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Purpose of   SuperVideo      is to promote the free exchange of information
  so as to provide videographers the necessary tools they need to be independent
    and monetarily self sufficient in today's fast changing technology world of   DV.

  •  SuperVideo: your resource for the latest information on Digital Video           
    Technology & Cyber TV Studio in a SuitcaseTM  concept. This is of value to      
     professionals & hobbyist   who want to dramatically increase their business      
     opportunities and monthly income without spending all their pocket money.       

       Low Cost Approach On How To     Build An EDIT BENCH Work Area     

      & How To Make Excellent Customer Media!    a step by step guide in putting
        together your own video/audio/computer work and editing area. Also a simple
       cost effective way in making customer media razor sharp & with brilliant clear
      colors without spending $$$$ on more and more equipment. A-men to THAT!

    SuperVideo:     pioneer of the Cyber TV Studio in a SuitcaseTM concept.
     With recent breakthroughs in miniaturization of equipment,  a high quality

      TV studio  can be taken directly to the client in a small 2 piece airplane type
       roll-aboard luggage.   Please read how you can emulate this concept without
       spending any of your hard earn money by just using your existing  A/V stuff.
    Everything you need to know & have is already posted right here.  Really!
        Now with iPads, Tablets & Smart Phones this concept can fit in your pocket

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