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XF-35i AS-15

IAF Testbed XF-35i Aircraft #924

Lands @ Tel Nof Stealth Development Center

Israel JSF F-35i
1st Combat 

Above 9 of Over 30 Israeli F-35's practice
So here it is in 2020    and I'm walking
around hangers,  paint shops, mainte-
nance yards, ready line     you name it
& I am up to 20 F-35's!  Maybe I can't
count to 30, yeah that's the ticket! Uh,
Maybe some are USAF?
  u   Officially

116th Sqd Lions of the South
First  Adirs for 2nd F-35I Squadron

Arrive In Country

Build-Up Of 116th Sqd Continues With

Initial Squadron Operational Capability
Aug 2020


Look Carefully Below Aircraft #926 !

116th Second F-35i Sqd FormsUp Jan 2020

Tail Emblems Over Dead Sea (above)

Pandemic Pam (not real handle) Inverted Fly Past

A/O Jan 2021 30 F-35i ADIRS Arrived

3 Female Adir Combat Pilots On Board

2019 First IAF Adir F-35i In COMBAT!

Seen At 2020 Graduation Day Hatzerim AB

Latest Adir F-35i #928 Inside Its Underground Harden Shelter; Pilot With $400k Helmet
Located At The New F-35 116th Sqd. " Lions Of The South" Part Of Nevatim AB

Note: First F-35i #901  And Here We Are Up To #928 in 2020 !

Every 5 Years = 1 Sqd F-35i's

 2nd F-35I 116th sqd
Lions Of The South

Nov 20th 2019 #925 & #926 Arrive

Ist Sqd F-35 #901-#925   2nd Sqd F-35 #926-#950

IAF Second F-35i Sqd Inaugurated

Adir #926 with Mach 1.5 Shock Wave

#925 Begins 116th Sqd Combat Missions

F-35i  Afterburner Scramble Launch

Tail Logo's

Golden Eagles Sqd & Lions of the South
140th   Squadron Patches   116th

Israel F-35i Prices Fall 2019
$130m to $78m

On Tuesday May 22 2018 the IAF commander
Major General Amikam Norkin    announced  
that on
2 previous occasions 2 F-35i aircraft   
engaged enemy Iranian forces over deserts in
Low Level Attack  formation using SDB and
Israeli developed air to ground missiles. The
internal Gatling canon has   been employed
in strafing type missions.
 All in April 2018!

Apparently,   the Adirs have been used
times since that April acknowledged combat.
Two formations of   six   aircraft were used in
a digital surveillance of  IS areas of the Sinai
desert.   1 group departed Ovda in the south
 while a second group departed Nevatim   and
completed entire peninsula recon less  2 hrs.
Next up  attack formations in pairs in  north
where Lebanon has begun setting up Iranian
factories of Drones, guns, rockets & missiles

Pair F-35i's Over Beirut & Heriri IAP

Interesting Capability   Made It In News that
IAF Adir Able To ReDirect  2 Iranian Drones
Sent On Beirut Kamikazi Mission Into Fire &
Explosion Hezbollah Media Office Tower
August 25, 2019

Bibi's Red Line was not quite understood in   
Teheran so
more persuasion is being used to
destroy and chew up Iranian bases in all of   
  Syria ondifferent battle fronts regardless of    
distances from Israel. Most targets of these
  missions are being systematically wiped out  

27 Missions & Counting Over Guess Where!   
Iranian occupied Syrian airfields struck; T4,
Al-Nasiriya,  Dabaa,  Jamraya, Al-Maza, etc

Below We Have Tri-Lightning
Joint Ops With 2 IAF, 2 USAF & 2 UK F-35's

It has been learned that all previous IAF F-35
missions were Joint F-16/F-35 exercises into 3  
combat regions   (Syria, Lebanon, Gaza strip  
/ Sinai)   but didn't,  up until 2018 involve any
Adir JSF F35i combat sorties or engagements;
well, that was until 2019 & multiple Iran/Iraq
strikes against including new S300 /S400 sites
How did these F-35i Adirs travel so far in full       
 silent Stealth mode?
Conformal fuel tanks!          
They also took out Iranian 
ballistic missiles         

IAF Commander M.G. Norkim said for first  
time ALL instructions, all manuals and all of   
 F-35i's controls are in English!
 IAF Veteran    
pilots are then put to an initial disadvantage

F-35i pilots are fresh out of cadet pilot school

OK, Let's Review
What brought us to this point?   Unbeknown
to many it all started during the  "Vietnam"
war which was also the   Israeli 1967 Middle
East conflict and the acquiring for first time
 US frontline aircraft A-4 Skyhawk and joint

service F-4 Phantom. Little did it get known
that Israeli ingenuity went rapidly into gear
with a simple car rear view mirrors all over
the cockpit, slats for enhanced performance
on leading edges on A4/F4 jet wings, 
a Gun,

 conformal fuel
/ electronics in storage bulges
change  Israeli A4
/ F4  version appearances
from their USAF
/USN/USMC counterparts!

Now you have an idea of why Israel would
 get both the new  F-15 and F-16's   so early

because  IAF  would be 1st to go into battle
&  first to claim combat air to air
Now you know why aircraft makers want
the IAF to get first picks on anything they
want or need especially Lockheed Martin

So, do we notice any differences?
     USAF                              IAF          

  BOTH are stealth.  Uh, How about 3700 miles

Uh Oh !
16 IAF Adir F-35i's on Alert Scramble !
Some were noticed with fuel Tanks
It's now been learned that Israel has made  
 leap of a working model of a Nuclear air 2   
ground smart bomb for the new IAF JSF. In  
many practice rounds with inert, low yield &
sophisticated HEwarheads designed to mimic
a current nuclear device all were sucessfully   
deployed,  integrated
, fitted and are now in   

CLICK Here It Is Loaded For BEAR !


Now, Make My 4k Day... PLEASE!


 Why IAF F-35i's NOT Used ! Link

Explains Sat 4am 10/2/2018 Incident
Unreported by  LAME Stream Media  that
IAF F-16I Sufa 
NOT shot down by Syrian
missile BUT by aircraft's own malfunction.
This as the lead pilot regains
Both now returned to duty.    Read

Head to Head Stealths

Russia Has brought in a pair of
Ghosts Su-57
Scrap Ghost Due To Maintenance
! Stay Tuned
How About An Insane IAF F-35 Mach 1+ @100'

Shot In 4K!  
Click Above For IAF F-35IX Testbed
The Background Story HERE

First F-35i Aircraft #901 Below

December 12, 2016 Israel Arrival

Above F-35i #909 9th Adir Arrives
th F-35i #912 Arrives 25 Jun  2018 NAFB

Aug 2016 Hill AFB Flight Academy Grads

The IDF Air Force  Air Staff  discovered that
new recruits without any older generation air
training made for the best, fastest & the most
qualified 5th generation high tech pilots.
didn't have to
UNlearn or forget old habits or
adapt to strange procedures & technology

We now know (2017), that
USAF Air Staff
has directed to investigate using aviation
cadets & their suitability direct placement
into respective services JSF F-35 programs

Aug 2017 Nevatim AB Female Flight Grads
Enter F-35i Pilot Orientation Course

2nd Class of Female F-35 Cadets

So all the 30 year old Netz  (Hawk) F-16 planes
were retired along with all the senior reserve
pilots,  while those younger got promotion to
newer F16 variants i.e. the Block 50, 60 & Sufa
Over 40 F-16 A & B have been release for sale
to foreign bidders. Older F-16 C & D will now
rotate up for the next deactivation cycle  as 
 IAF gets set to absorb over 100 Stealth JSF's
in just the next Four years

140th Golden Eagles OLD & NEW Sqdrn

This just in December 2017,   friendly Western
ally has selected Israel offer of 50 late model
F-16C & F-16D  frontline fighter interceptors  
instead of  $100 million USA & even Chinese  
Fifth generation aircraft. This will accelerate
Israel 3rd and 4th F-35i squadrons by years!

The capabilities of the Stealth 5th generation
fighter out performs by such a large margin
that one squadron of F-35I JSF is equal    up  
to 3 squadrons of non stealth aircraft.   100  
JSF in inventory will out perform almost  3  
- 400 4th generation aircraft. This is called
Force Multiplier

Reading For 1st Combat - Video Below

ADIR lands at Aqir (Now Tel Nof) Air Base

Tel Nof Israel AFB Depot #22 is...

 IAF F-35i Maintenance Hanger

 Tel Nof Major Airframe & Engine Depot

 Complete Stealth Paint Shop

20+ F-35i's in 2020

IAF Began 2018 w/ 9 JSF's & End 2020 w/ 20+

Recon/Cover For F-16i's in Syria & Gaza

Over A Dozen Combat Missions & Counting

IOC 6 Dec 2017!

Initial Squadron Operational Capability

Israel AF JSF F-35i
Combat Daily

Multiple Daily
Joint F16-F35i Combat Sorties

F-35i Checking Out Hatzor IAFB

  The Israel Air Force (Hel Avir) 1st F-35i wing     
called the Lightning Strike wing will consists   
of four flying squadrons where the first 2 the  
140th Golden Eagl  and 116th Second Strike  
squadrons will share    airframe depot base,   
 at Nevatim AB. Also near by there will be the
aircraft & engine  Maintenance Squadron &  
 Adir advance stealth pilots  flight academy.    

While the third & fourth squadrons might be   
heading into a new Paradigm Shift direction   
utilizing F-35Bi    world's first VTOL capable  
stealth aircraft.  Since they would be able to   
operate from unimproved airfields to AFB'S  
without runways to off shore  Oil Platforms  
& even naval vessels with helicopter decks.   

The Israeli Air Staff  now sending site survey  
teams out for the Next 
4 Adir F-35 JSF bases,
predicated on a second 100 2 seater a/c order  
Possible locations for next second 100 Adir
aircraft could be 
Tel Nof Uvda Hatzor and  
Ramat David  in the northern Jezreel Valley.

 F-15i /F-16i 
Hard'n A/C Shelter

@ Ramat David or A Pair of F-35i's

All F-35i IAF air bases built under ground   
by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by DOD
security arrangement that also includes ports     
and sub bases hidden from view & protected     
by elaborate security ringsof defensive SAMs   
to include Iron Dome, David's Sling & Arrow   

ADIRs at Uvda Air Force Base Negev
It is a dirty little secret that all western air
forces know about IAF   success of having
the most qualified and Not the most senior
in rank lead formations & squadrons into
 combat.       Even if that means colonels or
generals follow a 2nd lieutenant    -    then
So Be It.

Most Images Are
Associated With

 Japan JSF Roll Out

With Taiko Drums Ceremony  

Short History IDF and the F-35I
July 2003                   Signs
F.L.A. wF35 pgm
     July 2006     $20M
Formal Letter of Agmnt     
Nov 2006      First Order For 20 JSF Placed
July 2010                 $2.5 Billion JSF Funded
Dec 2010           Israel commits to 25 F-35's
July 2011  DOD Allows F-35 Code Sharing
Feb 2012       IDF Allowed To Modify F-35I
May 2012        LM Allows IAI Weapons Fit
Mar 2013     IAF 1st Trainers set
Jun 2016
Apr 2013           Israel commits to 50 F-35's
May 2013  
GO on IAI CFT Assembly Line
Jun 2013   
Dec 2016 Adirs to be in Israel
Sep 2013           IAF Orders 2nd Squadron
Mar 2014          IAF Gets 2nd Sqd Funding
Dec 2014         Israel commits to 75 F-35's
Mar 2015        IAI Serial Prod. F-35 Wings
Feb 2016           IAF Orders 3rd Squadron
Feb  2016       IAF commits to 1st 100 Buy
  Mar 2016    Const. Maintenance Facility  
Jun 2016     LM F-35I RollOut Ceremony
Jun 2016  First F-35I Trainers Luke AFB
Aug 2016        First Hill AFB Israeli Pilots
Dec 2016      Pair F-35I Lands at Nevatim
Dec 2016    IAF announces
IOC in 1 Year
Dec 2016  Cyclone & IAI award
Jan 2017        1st F-35-F-16 Joint Exercise
Feb 2017        1
XF-35iD 2 seater ordered
Feb 2017     IAF wants 2nd 100 2 seat JSF
Mar 2017   Maintenance Center Opened
Aug 2017               1st Female Pilot Grads
Aug 2017         
5 F-35i Combat Exercises
Sept 2017            Maint Base Begins
Sep 2017              Maint Base Begins
Oct 2017      2nd & 3rd F-35 bases begun
Nov 2017                  9 F-35I's In Country
Nov 2017   
10 F-35I F-16 Joint Exercises
Dec 6 2017     IAF  Declares 1st Sqd IOC
Dec 6 2019   2nd Sqd Lions of the South
Aug 4 2020     XF-35i TestBed Air Demo
Aug 10 2020  IAF Declares 2nd Sqd IOC
with Composite Stealth
CFT - Conformal Fuel Tank Installation
EFT -    External Fuel Tank Installation

Nov 5 2020                27th F-35i Arrives

F-35i On Daily Combat Joint Exercises 1

1st Combat
Sun Apr 15   F-35s Destroys Iran Terror
Base T-4 Mt Azzan & TOR-M2E system?

Golden Eagle Squadron      Operational
Lions Of The South Sqd   January '20

Finishing Year 2020 With      27 F-35i's

"No Place Is Too Far"

Cyclone Aviation, Haifa EFT Above & Below  
Stealth IAI  Lahav,  Ben Gurion  CFT Below 

Conformal Fuel Tanks    Doubles    Range
External Fuel Tanks  Triples  Range!

Two Top Spine  Conformal Fuel Tanks 
4 Stealth High Speed Wing Drop Tanks

Design Of Stealth Drop Tanks Finalized
And Now Ready For Installation & Use

CFT + EFT Tanks  =  Triple Range 3600 mi
Cyclone Aviation builds all Composite EFT
IAI Lahav builds all IAF Composite   

Lahav F-15i Conformal Fuel Tanks

And Lahav
CFT's for the Sufa F-16i

Video Clips On All These Pictures

Enter Python 6

Knietic H2K Mach-7 for ADIR JSF

F-35i To Carry 6X Python VI + 2 Derby II

Stunner Becomes H2K
Mach 7+, 125mi+ Range, Dual Seeker

F-35i Can Carry 6 Internal Python 6's 
or 4 Nuclear Tipped Spice 250's

Stunner II Mach 7+ with 125mi Range

H2K Hit-To-Kill Stunner2
now Python6

Above Derby-BVR A2G 75mi  Cruise Missile

New Improved Loitering Missile

IAF Stealth Delilah II Air2Surface

425 gallon Drop Tanks +
2X 800 gallon Spine CFT's   

Israel Orders XF-35ID Test Bed for 2019

UNIQUE    ONE-OFF    Experimental JSF
IAF  Wants Second 100 JSF's  As 2 Seater
 Special XF-35Bi Converts To      XF-35ID

Experimental 2 Seater XF-35ID Ordered 2017
DELIVERED 4th Quarter 2019

New Engine
 - More Powerful & Less Fuel

P&W F135 Growth Option the
AETD Engine
Because the IAF has gone with P&W  for all
Kfir, Lavi, Phantom, F-15 and F-16's they'll
stick with BOTH F135 P&W engine options

And 2 Engines Are Better Than...

IAF Concept Adir
And this will go a long way to the power issue
with dual F135's.  This would put to bed any
doubt because it would be the most powerful
stealth / 5th generation now or on the books

IAI Lahav Plant Ben Gurion Airport begins

$3 Billion Production F-35
Carbon Fiber

Wingsets for All 800 JSF F-35's !
As Well As All IAF F-35i
CFT's !!

140th Golden Eagles Squadron

Squadron Stealth Tail Design

Feb 2018 First
12 Adirs Get Insignia's 

Ex F-15i Raam Commander Yotam

F-35i  Pilot Uniforms
Colonel Yotam Golden Eagle Squadron Cmdr
above was only 2nd pilot to fly one of the first
pair of Adir's that arrived at Nevatim IAFB  
on 13th December 2016. Who was the First ?

How about  brand new 25yr old Super Pilot
 Group Captain Gal seen above, who earned
this position being Best Of The Best straight
out of the IAF Adir Flight Academy
!    One
  example was;  
exercise  involving being very
suddenly jumped by 15 Mig 29's by himself
  One against 15; only they couldn't find him;   
  contrails picked up, engine sound heard but 
   he was able to destroy   11 & badly damaged  
 remaining 4 severely.      The Mig 29's could
 not even escape free once they realized their
fate was Sealed
!     AMAZING.

Four F-35I Squadrons Make Up the
 Lightning Strike Wing

This new design above on PVC    and not on
traditional fabric,  shows  station keeping
LED lights outlining dark stealth-like Star
of David design on a black background.

Here Are All 100 Adir's of Lightning Wing

Anybody Up For The Challenge ?

The Air Staff has designated the first 
F-35I Squadrons of
25 aircraft each the  
new Lightning Strike Wing of 
100 F-35i  
aircraft at
3 different IAFB's.  Below see
 the four Squadron Tail / Patch emblems   

There now appears    to be a pattern of
up dating old patch logos to reflect the
squadrons of the first batch of stealths
while keeping   old squadron numbers

 Adir F-35I Squadron Patches...
140th Golden Eagles          116th 2nd Strike

144th Guardians of Arava     117th First Jet      

                   New 144th
?   Panther Patch                   

   Maintenance Sqd   Harden F-35I Shelters         
140th Golden Eagle Edge Squadron

Custom Camouflage Stealth Paint Scheme 

One note on the Israeli use of Camouflage on    
Stealth 5th generation aircraft. Yes Stealth is   
invisible to electronics,  that did not mean an   
enemy aircraft pilot in broad daylight would   
not spot F-35i close by, so low visibility is just
as essential as the jamming,   radar avoiding
shaping, painting and airframe carbon fiber
surfaces found on 5th Gen JSF the ADIR

116th Second Strike Sqd Images

Defenders Of The South Sqd

Custom Camouflage Stealth Paint Scheme
Defenders Of The South Squadron
Use By Israel Cam Paint On Stealth is Unique
Neon LED Station Keeping Lights Varient

Click Image Above For Night
NEON Video

Station Keeping
Lime LED's Lit Up

Two Seater XF-35ID IAF JSF Test Bed
ProtoType IAF F-35B
2 Seat Conversion

Joint LM, IAI & IAF Demonstrator 2019

Lockheed-Martin Agreed to a

Price Reduction Feb 2017
President Trump got   LM to reduce
price for
each   F-35A    from almost
$150 million to $80 million     Except
in the case of Israel which gets their 
 F-35I's for only  $63 million because 
they buy their's Stripped.  They put
their own very sophisticated cockpit
electronics in, that's not only unique
but,   superior in capability, quality
and world class.   Take for instance
their Elbit 360
° helmet that can see
through the airplane frame & costs
over $400,000 each.     NOW all F-35
countries must use this  one model
and  one-of-a-kind custom Helmet

Also    there is a dedicated on board
self protection  &  defensive system
that's locally developed and unique
stealth design.   C4I communication
gear along wth new state-of-the-art
carbon fiber wing sets   that will go
into ALL F-35's in the world
!   Now
four radical designed    high speed
stealth wing drop tanks have been
 developed as well as 2 stealth spine
Conformal Fuel Tanks

IAF Adir February 2017
Watch F-16i Sufa Fly With F-35i Adir

 Over Israel Naval Fleet, Sub Base

Rehearsing Independence Day National
Celebrations On May 1, 2017 Haifa Bay

Six Of The 7 IAF JSF

Flying In Israel Autumn 2017

8 November 2017 #908 & #909

Total Number Adir F-35i's In Country = 18

Here Is #908 or
Eighth of 12 IAF Adirs

27% Of IAF JSF Program Is Female

First 4K Video F-35 JSF A & B Models


Second Batch F-35s Arriving Before
Celebrating 2017 Independence Day

First Batch 2 Adirs    December 2016
Second Batch 3 Adirs        April 2017
Third Batch 2 Adirs            Sept 2017
Fourth Batch 2 Adirs          Nov 2017
Fifth Batch
3 Adirs            June 2018

New Total 12 JSF

Yup, An Even Dozen Now On Board

2nd Batch @ Rainy Nevatim AB April 2017

 Adir's Practicing Formation Fly By

140th Edge Squadron Golden Eagles

First 9 F-35i At Nevatim AFB  8 Nov 2017

Dawn Takes Over From      Night Missions
Click Above To See Origins of the IDF-AF

Flying Over New Israeli Mediterranean

Exclusive Economic Zone Areas

         Here Adir F-35AI JSF SAM Jamming        

  IAF Preparing For Syrian-Lebanon Raids

Below External Stealth Drop Tanks

           F-35i Ceremonial Mt. Masada Salute



JSF F-35I Stats

First Construction #901 in 2015

IAI Airport Plant built F-35 Wingsets
Here on the Ft. Worth Assembly Line

Coming Off Fort Worth Assembly Line


#902 Second Of First Pair Dec 2015

IAF received two Adir's      as US based
trainers were handed over    June 2016 
at Hill AFB to IAF control
.    1st series   
deliveries Dec
'16.     IOC was declared
December 6
2017 which will culminate
in first squadron completion by end of
2019. 1st 100 aircraft will be numbered    
 serially #901 through #999

June 2016 at Hill AFB First Adir's

arrive from the Fort Worth factory

Click For Behind Scenes Of Stealth

The total   IAF F-35I Adir series will   
be four squadrons of  100   aircraft .
First two squadrons of  25  each will
be @ Nevatim Air base, followed by
3rd squadron  of  25 F-35BI's VTOL  
and fourth squadron of   25 F-35CI.  
4 squadrons are @    3 Air Bases  

The IAF currently flies    27 F-15I     'Ra'am'  
Ultra Long Range       Strike Eagles & since  
usually those pilots are the  most advance
and experience trained in air combat,  so  
in other air forces these pilots are the 1st
to be moved up to the new state-of-the art
 Stealth Joint Strike Fighter.      However;   
starting with the  Edge squadron  all F-35
pilots will be straight from the IAF Flight
academy & not from any existing combat
 front line fighters due to all instruction and
materials are In English

 IAF Ra'am F-15I actually more 

than IAF F-35AI & F-35BI Stealth aircraft

Sufa F-16I is only $10 million cheaper F-35I's

Above one of the     IAF 102 F-16I 'SUFA'
aircraft that are its 2nd highend strike
fighter/interceptor. Thus phasing out  
72 F-15 A-D Eagle versions     and over 
100  F-16 A-D Falcons.        Later newer
Viper series  F-16s will cycle out as the

 4 squadrons of  new      100 F-35I's  will
be rapidly brought     on line and IOC.

IMPORTANT NOTE:     The new Stealth  
JSF is  NOT a one for one replacement
but rather  3 to 4  conventional planes
are replaced by just one F-35I.      One
JSF squadron      can equal 3 previous
squadrons according to  IAF Air Staff

Both Male & Female Cadets in F-35i Pilot Trng

Top: F-16I Bottom F-15I

Click For F-15I Silent Eagle Story

The Passing Of A Twenty Year Veteran !

Team Eagles

Above F-15I Female Pilot & WSO

Brand New Jet Pilot Recruit !

Here Aircraft #902

The Second of First Pair #902 Arrival

Official Acceptance Ceremonies 

Pair @ Hill AFB & later Nevatim AB

1st Ha'Adir Pair In Country Training

Negev Nevatim IAFB

JSF On Final Leg of Landing Approach

 Combat F-35 Engagement

Click Link Above For Video Clip

Ground Crews Begin Training

Fast Turn Around Being Practiced

Quality Controls

QC Being Practiced 2017

Crew Familarization 2017

Marshalling, Parking Exercises

Pilot Aircraft Checks

Not All IAF Pilots Will Go

From F-15 & F-16 to F-35I Adirs

Alert Adir Scrambles

During Night Mission Exercises

First ADIR Pair Lands at Dusk

Around The Clock

Anyone Who Dares - WILL Loose!

Alert Aircraft Here On Patrol

Electronic Vectoring Scrambling

Video Below

IDF Adir IS Unique
Because  of  all  countries
only Israel  can build her
own stae-of-the-art  'C4I'
avionics for the IAF Adir

Besides Israel building 
many  airframe  parts,
 whole suite of weapons,
conformal   fuel tanks, 
say nothing of the half
million $ helmet for all
F-35 JSF countries

In fact,  Israel has been
authorized to construct
a complete depot based
airframe   maintenance
center co-located at the
IAF Adir home base at
Nevatim AFB. And now
to receive a unique one-
ofakind F-35 prototype
for proof of concept new
engine,   2 seater,   CFT,
Laser gun,  stealth drop
fuel tanks, Spice nexgen
missile, C4I, AI and com 

JSF Will Replaces F-15s
F-16s and all other older
generation interceptors.  

Complete F-35 Specifications

December 2017

Initial Operational Capability Check

Back On Alert Pad After Nite Hop

Big 2020 Price Drop $79 Million Each

Here An Alert Adir Dispatched

Aircraft Is In Full Stealth Mode If Clean
If Equipped with Conformal Fuel Tanks
And Stealth Quad Drop Tanks by IAF !

Stealth Spine Conformal & 4 Drop Tanks

Initional Operational

Capability (IOC) 6 December '17

 Holy Land Patrols Begins

1 0f 10 KC-130J's with 1 of 9 F-35i"s


Whether Flights of Single Aircraft OR

2, 4, 6 or 9 Plane Formation Practice


Day After Arrival Pair Over Galilee

Uvdah AB Near Jordan Kingdom Border

Vale of Jezreel In The Plain of Esdraelon

 Over Central Judean Corridor

Here Carmel @ Kishon River Coast

Eye On the Tel Aviv Suburbs

Bird Strike on #902 Oct 3rd 2017
YES, Part Of Stork WAS Ingested   3 days down

From Lebanon, Syria to Jordan River Valley

Exclusive Economic Zone

F-35AI Defending Off Shore EEZ Zone
Until the 2 Seater F-35BI Arrive 2020

 Golan Heights Converge

Patrols Over the Dead Sea

Patrolling Central Galilee Areas

Over Judean Dessert Near Dimona

Eilat & Red Sea Sector

Now With Over
9 JSF's Locally Based

The Entire Region Is Daily Watched

Keeping Eyes On Potential Battlefields

Surrounded? Do You Think ?
 West Bank
 In the Gaza
In Lebanon
Iran & Syria
on North East
ISIS in Sinai
 Western Border

With A Wonderful Friendly Neighborhood
Like the Mid East,   Who Needs  One More
  Terrorist Nation State Called     Palestine
Ooops! No 'P' in
Arabic!     FALESTINE
A nutter oops, FALES means Fake in Arabic

Combat Sorties Over ISIS Sinai !

Israel  IAF Initial Operational

Capability  -  IOC Ops 6 December 2017

Nightly Scrambles Began late Dec 2016

Watch F-35I


Capable Mach 1.3 without Afterburner


F-35i Deploying Full Military Power

JSF Adir F-35I

Spirit Of America Lives

140th Golden Eagles

EDGE Squadron Patch

Vice Admiral Tours IDF-AF

Here 1st Sqd Paint Scheme 

4, 6 & 8 a/c Formations

Adir 'Edge' Squadron Ready 

Coming 2020-2022
Show Season

F-35B + F-35C
  Blue Angels &                   

 Blue Angels 
 Thunderbirds Video Clip

 New A/C For 2022  1st since 1980's
F-16 = 38 years    F-18 = 35 years

New Aerobatic Maneuvers

1st Blues Show 2023 JAX  FL.

1st Air Show @ Andrews AFB 2022

There Could Also Be A Marine Team

Here Great Under Carriage T-bird Art

B.A. Navy 'B' Variant Will Be VTOL

USAF 'C' Variant Maybe To Follow In 2024


Side By Side Undercarriages

Great Detail Art Work

A Totally New Show Coming !


Possibly A Coast Guard Team

F-35 To Be A Great Crowd Pleaser


B. A. Could Have A Combat Skit

Here Pyrotech Practice Bombs

We'll Have To Just Wait & See

Bomb Burst Aerial Finale Remains


Each Team Finishes Differently...


Using Their STOL Features


Both Teams Remain With 8 a/c
+ Announcer, P A  & Transports


Detailed Out F-35 Thunderbird


Blue Angels Thunderbirds Video Clip

Refueling Exercises

With ADIR IOC in 2017

Came Mastering All Aspect Air Refueling

2 Reel Drogue & 1 Fixed Boom

F-35I with KC-135

Practicing over Tel Nof Air Base

Here KC-10 Refueling

Refuelers from Desert Giants Squadron

of Nevatim Air Base with KC-10

Up Close & Dangerous

KC-46A Pegasus Tanker Aircraft

New KC-46  Boom Operator POV

 Dual Drogue Refueling Lines

F-35I Mediterranean Missions

Below Samson Deploying Anti Missile Chafe

 KC-130J Samson Dual Line Tanker

F-35I can use
Both Boom & Drogue Line

Adir Gets Drag Chute Aux

As With F-4 & F-15 IAF Gets E-Braking

Installation on first 13 A/C begins 3qrt '18

 Advance Weapons

IAF Standard Configuration

Here 7 Weapon Wing Stations



 Fuel Armor Sensor Tank

Conformal Tanks

Electronics & Fuel

IAF Load Out

Special Missions:

30mm Electric Gatlin Gun 5,000 rpm
Air to Air Canon

A Stealth Dog Fighter's Weapon

GAU-22/A 25mm F-35 Gatling Canon

Video Canon Testing

Weapons Evaluation

Internal 4 Spice 1000 along with 2 Python 5

BUT, Did we know F-35I

WMD Compatible Here With Derby BVR

Nuclear Cruise Missile

 The IAF is the second arm of the 3 service
 Nuclear deterrent force of Israeli Jericho
I, II & III IRBM and now the    Arrow III  
Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Link-
The Israel Navy is building a Nine Dolphin
Wolf Pack with      Popeye Turbo I, II & III  
2,000 mile nuclear tip cruise missiles that
are fired from underwater torpedo tubes.

Interesting parallel story here about WMD
WWII 8th Air Force and IAF with the new 
 F-35i ADIR.      When the second world war
ended the USAF moved the large strategic
bomber force B-52s to Massachusetts more
precisely, Westover AFB & a mostly quiet
secret weapons base Stony Brook.   This is
where the U.S. nuclear storage     for all of
 Europe was held during the cold war. Now
enter RAF Palestine base Aqir now known
as Tel Nof    along with its nuclear storage
facility IAF Sdot Ha ela AB. Then comes a 
100 million dollar per plane
F-35i ADIR
   to be based, yup, at good ole Tel Nof AB.      
Now how convenient coincidental is that

Stunner BVR

Internal Bay with 6X or 8X 

That leaves the     Hel Avir Air Force with air
to ground cruise type missiles and a gravity
bomb that'e nuclear.  Some of these can go
back as far as the early 1970's and through
technological developments & miniaturiza-
tion, can be carried by F15's & even smaller
F-16's. The leap to an internal stealth carry
on the F-35I   is now a forgone conclusion &
an open  military secret that now has been
 published in numerous defense journals for
months that some have referred as
IAF Ha'ela Underground AB will be R&D

Internal WMD Weapons Capability 

We are now seeing slow, but subtle change of   
strategy whereby previously nuclear weapons
were to be employed as defensive by acting as
retaliation in a massive counter attack to any
would be nuclear enemy surprise strike. Now
it can be used to preemptively    prevent any
rogue state from achieving a nuclear threat.
This is why delivery systems  are becoming  
so sophisticated & expensive i.e. as the new  
Arrow3,     Dolphin II AIP     and IAF Spice X  

or ICBM Supression


° Ballistic Canopy

Ultra Stealth

Thanks to AESA Radar

First F-35A to

F-35AI Upgrade

First IDF F-35I Attack

Syrian S-300 Defense System Obliterated



Then  There  Was
S P I C E!

Spice 1k, 2k, 3k Series

Spice Series & PythonV

Spice Missile Launch

The Incredible Futuristic

  Next Generation Weapons

Rafael Spice Series

 State-of-the-Art Missile


Now ADIR To Get New Python6 Instead of 5

IAF F-35AI Adir Adopts
Spice 1000 & Python V here on F-16

IAF F-35I Daily Patrol
24/7 Always On Station

Joint Strike Fighters On May 2017 Display

F-35I IAF Flight
Demonstration Team


An American Original

Nice Screen Saver

  • ADIR F-35AI

    Detailed Description

    Lockheed-Martin Rolls Out F-35AI

    What Happens if S300, S400
    or S500 Surprise?

    Barbara Opall-Rome Report

    Second ADIR Airfield Dedicated

    2nd Squadron of 25 a/c

      Forming Up @ 2nd AFB

    1st F-35 AI ADIR IOC

    Initial Operation Capable


    Interceptor Missions

    IAF Adir F-35AI

    ADIR F-35BI
    Third Squadron 25a/c

    @ 3rd AB Location


    STOVL B Model

    STOVL Cut Away Detail

    First F-35BI Missile Ship Ops

    Deck Aft View

    Here F-35's On Small Missile Craft

    STOVL Can Base Off Any Platform

    IOC of 3rd batch of 25

    Adir F-35BI a/c Model


    Israel Mission Capable

    5th Generation Stealth

    First IAF F-35BI
    Arrival In Israel

    IAF F-35I on Daily Patrol


  • $400,000.00 5th Generation

    Stealth Electronic Helmet

    Made Only By Elbit
    of Israel

    Elbit Half Million Dollar 

    360° 3D 5th Generation

    $400,000 F-35 Helmet

    Up-Close Digital Video

    New For 2018 - 24/7 365

    Latest SofArt Stealth JSF Simulator

    With the rapid build out of over 200    ADIR   
    5th generation Stealth pilots, IDF has begun  
      round-the-clock full booked tring schedules   
     for simulator time to alleviate airframe over
    stressing of precious resources.  Now with a
     eleven Adirs on the ground a larger amount
       of airframes can accelerate pilot qualifiers.   

    IAF F-35CI
    Meet The New IAF ADIR F-35CI

     Fourth Squadron Brings Total F-35I's to 100

    2020 First 6th Gen Stealth

    1st Edge Sqd Adir Desert Camouflage

    F-35C on Carrier  OR Helio Pad

    F-35's To Operate Oil Rigs & Missile Corvettes

    Practice At All Hours & Weather

    Helicopter Pad on Sa'ar V's IDF-Navy

    IAF on INS  Proof of Concept

    F-35BI on Missile Corvette

    F-35 can operate from a

    Missile Boat's Helio Pad

    Camou Desert Adir

    More  F-35I  Adir Images & 
    Details   Coming Soon Here

    Before Adir...
     Israel Aerospace Industries

    There was the 1970's 
    IAI Nesher

     The new    Israeli Defense Minister,  
    1948 War of Independence Ace, son  
    of the founding president Gen Ezer
     Weizman,    began R&D into the 1st  
    domestically built jet fighter  when
    French president    Chuck DeGaule
    decided to renege on     delivery for
    50 paid for    Mirage5j   fighter jets.
     So the Mossad simply paid    willing
     employees at Dessault for complete
     detailed a/c and engine plans & IAI
    built the Nesher & Kfir fleets them
     selves. Nesher was a Mirage 5 copy,
     later the Kfir now with USA engine
     when they had to change out   Atar
     engines due to  French embargo &
    were able to buy & fit  USAF J79's .
     A little IAF  chutzpa modification.

    This lead to the first     Kfir C1     when
    they were able to build them       from
    scratch the entire fighter jet.    Latter
    they were able to        update with C2,
    then two seater trainer           TC2, C7,
    C12 & finally Kfir Block60         with a
    whole new glass cockpit         derived
    from the new Lavi program.       Also
    at the same time     weapons were all
     upgraded to up date the whole fleet.  

    Columbian AF KFIR C12

    To replace outdated, out moded and
    no longer functioning A-4, F-4, Kfir  
    & Mirage 200 aircraft fleets, a bold  
    new military platform was
    The new Defense Minister      in the
    1980's Moshe Arens gave the green
     light on the next fourth generation
      IAF Trainer Fighter & Interceptor  
    whose classified project name was
    LAYOUT 33

    Front - B02 2nd Lavi,     Right - B01 First To
    Fly Lavi now on display @ IAF museum and
    in back Lavi TD   Technology Demonstrator

    Which Came To Be Young Lion " LAVI"

    First Formation Lavi's Flying
    Derived from previous
    Aryie project
    Ahead of it's time and really  better  
      than any  existing western aircraft

    1986 1st Flight to 1990 TD

    Technology Demonstrator

    It Is Sort Of Appropriate The Lavi TD in
    Back Here Has Now 50 Years Later Been
    Vindicated by the
    F-35i Adir ! 

    It had to be killed  according to the
    Swamp in  Washington DC   and so
    protect  American future exports .
    After over 2 billion dollars  US tax
    payers money and another billion
    of Israel and IAI money had been  
    spent,  it was assassinated.   It was
      claimed Israel could not afford the
    Lavi anyway  as it would cost  $ 9  
    million according to IAI, $12 mill.
    by the IAF and $20 million by the
    Pentagon  and  US Budget office.  
    You ready for this? So they sold   
    the IDF really cheap  F-16i's for  
      $84 million & F-15i's $99 million   
    EACH !

    Oooh RC Lavi Coming?

    Yes, Includes New Transmitter Controller

    Note Above:   Price = $82 w RC   18" X 12"
    J-10 Fighter =
    Lavi Export   However, You
    MUST Select
    J-10 & Limited Edition !

    Anything Over $69 = Free Shipping

    So, why so much? Simple,  US DOD
    got to  IDF generals with;     bribes,
    threats & intimidation.   Told them
    to cut Lavi order    to less than half
    thus raising price  $40 - 60 million
    dollars EACH! Want more proof?  
      Then came a 10+ week full embargo
        on all military aircraft deliveries 4   
       months later by the Reagan admin.
          Which ended because Saudi needed a
         10 billion dollar arms deal.  Go figure
          Lastly they had   Rockwell build a US
       Lavi called the X-31.    Guilty photo:

     You REALLY Need To Drain The Swamp
      Anything Here With RAFALE Sorta Look Familiar?
    In pics: India gets first Rafale fighter jet | Business Standard News
    This Couldn't Be A French Copy... Could It?
    Oh Wait,

    British Aerospace Got In The Copy Act Too

    Just Listen and watch this in depth military
    secret report,         now since DeClassified...
    Complete Lavi 

    NOTE here, because all Lavi's were to be
    also a Trainer aircraft as well as a fighter
    interceptor, they were All to be
    2 Seaters!

    Epitaph of an Original
    Combat Lavi Si (Single Seat Interceptor)

    Lavi: Trainer, Interceptor, Air to Air Fighter,
      Ground Attack Bomber:  all around world’s    
      best military aircraft that's the pinnacle of US
    - Israeli military to military cooperation was

    by a kipa Capped clown #Pstooge,   ignorant
       non-flyboys & a bunch of IDF generals having
    hidden agendas with just...
    THREE Little LIES.
        1. The IAF informed the final cabinet meeting
       for the Lavi approval that IAF was now down
      sizing its aircraft buy from 120 planes to less
          than half. This would quadruple effectively the
        final price. So the IAF actually got
    600! jets    
           250+ F-16's, 150+ F-15's  & 150+  trainers,        
      with almost all being 2 seaters

      2. The Israel Air Force then passed on another   
    LIE that the IAF wanted & would get the next
    generation AF Advance Tactical Fighter ATF.
      Wrong again as the USAF cancelled their own
     F-22 pgm as too expensive & unsuitable for a
     new world order.   Also,  no country on earth
     was ever allowed to get even a single solitary
      sample,  let alone be able to place any orders.

    3. The Ministry of Defense promised that not
    a single Israeli worker  would loose their job
    & even an increase of skilled workers would
     soon be hired for all of the spin-off programs
      that materialized out of very THIN air.  They  
     wound up in the Ash Heap of Israeli doomed
     projects & military fiasco's.  Wrong on new   
      workers instead IAI had wholesale slaughter
      from 23,000+  workers   to less than  -17,000  
    in 2 Months with others pink slipped over  
         the following decade. $3,000,000,000 Billion   
     Israeli and American taxpayer dollars went
    Down The Drain.   SAD

    From 1990 thru 1999 IAI Lavi TD Program

    A Peek Into A Future That Came 50 Ys Late

    Lavi Sa Concept Single Seat Ground Attack


     To sell off all remaining Kfir models of the
      IAF a major over haul and up grade based
    on the  state-of-the-art   Lavi systems was
    put together & assembled in IAI plants to
       be exported as the aircraft identified as     
    Kfir Block 60 series seen below...

    A Successful Mach 2+ Export Interceptor  

    5th Generation Stealth

    The IAI - 2000
    A Twin Engine,     Twin Seat and Twin
    Tail double delta
     5th generation type
    Stealth Strike Fighter    based on the
    1990's   Lavi TD   IAF prototype.  So it
    travelled  Mach 2.5+,   80,000'+ ceiling
     without aiming / even redirecting the
      aircraft's 6 Spice missiles also carried
     internally, for stealth features, could
    shoot down enemy targets    behind,
    above / below at over  6 miles away

    FYI, both wing tip A2A missiles went
    inside two internal bays for stealth

    Super Kfir - Arye - Lavi - Lavi  Stealth
    From 1979 thru 1999 First design phase

    Here we see the concept with twin engines
    with their concomitant twin intakes,  twin
    steerable nose gear,    cockpits and tail.

    Twin seat version was not just for the IAF
    next gen jet trainer but as a strategic IAF
    Intercontinental Fighter / Bomber.   

    DIMENSIONS:  16" X 13" wing (420mm X 340mm)

    It was originally planned to use Lavi
    B-03,    an improved new test vehicle
    for Elta EL/M-2035 AESA radar,  Elta
    / Elisra     electronic warning systems,
     Elta ARC-740    a fully computerized
    onboard UHF radio system,    Taman
    TINS 1700 inertial nav.   systems the
     Elbit SMS-86      stores management
    sys,  Astronautics onboard air data
    computer,   Israeli developed Loral
    Electronic counter measures unit &
    many other avionics of  indigenous
    proprietary design like the helmet.

    1987 Lavi State of the Art Pilot Helmet

    State-of-the-Art JSF F-35
     Elbit $400,000
    360° OLED HUD System
    FYI  This Helmet see's Right Thru The Floor,
    Cockpit & Ejection Seat To Ground Below!



    Long Range IAF JSF ADIR 3700 Mile Range

    IAF 2 Seat ADIR Stealth with WSO


    TWO (2) Seater F-35D's

    New Dual Seat with rear WSO Position

    IDF F-35 On Spanish Military TV


    Two Seat VTOL Stealth A/C

    The IDF Air Force  has ordered in  2017 and to
       be delivered in 2019 a concept ADIR II JSF to    
      replace  current 2 seat nuclear strike forces   
     of F-4 Phantoms, F-16i Sufa's & F-15i Ra'am's  
      creating a Second Order of 100 F-35Bi Adir II.  
         Long lead items have since been placed & this  
       development is being closely watched by        
    many other Air Forces. 

       ADIR II is to be
    twin engine next generation     
     Pratt & Whitney F-135
    AETDTwin Seat for    
     strategic long range bombing missions. much
    larger stretched airframe for larger Internal
    This new JSF F-35Bi Stealth fighter is taking
       shape. All based on a multi mission need for
    an advance  Stealth Trainer, a 2 man WMD
       platform, a new  back-up for naval cruiser   
        air assets in Israel's off shore  EEZ oil fields  
        that are compatible with oil  platform VTOL
       ops as well as being a blue print for the US  
    Coast Guard to buy its first STOL      ship   
    based stealth patrol interceptor aircraft.

     Strategic Nuclear Israeli JSF 2020

     New American Embassy

    Arrives In  3700  Year Old
    JEWISH Capital
    Beat THAT Moscow, Beijing, London, Paris

    Consulate Jerusalem Sign Is Gone

    Entrance New American Jerusalem Embassy

    Unveiled, Dedicated & Mounted

    Ambassador's Building Jerusalem Embassy

    Jerusalem Campus American Embassy 2018

    Embassy Moves 15 May 2018

    Here Jerusalem Consulate's old  1,000 room
    Diplomat Hotel    Next Door being Removed

    After The Diplomat Hotel Is Gone

    American  Jerusalem Embassy

    A Commemorative Coin Issued

    Islamic conquered Mosque is replaced with


    So, Moses Sent 12 Spies To Survey The Land
    10 Said Can NOT be Conquered,  2 Said Yes

    Grand Opening Jerusalem Embassy

    U.S. Ambassador David Friedman

    Game Changer

    Israel Air Force JSF Roll Out 2016

     Pre Statehood 1930 & 40's spotter aircraft
    War of Independence  WWII Spitfire IAF
    First 5th Gen Joint Strike Fighter Stealth

    And,   Oh Incidentally
    For The Very 1st Time
    A Spaceship... Landed

    © USAF Photographer MSGT L.

    Click Above For IAF Adir F-35i Block 3i