forces
        Flags or 1 USA & 1 Army, Navy, USAF & etc.

         Images Soon With the new Half Staff Option

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